Full Face of Makeup with Wander Beauty!

I'm so excited Wander Beauty has a full hour on QVC's main channel tonight, June 14 at 10pm!! To celebrate, I decided to do a full face with all Wander Beauty! Read on for more.

I have been absolutely in love with Wander Beauty since I first tried them late last year. They are definitely one of my favorite all around cosmetic brands now and I'm hoping this hour show will be the first of many on QVC. Who knows, if they do really well, maybe we'll see a Today's Special Value from them in the future!!

So here are my steps to applying a full face of makeup using all Wander Beauty. Talk about quick and eays makeup- I used my fingers for almost everything except the very end!

Let's start off with my makeup-free face:
no makeup.

After cleansing and moisturizing my skin, I always apply primer to make my complexion products last longer. I LOVE using the Rise and Prime Balm and Primer! I'll use the lip balm on my lips first so that they are moisturized and smooth for color application later and then use the primer side all over my face. I swipe it all around straight from the stick and then use my fingers to gently pat it in. One of my very favorite things about this primer is that is truly helps to mattify my combination, shine prone skin! This also doubles as a nice eyeshadow primer, so it goes on my lids as well. I also really like to use this balm at night since it is clear and leaves my lips so soft.
rise and primer primer/balm duo
Next up are liner and mascara. I don't go too crazy with liner really, but I do like the line my upper waterline with black to give the illusion that my eyelashes are longer than they really are. The Slide Liner Gel Eyeliner in black sand is great before it is pigmented, glides on like butter and does not smear off my waterline.

I think I am the only person in the world who applies mascara before any other eye makeup, but it is because my lashes are so uber blonde and I want mascara to get to the tip. The Unlashed Volume and Curl Mascara is phenomenal. I'm on my second tube! My eyes are sensitive (but I don't wear contacts btw) and tear up a lot, especially during allergy season. I like that this mascara wears all day without flaking or smudging on me. It also makes my lashes look significantly longer.
 I line my bottom waterline usually with the Secret Weapon Pencil. This helps makes my eyes look whiter and brighter.

For eyeshadow, I Have been OBSESSED with the Exquisite Eye Liquid Shadow in "Champagne" from the Secret Escape Kit (my review of this kit is coming shorty. it's awesome). The formula is easy to use, I dab it on my lid with the applicator and use my finger to blend. The color is a gorgeous golden champagne that screams summer to me. It has a gorgeous metallic-like finish and stays put all day (also remember I used the primer on my eyelids before). They also have other shades of this shadoe available, including a "Lilac" that I am equally obsessed with.

Brow time! Disclaimer: my brows need to get threaded. They grow so crazy fast, I can't keep up with them! (I wish the hair on my head would do this) The Frame Your Face Micro Brow Pencil in "Blonde" is my current holy grail brow product. I LOVE how small the pencil tip is, it makes filling in look natural and is super easy to do. Also, my biggest brow issue is my tails aren't super thick, and this formula adheres well to both my hair and skin. It also wears all day.
concealer was applied prior to this picture.
*see more detailed eye pictures towards the end of this blog post.

Depending on the day and how my skin is or is not behaving, I sometimes like to layer powder foundation over stick or cream, or other days I can just use the powder over concealer and be good. Luckily, today is the latter.

First I am going to conceal with the Dualist Matte and Illuminating Concealer. This concealer is one of my all time favorites! One of my biggest face complaints is my super, super, SUPER dark circles and when I apply the stick side of this concealer with the liquid side on top, it does a great job at covering them up and making my undereye area look brighter. The formulas don't settle into my fine lines either. I also really like the matte stick side to cover blemishes, the pointed end makes that extra easy to do so. I am in between shades and generally mix the "Fair" and "Light". Today I just used "Fair." Since I am not going in with a liquid or cream foundation, I really like to target my cheeks, as they are prone to redness.
matte side, before blending
Once I conceal, I'll use the Wanderlust Powder Foundation. I am wearing shade "Light" which is a bit too dark, I need to get this in "Fair" also to mix. I LOVE this talc-free powder because it does not look or feel powdery or cakey at all and helps leave my skin looking flawless. First I take the applicator that it comes with to get maximum, full coverage out of it and apply it all over my face, including on top of the concealer to help set it. I'll be going back to this foundation later on to set my other complexion products also.

Since I have a round face, I always like to contour. The On-The-Go Bronzer in "Capri" is super easy to use and looks quite natural. I apply it under my eyes and skin straight from the stick and then use a brush to blend it out. I've also used my fingers to blend this in a pinch.
check those lashes too!
contour blended
By the way. the other side of this bronze-n-go stick is a gorgeous illuminator.

The Carryon Lip and Cheek Gel Crayons make a wonderful, natural looking blush. QVC has a great set of four I reviewed here. My favorite color is "Island Hop" which is a perfect pink shade. I swipe straight from the crayon onto my cheeks and again, blend with my fingers. Finger friendly makeup is so quick and easy. I'm also using this shade on my lips as well.

Wander Beauty makes a few gorgeous highlighters. The Catch the Light Highlighter in "Star" is my favorite. The rose gold shade is super pretty and I really like how slim this component is. I use this on top of my cheekbones and also on top of my lip color to give it extra dimension and shimmer as well.

Lastly, I take the Wanderlust Powder Foundation again, this time I go in with the Pixel Perfect Brush and lightly dust my face over to set the additional complexion colors I used and further mattify my skin!

Typing this all out, it may sound like a lot but when I sit down and apply my makeup without taking pictures of all the steps for you guys, I can do it relatively quickly!

Finished Look:

 Up Close on the Eyes:

Something else I love about Wander Beauty is that this cruelty free brand also infuses all their makeup with skincare ingredients! Being in my 30s now, taking care of my skin is SUPER important, and I won't waste my time or money on products that do not multi-task for me.

Be sure to catch the one hour Wander Beauty Show on June 14th at 10pm.
There will also be a live chat on facebook during the show so you can ask the Wander team any questions you may have!

You can find a lot of the items I mentioned on QVC.com, including in some exclusive duos! If by the time you read this QVC is sold out (it happens), you can also find Wander on their website Wander Beauty or Sephora.com.

You can find all my super detailed Wander Beauty reviews right over here.

note: I hate that I have to say this, but apparently I do. None of these pictures were altered/apped/photoshopped/etc in any way except for cropping. Photos were taken with no flash right near a window during sunny, daylight hours.

disclaimer: some of the products were sent to me by Wander Beauty. I was under no obligation to do this post. Not endorsed or sponsored. all opinions are my own, honest thoughts, as always.

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<3 Diane


  1. I LOVE THIS POST! So detailed and perfect! You are beautiful. I want to try this brand so badly!!!

    1. THANK YOU!! you are always so sweet, it means a lot! And you need to try wander girl the line is incredible!!

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