Thermal Hair Care Hot Heat Deep Conditioning Cap (You NEED This)

Using a deep treatment with heat regularly is such an important part of my regimen to keep my curls as healthy and bouncy as possible. I've talked about why numerous times, that's not what this post is about. This post is about an invention that is even better than sliced bread! Seriously. How did I do without it for so long!? Continue reading for more.

This is a short post since there isn't much to elaborate on, really.

The Thermal Hair Care Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap is something every single curly girl needs in her routine. Before this, when I deep conditioned with heat I was stuck sitting under my table top hooded dryer. With the flax-filled cap, I pop it in the microwave for a few minutes, it heats up, I put it on over my deep conditioner and go about multi-tasking doing whatever while my hair gets treated!! Seriously, it could not be any easier.

It's important to note that between your conditioned hair and the cap, you have to wear a thin shower cap. One of those disposable plastic ones.

The Hot Head Cap also comes in a ton of different super cute prints on their website.

They are also handmade right here in the USA!

Such a simply, unique and genius product that will permanently have a spot on my "Favorite Beauty Tools" list.

disclaimer: I received  hot head with hair products from a different brand. Technically I didn't pay for the product, but Thermal Hair Care also didn't send it to me directly. no monetary compensation has been received. Not an endorsed or sponsored blog. All opinions are my own, honest thoughts, as always.

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