Up North Naturals FreshenUp Hair Mist

Up North Naturals makes some wonderful hair products with 100% Natural Ingredients! They recently added a hair mist to their line and it has become one of my favorite items from the brand! Read on for more of my thoughts.

Here is what Up North Naturals says about the new FreshenUp Mist:

"An herbal infusion made with Rosewater and Aloe.  Better than just plain H2o this premium blend will soothe dry hair and promote a healthy scalp.  Use at the 'L' in your L.O.C (liquid oil,, cream) method or as a refresher for 2nd,  3rd day curls.  There are many ways to use this...tell us your favorite!    
All the herbs are organically grown or wildcrafted from a local supplier in Goodwood Ontario, Canada!"

 There is not one thing I dislike about the hair mist. It is seriously incredible, down to every last detail.

The scent is delicious. The rosewater inside gives it a nice, very light rosey scent. This is good rose, not overpowering way too strong and headache enducing rose. It's quite addictive.

Th sprayer is excellent. I like that it distributes a very fine mist that can tackle a larger area at once, as opposed to some sprays where they shoot out too much at once in one concentrated stream.

The juice inside is so good. I haven't used it on wet hair, although you can. I like it as a refresher spray for second or third day hair. Based on the hair's current situation, I'll either go in and spray in smaller sections or I can get away with doing half my hair and then the other half with both sides. The spray revives drooper curls, can help fix a ponytail dent, helps frizz and leaves my hair feeling so soft and so hydrated without weighing it down or becoming too producty. Again, based on my hair's situation when I begin dictates if I can use this spray as a solo styler, or if it preps the hair for a cream or oil on top for additional poof taming.

I like that there are several healthy hair growth ingredients inside here including Nettle, Lavender, Hibiscus, Peppermint and Tea Tree oils. I always love when my hair products help promote growth in my hair.

The FreshenUp Hair Mist plays extremely well with other Up North Naturals products, as well as products from other brands. As a self proclaimed product junkie, that is so important to me.

second day hair. FreshenUp Mist and a little oil blend on top
You can find it on UpNorthNaturals.com here.

If you missed it, check out my blog post on the rest of the Up North Naturals line here. Some of my favorite products I keep reaching for my them include the 8 oil blend (which I actually am out of at the moment!), TLC Replenishing Conditioner and Go To Hydrating Hair Milk.

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disclaimer: Product sent to me for review consideration. Not a sponsored or endorsed post. No monetary compensation received. All thoughts are my own and honest opinions, as always.

<3 Diane 


  1. Ohhh! I really want to try this. Never heard of this brand before, but your hair looks great <3 xoxo

    1. omg i just saw this now! sorry about that. thank you for the kind words! this is more of an indie brand, but they make some nice stuff =)


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