My First DevaCurl DevaCut (with details plus Day 1 and 2 pics)

The kind folks at DevaCurl recently invited me to go to the Devachan Salon in SoHo (Manhattan) for a signature DevaCut!! I was super super nervous, but just couldn't pass up this opportunity. Read on for my thoughts and pictures! Warning: This is a long post. ;)

Now, if you have been reading my blog for a while (side note: thank you!!!), it's no secret I have been going to Ouidad's salon for their signature "Carve and Slice" curly cut for years now. I always liked my results, and my stylist, Jason was awesome. I will not be comparing cuts, or saying if I like one over the other. Both salons are excellent, both stylists who have worked with me are also excellent. So if you decide to go for a curly cut at either (and I do recommend both salons and stylists), I strongly urge you to do your own research to figure out which may be a better fit for you. I don't mean to come off as rude, but I will be ignoring any/all "which do you like better?" questions.
That being said, going to a new salon for a cut was super scary for me at first. Hair cuts do my anxiety no favor, due to countless bad cuts and taking off too much length in the past. But it has been 5 months since my hair cut, I was way past due for a trim and my hair let me know it. How? My ends were extra scraggly, and frizzy and my shape was starting to just look odd. Also, my hair was acting more unmanageable than usual, which is a tell tale sign it's trim time.

I went to the Devachan Salon back in February for their Buildup Buster treatment. I loved the salon, and loved how my stylist, Latoya, styled my hair and was so patient and knowledgeable. If you missed that post, you can see it here. That post has additional styling tips from Latoya as well, so definitely check it out if you haven't before. Having styled my hair before, I decided to go to Latoya for my Devacut.

I sat with Latoya and we talked about my goals and what I wanted out of my haircut first. I showed her pictures of my hair when it was really long (le sigh), then after the bleach breakage and my road to recovery. I let her know my ultimate goal is to grow my hair super long again, getting it as long as possible before my wedding next fall. I also let me know I don't like volume, I didn't want a cut to look too "circle-y" as far as shape is concerned (which luckily, she knww exactly what I meant) and I knew I have some random pieces that are still shorter and a bit odd compared to the rest of my hair from the breakage from years ago still, but I'm fine with them as my hair grows out. I asked her for a trim and to take off what is needed, but also as little as possible. One of the first things Latoya said back to me was "Don't worry, I'm not scissor happy." and that was honestly probably the best thing I could have possibly heard. It put me at ease so much.
Latoya trimming my hair
Devacuts are done on hair that is dry, instead of wet. You go to the salon with your hair styled as you usually do. I went in with Day 2 hair. I washed and masqued the day before and then that morning just used a little DevaCurl Supercream to tame some pouf and frizz. Latoya trimmed my hair curl by curl. The attention to detail and making sure to get every single hair was phenomenal. It did take a while, but in my opinion it's so worth the process. Latoya was amazed at how just trimming such a small amount off each curl, how they started to bounce up instead of hanging stringy as they were. Freshly trimmed hair = healthy hair = bouncier curls. 

Once the trimming was done it was over to the sink to get washed and conditioned for styling. The chairs at Devacurl's sinks are seriously the most comforble sink chairs in the history of hair salons. I was falling asleep, especially during an ahhh-mazing scalp massage that Latoya was doing to help the No Poo work! Since my hair is so naturally dry and constantly craves moisture always, she used the Decadence line. Starting with No Poo Decadence and massaging it in to clean my hair and scalp.
my rain boots and I on the comfy sink chair
Once that was rinsed, she used a mix of Decadence One Condition and Heaven In Hair Intense Moisture Treatment. I don't know why I never thought to mix the two together before! Latoya said mixing them gets the benefits of both products and is absolutely incredible for the hair. She also was scrunching the conditioner in my hair. This is new to me! When I asked her about it, she said that scrunching the conditioner really helps curls to form and achieve extra definition. Awesome! Most of the conditioner was left in.

After conditioning, we went back to the chair from the sink and with my head completely flipped over, it was time to apply styling products. She used Supercream and Arcangel Gel scrunching both in all over making sure to get every piece of hair. Then she generously sprayed the Flex Hold Hairspray before I gently brought my hair and head upright again. She also applied Devaclips to try and lift my hair at the roots just a little bit.
 After clips were applied, I went under the hood dryer. I sat under there for so long, since my hair takes forever to dry but had this delicious iced tea to sip while I wait. I don't know what kind of iced tea Devachan serves, but man it is yummy!!! After the hood dryer, she tok the Devadryer with Devafuser to finish drying my hair. Once my hair was dry, she sprayed more Flex Hold Hairspray.

My hair dried in a slight cast, she scrunched out some of it, but not completely because the weather was rainy and cold and gross! Totally not a typical June day. Leaving some of the gel cast in would help prevent frizz with the gross weather outside.

Somehow, after the cut, my hair looked longer than before! Both Latoya and I couldn't believe it, nor did we understand how or why it was possibly. I'm not questioning this physics-defying miracle, because I love it!
Overall, I'm so happy with my cut. I love that Latoya listened to me and didn't take off too much, gave some shape that I wanted and didn't do anything I didn't want that I was afraid of. I am planning on going back to see her for my next trim, probably in the fall. I love how she styles it too, and that the style lasts me for days. I wish I can style my hair like this at home. I really need to practice because when I tried styling my hair after my last visit in February, even with her awesome tips, let's just say there was much left to be desired! LOL. I'm not a hairstylist folks, and I never claimed to be.

"Before Pics"

"After"/Day 1 Pics
Products Used:
  • Cleanser: No Poo Decadence
  • Conditioner: mix of One Condition Decadence and Heaven in Hair- left in
  • Stylers: Supercream, ArcAngel, Flex Hold Hairspray *diffused*, more Flex Hold Hairspray
stylers used in salon

These are still in the salon with the gel-cast not completely broken yet:
I actually liked how it looked still in the gel-cast.

When I got home from the salon, before taking these pictures outside, since it did stop raining, I added in one drop of Mirror Curls. I LOVE this serum for added shine and frizz control, but I truly mean it when I say a little goes a long, long way.

These were at home in my yard, surviving some rain, breaking up the cast and adding MirrorCurls. No Flash
accidental shot I kind of liked

Inside With Flash. Look at that shine!!!!

Day 2
My hair still looked so good when I woke up! I had to work out (sorry I can't skip exercise for my hair, until it was a super duper important event) and the sweat from my work out and loosely tying my hair back did affect it some what, but I still love the definition I got. If I didn't work out, I would have had even less frizz than I already did.

Products used: No-Poo Quick Cleanser (scalp only), Supercream, MirrorCurls.

I didn't even section my hair with the styling products because I didn't feel I needed to. I used one pump of Supercream for each side of my head (2 sides total) and then one total pump of MirrorCurls for all my hair.

By the way, if you need to restock, or want to try out some Devacurl products, go to and there is a sale section with the old packaging and a promo code for 25% off!

disclaimer: not a sponsored or endorsed post. no monetary compensation received. the cut was a gift from Deva, but I was under no obligation to post anything for it. I did of course tip Latoya since she worked very hard on my hair. All opinions are my own, honest thoughts, as always.

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<3 Diane

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