Wander Beauty Brow and Secret Weapon Multitasking Pencils

Today's blog I will be talking about two more products from Wander Beauty: The Frame Your Face Micro Brow Pencil and Secret Weapon Multitasking Pencil. Read on for my thoughts!
I've been on a nice Wander Beauty kick. Everything I have tried is such excellent quality so far!

Frame Your Face Micro Brow Pencil
Them: "A precise and ultra-fine, automatic, retractable pencil that gives you enhanced, natural-looking brows. Build bold, beautiful brows by filling in sparse areas with delicate strokes with the Frame Your Face Micro Brow Pencil. It mimics the appearance of hairs for refined-yet-intensified arches, and its smear-proof formula provides lasting wear. Featuring an ultra-thin tip on one end and a spoolie on the other, the versatile pencil draws on the tiniest lines and allows for precise, on-the-go touch-ups. The spoolie end can be used to comb through for a finish that looks natural. Available in blonde, taupe and dark brown."

Me: I use blonde and it's a great match for my light brow hair. My biggest brow issue is I am missing my tails, my right even moreso than my left. A lot of my brow products don't stick on the actual skin to create a tail, or if they do they look obviously fake. This pencil has such a small tip to it, it makes very realistic looking brow hairs that stick to my hair and skin. It is also completely budge proof. My brows stayed on through sweaty work outs, which is super impressive! This is one of the best brow pencils I've ever used!

Secret Weapon Multitasking Pencil

Them: "The luxuriously long-wearing Secret Weapon Multitasking Pencil offers three-in-one, waterproof benefits for the eyes, lips, and brows. The blendable formula is enriched with a skin-conditioning complex of moisturizing olive fruit oil from Spain, jojoba oil from Uruguay, and vitamin E from Germany to lock in moisture and create a matte, velvety finish that lasts. The applicator tip conveniently twists up with a built-in sharpener for intense precision on the go. Just glide this creamy liner along the lower, inner rim and the inner corner of eyes for a wide-awake look. It can also be used to contour and accentuate the lip line, prevent lipstick from bleeding or smudging, or to give brows added shape and definition in a single stroke."

Me: This pencil glides on like butter. BUTTER! So creamy and effortless. My favorite way to use it is to line my lower waterlines to brighten up my whole eye area. I like that is lasts day all and does not irritate my super sensitive eyes. Because this color is so close to my actual skin tone, I've also used this for concealing blemishes and it does an excellent job at cancelling out redness and staying put.

no brows or waterline pencil:

with brows amd waterline pencil:

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<3 Diane


  1. I bought the brow pencil and the lilac eyeshadow based on your last blog. I love the shadow and you are so right about the brow pencil. It is phenomenal! I am dark blonde and have struggled to find a good brow pencil that actually matches my hair, not too light and not too dark. This is it. Everything you say is true. It lasts all day, looks natural, and really helps fill in my disappearing brow tail. Thank you so much for recommending this brand. I love everything I've gotten thus far.

    1. yay!! so glad you are enjoying what you got so far :)


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