May 2017 Surely Curly Silicone and Sulfate Free Box

I recently received the May 2016 Surely Curly box, my second box from the silicone and sulfate free hair care subscription service. This box did NOT disappointed! Read on for my thoughts, what was inside and a discount!

For a lot of details about the program, and to see what was inside the April 2017 box, click here.

Each month you get 4-6 deluxe to full size products! Not only do you get awesome products, but they also include the ingredients and directions how to use!


Spiralicious Gel: FULL SIZE!
The is the second month with Jessicurl, which is nice because it is an excellent line of products. I'm so excited there's a full size gel in here! The gel alone is $17. I've used and loved this gel years ago, but my hair was significantly different (bleached, damaged) so I look forward to trying it again now that my hair is healthy. I also love the unique citrus lavender scent!

Deep Treatment
This is a small packette and it is nice of them to include it. I've also used and really liked this product in the past. It is extremely moisturizing and I believe it is protein free. I recall using this often with heat and liking the softness of my hair after, though you don't necessarily need heat with it. This isn't enough to use by itself on my super dry hair, but I'll mix it with another deep treatment.
Curl & Shine Conditioner
This is a deluxe travel size. Sadly, my nose strongly dislikes the Coconut & Hibiscus line scent, but my curly haired niece loves the line so I will be passing this one onto her.

I'm so excited that there are three BoucleMe products inside this month's box! I've been following this UK based brand for a while now and have been wanting to try them.
Cleanser: "Zero foam for maximum hydration! Cleanses curls without stripping away moisture."
Curl Conditioner: "Packed with 100% natural botanicals to restore optimum moisture to dry frizzy curls"
Curl Defining Gel: "Extracts of Aloe Vera and Linseed smooth and define curls giving all day frizz control and great curl definition."
The bottles are pretty and they smell great. I'll have an updated blog post once I use them all.

 No Ouch Hair Ties
These unique shaped circles are the only kind of ponytail holders I ever use (see my wrist in nearly every picture I take for proof) since they are gentle and don't dent the hair! So cool some were in here.

Ingredient of the Month:

 Charity of the Month:

SurelyCurly was nice enough to offer me two different kinds of discounts for you guys! You know I am 100% transparent and honest- this is an affiliated program and if you use my code, I will make a couple bucks from it. But it saves you money at the same time so isn't that a win-win for us both? :)
By the way, I am not getting paid anything, nor is this a sponsored or endorsed blog post. I'm blogging this at my own free will. Both codes are reoccurring, so you will save money on each month/pre-pay as long as you stay subscribed. I thought that is pretty sweet. I don't make up any prices, so don't complain to me if you don't like them.

Option 1-DIANE5 - $5 off every month to month subscription (taking the $32 a month price to $27 a month)
Option 2- DIANE10 - 10% off any Prepay Package Subscription (3 month goes to $83.70, 6 month price goes to $162 and 12 month goes to $307.80)

disclaimer: box sent to me for review consideration. no money or compensation received. not endorsed or sponsored. codes mentioned are affiliates. thoughts and opinions are my own and honest, as always.

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