A LipSense Review from Someone Who Does Not Sell Them

As a self proclaimed lipstick addict, I have been intrigued by LipSense for a while now. After seeing rave reviews all over social media, I caved in and got a few.  For my honest thoughts, as someone who does not sell the product, continue reading on.

LipSense is a product by a company called SenseGence International. It is one of the direct/network marketing companies like Younique or Arbonne. You can only get the products through a distributor and I got mine from a super sweet lady named Christie (@christies_classy_lips on instagram) I am not a distributor for this company. I've tried enough network marketing in my past to say it is not for me to sell, even though I am quite tempted if I'm being honest, but I am happy to buy products from those who do if I am interested in the product, and the distributor is not pushy or rude.

LipSense is a long wearing lipstick. It is said to "last all day through eating, drinking, kissing, etc etc" with no need to reapply the color. Being the lipstick junkie I am, I had to try this for myself.

I believe the colors are sold in kits with a gloss and makeup remover, or you can buy everything individually. Though they say you don't need to touch up the color during the day, you are supposed to reapply the gloss when your lips feel dry, and also before and after eating so the color holds up through meals.
There are definitely pros and cons to these lippies.
 I'll start with the cons, since I found that the pros of this stuff far outweigh the cons for me.

  • They smell and taste terrible. Like house cleaner. Luckily, once the color sets, you can't smell or taste it anymore. The gloss does not smell the way the color does.
  • They burn going on. The first time I tried it I was like "What is happening!?!?" but the burning only lasted a minute. As days went on and I continued to wear them I notice the burning sensation became less and less. The reason they burn is because there is quite a bit of alcohol in these. Alcohol Denat is the first ingredient, which is not something I'm crazy about since it is known to be super drying. However, the alcohol will kill bacteria in the component, which is good.  I read online, in multiple places, that the brand says this is also due to exfoliating the lips and in the long run, your lips actually improve, feel and look better with continued use. I'm not a cosmetic chemist by any stretch of the imagination, but perhaps that IS why as days go on, it is burning less. 
  • Without gloss or lip balm, they do feel drying. I definitely need to apply the gloss or a lip balm constantly throughout the day. If I don't, my lips feel dry. the LipSense gloss is very nice- moisturizing, glossy, not sticky or tacky. I actually really like their gloss. But I've used other glosses and lip balms on top of the colors and they worked well also. If you are going to try a different gloss or balm, make sure it is oil free, as oil breaks up the LipSense formula.
  • The product is a bit pricey. At full price, I believe each color is around $25. Glosses are $20. Their makeup remover is $10. That being said, since you only need to apply once or twice a day, the product should last a while.
  • Application is a pain. There is a learning curve to it. You have to apply the product one way only, as opposed to back and forth. You also have to apply thin coats and wait 30 seconds or so for one coat to dry before applying the next. You want to go carefully in your lip shape too, or you will have to go in with the makeup remover to clean up around your mouth. Additionally,  want to make sure you get the corners neatly, and with my weird shaped lips, this is a bit time consuming. As a girl who is used to just swiping a bullet shaped lipstick quickly and without thinking, this application did get some taking used to. But the longevity and benefits outweigh this application. Luckily, since the product is long wearing I only have to sit and apply the color twice a day, max. There are tons of YouTube videos showing how to "correctly" apply these for optimal wear.
  • Though they claim to last through eating, type of food matters. It does last through a lot of food, but I had chicken tenders in the city one day that were a tad on the oily side and the color came off unevenly and awkwardly. I didn't have their makeup remover with me so I had to actually dip a napkin into the oil on my plate to remove the rest of it!! The color also did not last through pizza, which again, is oily.


  • The colors I have are gorgeous. There are so many other gorgeous colors I like online too that I have on a wishlist! When you build up the color, they are vibrant and pigmented. You can also mix and match with your coats to create custom colors, and that's cool. Plus, you can adjust the color where if you just want a tint or color or lighter color only use one or two coats instead of all three. Tons of creative flexibility here.
  • They are the most long wearing lipsticks I own. As long as I don't eat anything too oily, which I honestly don't too often, they do last through meals better than any other liquid lipstick I've tried. The "Party Pink" color actually lasted and DID NOT BUDGE when I ate a popsicle! What!? "Pink Ice" lasted through a soft serve cone. The colors I have all stay strong through my constantly water bottle sipping as well. The brand suggests applying gloss right before and after you eat to make sure the color stays put, but there have been times I didn't do this and color still stayed (again, not with oily food)
  • The color lasts through kissing! Both Tommie and I are amazed. He usually runs from me when I have color on my lips and now he does not have to. Yay! It also lasted through me brushing my teeth!
  • I've been wearing these every single day for a few weeks now. If I'm not going out I'll apply one coat and the gloss just because I want to test out the long run wear claims. I do feel the condition of my lips are improving- they feel smoother and softer. BUT I am also using a lip product that I've been using since April twice a day, morning and night, a "lip plumper" that has lip condition benefits as well. I still need to blog about this product. So I can't exactly give the LipSense complete credit here, but I do feel it is contributing.
  • The gloss is one of the most moisturizing glosses I own. I really like how it makes my lips look more full and disguises my lip lines. It also comes in several other finishes including Opal, Orchid and Matte. I don't own these yet, but they can actually help shift the color of the lipstick underneath and that's fun.
  • The colors have 100% sun protection. I read this is due to how the color bonds to your lips, it forms a mechanical shield. Think of it almost like wearing a long sleeve shirt for your skin.
  • They are cruelty free, no animal by products, made in the USA, FDA approved and also non GMO and gluten free.
You don't necessarily need their brand makeup remover if I'm being honest. I'm able to remove the color with good old coconut oil or argan oil just fine.

 Overall, I REALLY like the LipSense lipsticks!!! The gorgeous colors and longevity of wear outweighs any other con for me.  I do plan on expanding my LipSense Wardrobe and buying more colors when it is in my budget to do so. Though you do need to reapply gloss or a balm throughout the day, that is so easy to do, you don't even need a mirror to do so.

Here are the colors I currently own:
All of these colors have the Glossy Gloss on top.
party pink
purple reign
pink ice

 If you are interested in trying them, I strongly suggest buying from Christie. She was highly recommended to me by my friend Emily and she is very helpful and not pushy. She is super sweet, even tracking down a discontinued color for me that I was dying for!! Tell her you found her through me if you'd like!

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disclaimer: products purchased by me. not endorsed or sponsored. no monetary compensation received. all opinions are my own and honest thoughts, as always!

<3 Diane

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