IT Cosmetics "IT's All About You" Today's Special Value March 18, 2017

On Saturday, March 18th, IT Cosmetics is having another customer favorites Today's Special Value on QVC. This four piece collection will be available for the lowest price ever for 24 hours only, or if it sells out sooner. Read on for my thoughts.

There is an early pre-sale of the TSV! You can purchase it here:

I feel as if IT TSVs have been so similar the past few times. I know it's customer favorites and best selling products, but there are still other popular products they could be putting in. Maybe I'm just wishing my favorite products would be in a TSV. So often the complexion products are "illuminating" versions, and I wish they'd do originals (or even make matte!) This exact TSV was pretty much done last year, but with a different brush, shade of lip and different mascara. Don't believe me? CLICK HERE for my review.

Supersize CC+ Illumination™
Them: "Infused with unique Drops of Light TechnologyTM for subtle radiance without glitter or shimmer, this multitasking beauty miracle is your color-correcting full coverage, anti-aging skincare and SPF 50+ broad-spectrum physical sunscreen sun protection—all in one step. Perfect for all skin types, it’s clinically shown tohelp increase skin hydration!"

Me: The only choice of the TSV you need to make is your shade in this. This is a supersize tube giving you more than double the regular size! I have the shade LIGHT which is good for me. I usually mix FAIR and LIGHT together to get my perfect shade. I LOVE the original CC Cream; it is full coverage but looks natural and has tons of skincare ingredients inside. The performance is excellent, one of the best CC creams out there. That being said, having shine prone, combination skin, that version is a bit dewy without powder for me. This one, with the illumination is even worse. I'm just not a fan of this version. It leaves me looking extremely shiny, and not in a good way. This Illumination version is best for those with more mature skin, more dry skin and/or dull skin. It works for those who truly want a glow to them, because of you will glow. My mom who is almost 70 (sorry ma) and my Godmother who is in her 50s both really like this version as well as the original. I've been saying this for years and I'll say it again, IT- make a matte finish version CC Cream PLEASE!!!

Heavenly Skin™ CC+™ Skin-Perfecting Brush 
Them: "A makeup bag must-have, your game-changing brush features ultra-soft Heavenly Skin brush hair for your smoothest application. The custom-cut brush head literally does the work for you, hugging the natural contours of your features for airbrushed coverage every time. Pairs perfectly with your CC+ Illumination with SPF 50+!"

Me: I LOVE a good IT brush. They are my absolute favorite brushes, and have been for years. These new "Skin Perfecting" Brushes are the best of the best, my favorites IT has ever done, so I was excited to received another one with this kit. The synthetic bristles (yay no animal cruelty!!!) are so soft and help blend foundations onto my skin like a dream. This is NOT a brand new brush though. I already had this same shape from a prior TSV, but it does such an excellent job with my liquid foundations as well as powders so I'm happy to have another!

Je Ne Sais Quoi™ Lip Treatment 
Them: "Featured in a brand-new Rose shade just for you, this treatment contains essential butters and oils, hyaluronic filling spheres and antioxidants for your softest, smoothest-looking results—and flushes to your perfect rosy pink!"

Me: The new Rose color is very pretty. It's a cool toned, true rose medium berry pink. The color is not long lasting, but I don't believe it claims to be. It's more pigmented for me than the original Je Ne Sais Quoi in the lip treatment was. This lippie makes my lips look fuller and does moisturize my lips, I feel like this one is more moisturizing than the original one was, which is odd but hey, I'll take it!  I like that it is a traditional, bullet, twist up easy to apply lipstick.

Superhero™ Mascara 
Them: "Transform the look of your lashes! In a test, this conditioning mascara increased the appearance of lash volume by an average of 500% after one coat. Formulated with unique Elastic Stretch Technology, this mascara stretches the appearance of your lashes wider and longer. No lash is left behind!"

Me: I like this mascara. I love that it is infused with ingredients that are good for your lashes, and that it is so buildable your lashes can touch your eyebrows without clumping. False lash effect without needing falsies. The brush is designed to really every little lash hair you didn't know you have, getting in the corners and bottom lashes easily. The one drawback for me, after going through several tubes of this mascara, is that it dries up very fast on me. I have to toss it around the month and a half mark, where most mascaras last the standard three months to keep before needing to get rid of them for eye health reasons.

The TSV also includes sample packs of the Confidence in a Cream Moisturizer and Bye Bye Under Eye Eye Cream.

I have the mascara and lippie on here, but not the CC cream included in the kit.

This is the CC Illumination Cream in LIGHT on my skin with no powder set on top. This is from last year's TSV post because quite honestly, I didn't want to wear this and look shiny all day at work. The mascara here is IT tightline.

Superhero Mascara

Overall, this TSV is okay for me but I much rather of it been the version of the CC Cream I really like! Or even Celebration Foundation. Something somewhat mattifying would be great. Their Bye Bye Pores Primer is also quite awesome to help combo and shine prone skin....Hopefully next TSV?

disclaimer: products sent to me for review consideration. Not endorsed or sponsored. No monetary compensation received. All reviews and thoughts expressed are my own, honest opinions, as always.

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