Hair of the Days 1-4 ALL DOWN: Briogeo Rosarco + DevaCurl = Holy Grail Combo?

I've been using Briogeo's Rosarco line and once I paired it with some DevaCurl I had one of the best hair days I've had in a while! Not only that, but my good hair days lasted for days, even through exercise, being in the sun, and humidity!! We went to the beach for a bit on my day 1 hair, so a mini photoshoot was pretty much mandatory (thanks, Tommie!) Read on for more.

Here is what I used for Day 1 Hair:
  • Cleanser: Briogeo Rosarco Repair Shampoo
  • Conditioner: Mix of DevaCurl Heaven In Hair and Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair Masks
  • Stylers (wet): Briogeo Rosarco Conditioner (as a leave in), DevaCurl B'Leave In/ArcAngel mix, Briogeo Rosarco Oil
  • Stylers (dry): DevaCurl Beautiful Mess
I applied products to soaking wet hair with my hair flipped upside down. One product at a time, scrunching it in and then the following. Except the DevaCurl B'Leave In/ArcAngel I mixed together in my hands first.I then twisted my hair up in my Curl Ease towel while doing my face and body care regimen. Once I removed my towel, I applied a little more gel and oil mixed together to further fight frizz and help with hold. Air dried.

Briogeo and DevaCurl play together quite well in my hair. I've been doing the mix of Don't Despair Repair and Heaven In Hair for a bit now after I saw Hi F3licia post about it in instagram.
 I absolutely love how my hair turned out, even in humidity!! The Briogeo Rosarco Shampoo and Conditioner have been nothing short of amazing for me.

For a while, I was using up gels in my product junkie stash and not getting optimal results. DevaCurl ArcAngel is a strong hold gel that keeps my hair in place, defines my curls and fights frizz. I'm just going to stick with it cause it works and stop worrying about my stash. I seriously love this gel so much. I mixed in a little B'Leave In to help further enhance my curl definition, while getting additional treatment from the protein inside. I didn't use much. Maybe 3 parts gel to 1 part B'Leave In. If you want lots of details about B'Leave In, check out the blog I did on it here.

Once my hair was all dry, I went in with DevaCurl Beautiful Mess, which is essentially a pomade, and used a little bit on my ends and hairline. My hairline pieces have been extra frizzy lately and this extra step helps tame them a bit more.

Here are some pictures I took in my yard. My roots were still slightly damp and this prior to using the Beautiful Mess.
Beach Time! The beach as the sun starts to set is my favorite place ever, after my bed.

I slept on my satin pillowcase with my hair in a pineapple which helped preserve it. Then I worked out. For an intense cardio workout, I was thrilled with how I was able to revive my hair! It normally does not look half this decent after those kind of work outs. Here is what I used:

  • Briogeo Scalp Revival Dry Shampoo, DevaCurl Mister Right, Briogeo Curl Charisma Leave In, DevaCurl MirrorCurls

I applied the dry shampoo on my scalp. I've said it before, but I love how this one has hair growth ingredients inside! Then I sprayed Mister Right all over with my head flipped upside down quite generously, then applied a little Curl Charisma Leave In, focusing on the ends and hairline and scrunched again. Once my head was back up, I used the tiniest drop of Mirror Curls first focusing on my hairline and ends and then went through the length. You need so little of this stuff and it is incredible.

I didn't do anything special this day, so I'm completely makeup free.

Not only was I able to wear my day 3 hair DOWN, I actually REALLY liked it! Holy smokes!! I slept in a pineapple on my satin pillow case again. I actually sleep on the satin every single night for years, but it's been recently I've made the extra effort to pineapple again since my hair is long enough to do so. My work out was yoga today, so not as sweat inducing/hair mess upping as usual. Here is what I used:

  • DevaCurl Mister Right, DevaCurl SuperCream/Briogeo Rosarco Oil mixed
I applied the products in smaller sections today. First spraying each section with a couple squirtz of mister right. Then I took a pea size amount of the Supercream and mixed it with ONE DROP Rosarco Oil and with "praying hands motion", I smoothed down each section, then scrunched.

Obviously, this is not super amazing, hair BUT it is day 4 hair that I felt comfortable enough to wear down!! I had another intense work out, and then went in my pool for a bit and applied a little bit of coconut oil for the sun to penetrate in before hand. Oh I used more Briogeo Scalp Revival Dry Shampoo right after the work out. Then my hair was under a hat while outside and finally tied back in the shower. I took it out of the messy bun, massaged my scalp a bit and this is the result. For day 4 hair, I don't think it actually looks super terrible worn down! The curls have turned into looser waves and there is a little bit of frizz, but I'll take it! You can kind of see my hairline/front pieces damage moreso here than in day 1 that I always mention.

This is another day I wasn't doing anything exciting but staying at home, hanging out with Stretch, going in the pool and job searching, so makeup free again- except lipstick. I constantly have stuff on my lips. What you can't see in the picture is how soft it feels!

Here are some extra shots Tommie took of me at the beach. I thought they came out kind of nice, so figured why not include them on the blog post :)

he's the absolute best. and also doesn't like to pose too much. LOL

and some day 1 selfies of Stretchy and I

The day this blog post is going up (Friday) would be Day 5. If it was being lazy or busy I would wear it back and it would be okay, but I am planning to wash it!

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<3 Diane

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