Hair of the Days 1, 2 3: Mix of CG Brands and Beach

I've been slacking with actual "Hair of the Day" posts lately. I've just been so tired between wash days and throwing it back so much. I don't know if you guys even want to see that? But I have a blog now, and also got to the beach for a little while the other day which made me happy! Read on for more.

So here is what I used for this wash day.
  • Overnight Pre-Poo: Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Overnight Gel-to-Oil Treatment
  • Cleanser: Raw Curls mix of Wavy Swavy and Curls cleansers
  • Masque: mix of Inahsi Naturals Mango Hemp Restorative Masque and Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Masque (I couldn't decide between the two which I wanted to I used a little of each)
  • Stylers: Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray, CurlSmith Oil in Cream, Styling Souffle and Deep Treatment Oil Serum
I was actually due to clarify and use heat on my hair with my deep conditioner this weekend but pushed it until next weekend since I will be testing out another new clarifying shampoo then :)

I applied my products the same way as usual, section by section, raking them through and then scrunching on the ends. I then plopped in my Curl Ease towel for about a half hour and air dried.

I really like using more natural, silicone free products such as ones from Raw Curls, Briogeo, Inahsi and Curlsmith. Since I recently tested out stuff with silicones and now went back, I really can notice a difference in air dry time when I use more natural stuff.

It was a beautiful weekend. After Tommie and I went to eat at our favorite Greek place (I LOVE Greek food!! I can eat Tazeki sauce and Avgolemono soup every single day) we went to the beach near me for a little while. I took a few pictures but then it got too windy and we had to leave. It was still wonderful to be by the ocean, if only for a few minutes!

I woke up and my hair didn't look terrible, but too much pouf and a bit of frizz. I then accidentally was too heavy handed applying products to tame the pouf. The next line I am playing with for review is the CURLS Blueberry Bliss, since I heard so many wonderful things about it. I decided to start by testing some of the products on dry hair. I remember years ago, I really loved using CURLS Cashmere Jelly on days 2 and 3 hair, so I thought perhaps this one would be similar but sadly it wasn't. This one left my dry hair feeling a bit too dry, which is why I overcompensated with too much oil. The blueberry bliss products smell incredible though. As does the Up North Naturals Freshenup Mist I used first to revive my hair. A blog review on that will be coming soon, too. This is the third time I used it and really like how it adds back moisture and gives me bounce, and it smells like roses!

here is what I used:
  • Up North Naturals Freshenup Hair Mist, CURLS Blueberry Bliss Jelly and Oil. 
I applied products section by section again and scrunched a lot to revive the curl.
I was just posing and playing around in my yard. I should have taken better "hair shots" but these aren't so bad

accidental action shot!
The weekend went way too fast!!!! I was going to clip my hair half back today, but after applying the SheaMoisture Manuka Honey and Mafura Oil Intense Hydration Custard to my hair to give some moisture back, I really only needed to clip back my hairline, which was being extra frizzy for some reason. This cream is so good for moisture on days old hair. I want to also try it on wet hair soon.

These were taken after working a 9 hour day. It did look better in the morning before work. The SheaMoisture cream added curl back to my day 3 hair.

And Day 4 is in a messy bun and will be washed later! =)

My CurlSmith blog is (finally) coming later on this week so stay tuned!

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<3 Diane

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