Surely Curly Sulfate and Silicone Free Subscription Box! AND DISCOUNT

Surely Curly is a brand new subscription box for those with curly and wavy hair that includes all sulfate and silicone free products! What a genius idea for product junkies and those new to wearing the natural texture in their hair alike! Read on for more details and some discounts!

According to Laura, the creator of the Surely Curly box, "Our mission is to help women discover their best curls ever, while giving back to make sure women are educated, free, fed and loved all over the world. We are doing our absolute best to bring the best products and keep costs down on our end to be able to give the customers an amazing, curated box for a great price. Our goal is to allow women to try and sample products they may not have tried, may not know about or may not even have access to. We also want to educate women on how different ingredients may affect their hair in an easy to understand and digestible way."


Each month you get 4-6 deluxe size products! Not only do you get awesome products in nice travel sizes, but they also include the ingredients and directions how to use!

Ingreident of the Month
How cool is this!? I always love learning and becoming more informed on ingredients so I like that they highlight ingredients we may be unaware of or confused about!

 Tips and More Information on Product Ingredients

They also donate to a charity each month and tell you about it

Here is some information on different pricing for various types of subscriptions. 
  • month to month Membership is $32.00 
  • 3 month subscription is $93 ($31.00/ month)
  • 6 month membership is $180 ($30.00/month)
  • 12 Month membership is $342 ($28.50/month)
Shipping is as follows:
  •  $5 in the US
  • $14 to Canada
  • $20 to Germany and the U.K. 
  • They're also currently looking to ship to Ireland and India if they  can.  

There is no obligation to stay past  month or few month subscription plan. I asked Laura about the cancelation policy and this is what she told me:
"Our month to month subscriptions can be canceled at any time! We bill on the 15th of each month, and request a cancelation email a few days before simply to ensure we have time to get to it. But a customer can also handle it from their end as well, whenever they see fit. They can also "pause" or "skip" a month as need be."

*Please note, I (Diane) have nothing to do with the prices per month and such, so if you don't like the cost, etc, my blog/comments is not the place to complain about that.

SurelyCurly was nice enough to offer me two different kinds of discounts for you guys! You know I am 100% transparent and honest- this is an affiliated program and if you use my code, I will make a couple bucks from it. But it saves you money at the same time so isn't that a win-win for us both? :)
By the way, I am not getting paid anything, nor is this a sponsored or endorsed blog post. I'm blogging this at my own free will. Both codes are reoccurring, so you will save money on each month/pre-pay as long as you stay subscribed. I thought that is pretty sweet.

  • Option 1-DIANE5 - $5 off every month to month subscription (taking the $32 a month price to $27 a month)
  • Option 2- DIANE10 - 10% off any Prepay Package Subscription (3 month goes to $83.70, 6 month price goes to $162 and 12 month goes to $307.80)
    I think this subscription is such a good idea because not only are a lot of us curly girls product junkies, or new and trying to find our holy grails, but we also are picky about just what we use in our hair and Surely Curly is the only subscription box I've heard of that recognizes this important information.

    disclaimer: box sent to me for review consideration. no money or compensation received. not endorsed or sponsored. codes mentioned are affiliates. thoughts and opinions are my own and honest, as always.

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    <3 Diane

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