All About Deep Conditioning Treatments!

If you regularly read my blogs or old article, you probably know my number one hair tip for solving anything is to deep condition! I mention it often because it is true, deep conditioning will not only help repair and mend damaged hair, but can also prevent damage from happening. Here is my guide to all things deep conditioning.

The Benefits
When you deep condition your hair on a regular basis, your hair is stronger, longer, softer, less frizzy, more manageable and less breakage prone! You may also find your curl pattern to be more defined and bouncy.

Consistency is Key
Based on the state of your hair, you want to deep condition anywhere from every wash for the most dry and severely damaged hair (think bleach damage) to once a month at the very least. Most curlies find once a week or bi-weekly to be good. My hair is naturally high porosity and very dry, I deep condition personally at least once a week, if not more.
Add Heat or Steam
By incorporating heat or steam to your deep conditioning treatment, the good hair ingredients inside are able to penetrate deeper to the hair shaft and their benefits get amplified. The hair will absorb the treatment better leaving hair even softer, shinier and bouncier while improving moisture, hydration and elasticity. I love using the Thermal Care Hot Head Cap for adding heat lately, it is just super easy and also allows me to multi-task instead of sitting under a dryer!

Apply Evenly from Bottom to Top
I strongly suggest taking the time to apply your deep conditioner on freshly cleansed hair, after the excess water has been gently squeezed out. Applying conditioner in smaller sections makes sure that every strand of hair gets the treatment evenly. Additionally, start by applying at the ends of the hair and hairline where hair is older, drier and usually most damage. This allows the parts that are the most damaged and most breakage prone to get the longest amount of the treatment since they usually need it.
Protein and Moisture Balance
Unless your hair is completely protein sensitive (which is a different issue I won't address since my hair is not), most people need a good balance on protein and moisture within their deep conditioning treatments. Moisture will keep hair soft and nourished and protein will help with strength to let hair grow long with minimal breaking. How you split these treatments up and balance them is a very personalized thing. What works for my hair personally (and every head of hair is different) I do a protein deep treatment with heat, as stated above, once every other week. I also have to seal that treatment with a moisturizing conditioner since the protein is mending and repairing my hair, but not necessarily moisturizing it and that step is important.

My Favorites
These are my favorite deep conditioning treatments. My Holy Grails. I listed my top three separate and included others I like below.
  • All Around (with protein and moisture)- Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Masque
  • "Hard" Protein Treatment (aka you must use heat with)- Ouidad Deep Treatment Curl Restoration Therapy
  • Moisturizing Deep Condioning Treatment- DevaCurl Heaven In Hair
  • Other Deep Conditioners I Really Like- Inahsi Mango Hemp Restorative Deep Conditioner, Original Moxie Intense Quench Deep Conditioner, Shea Moisture High Porosity Masque, Curls Blueberry Bliss Reparative Hair Mask, Jessicurl Deep Treatment (not pictuted because I am currently out of it)

That is all I can think of for now with deep conditioning. I like that after I use a treatment, especially with heat, my curls are always extra bouncy and extra shiny. It's not uncommon for me to schedule a deep treatment the morning of an event where I know I will be taking pictures.
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<3 Diane

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