Raw Curls New Conditioner and Shine Serum!

Raw Curls is without a doubt one of my favorite curly product brands, and for good reason. Not only does their stuff give me consistently great results whenever I use it, but there's so many essential oils and nutrients inside to help treat my hair and absolutely zero dangerous chemicals! The brand recently reformulated both their Curly Conditioner and Shine Serum so with these hair of the days, I'm going to talk about both. Read on for more.

Here is what I used for the Day 1 "Hair of the Day" from last Saturday (3-18-17) I would have exclusively used all Raw Curls, but Saturday is my day to leave a masque on for a while and my hair has been super dry with the freezing temperatures outside and well, I'm IMPATIENTLY waiting for Raw Curls to make a masque. ;)
  • Cleanser: A mix of Raw Curls Original and Wavy Swavy Cleanser. I wound up combining them both in one bottle since I never was able to decide which one I wanted to use. This worked out very well, actually.
  • Conditioner: Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Masque (another excellent, mostly organic, silicone free choice)
  • Stylers: Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray, new version Conditioner, Firm Hold Gel and new version Shine Serum
I applied the styling products like I normally do, raking them in section by section and scrunching at the ends. I then plopped for about 20 minutes using my Curl Ease towel (any cotton t shirt will do) and allowed my hair to air dry.

Before getting into the newly reformulated items, I have to take a minute to talk about how incredible the Anti-Frizz Spray is! This is a Holy Grail of mine, especially in the warmer, humid months, though since using it again recently I'm wondering why on Earth did I never NOT use it (product junkie-ism? either way, bad Diane) This lightweight spray contains a patented ingredient called Kerabead keratin technology and you spray it as your first step on soaking wet hair prior to stylers and frizz is cut down dramatically. This yummy citrus smelling spray plays nice with not only Raw Curls, but every brand I have ever tried it with. It also is a fabulous refresher spray to get the bounce back in days old hair!

When I  asked Ken Nickels, the creator of the line, to elaborate on the magical anti-frizz ingredient in the spray, he said this: "The anti frizz spray utilizes a patented molecule that actually forces damaged cuticle to come back together and repair itself, thus eliminating frizz..The technology works from the very first application, and the hair cuticle only gets better with continued use. It is silicon free, sulfate free, and paraben free."

The newly reformulated Raw Curls Conditioner contains the same patented ingredient as the Anti-Frizz Spray now. I asked Ken(who you should follow on instagram @rawcurls since he does more giveaways than anyone ever) if I still needed to use the Anti-Frizz Spray if I was planning on using the Conditioner as a leave in and they have the same special ingredient. He told me that "They both reduce frizz. One doesn't replace the other, the conditioner just makes it better (meaning less frizz)...and it (the conditioner) "heals" the hair strands, for lack of a better word. They both have frizz fighting capabilities. Thus when used together you get a super-high frizz fighting results." So in other words, sure we will get good results using either/or, but the combo together will only take those results to the next level. So that's why I layer both! 

Ken also told me the conditioner will heal my hair and my results will get better with each use. I've been using it quite a few times now and I have tried it as a rinse out/leave in with no other masque and also as my leave in followed after a masque and have got great results each way. Frizz is one of my hair's top issues, and I REALLY like how these products help get it under control, while enhancing my curl definition.

With the newly reformulated Shine Serum, right away I noticed it no longer smells like wheatgrass, but now smells bright and citrusy, which I like better. All of the same, strand healing, shine enhancing organic oils such are in there, but the level of Organic Argan Oil has increased! That is awesome news since my hair LOVES the elasticity repairing, high in vitamin E, Argan Oil! I really like to seal wet hair with this oil and I also like it on days old hair if I want to bring back a little shine. 

Another thing I do with the oil, which I actually learned from Melanie Nickels (Ken's wife, the co-creator of Raw Curls and a super talented hair artist with her own salon in Flordia that I'd love to some day go to) is that you can combine this with the Raw Curls Pomade for additional shine and control.  This oil is also good for the skin! It has been known to help with any skin issues, including scaring. The silicone free Shine Serum is lightweight and won't weigh the hair down. I do use a decent amount on my wet hair to seal, usually 2 pumps per section, but I love the benefits and how well it works. Even using the amount I use, the little bottles has been lasting me quite a while!

Here are pictures from that Day 1. These were taken pretty late at night and my lovely photographer/fiance was very tired and really didn't want to take some of them for me, so the lighting kind of SUCKS. So sorry about that! We also didn't get all the angles as usual as a result of someone really not wanting to help a blogger out that day. Oh well, he is usually wonderful with it. But please, bare with the lighting on these.

no flash


Here is another wash day using mostly Raw Curls! With this wash, I actually showered and applied stylers at night, went to sleep with wet hair and hoped for the best. I did need to refresh in the morning but it turned out better than I expected. I used the same Raw Curls stylers on wet hair like I did above and to refresh in the morning I used the Anti-Frizz Spray, a protein styler (not Raw Curls) and a couple more drops of the shine serum on top!
 You may be wondering now if I have a preference between the Raw Curls Wavy Swavy Conditioner or original. I actually really like both products, and have combined them together, like the cleansers, when I can't decide. However, since my natural color hair has grown in and it is still very dry, I think the Curls Coniditioner is a bit more moisturizing and my hair has been really loving that lately. You can't go wrong with either, so I say try both to see! 

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