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When I heard Tarte was releasing a fragrance that smelled just like their palettes, I knew I was breaking my fragrance no buy to get it! I couldn't wait to for my olfactory system (aka sense of smell) to experience the Sweet Tarte Fragrance! What a BRILLIANT idea on Tarte's end to decide to release a perfume based of positive feedback on how yummy some of their palettes smell. Read on to see if it lived up to hype or if I was disappointed.

Here is what tarte.com says about the Sweet Tarte Fragrance:

 "Our first-ever fragrance captivates in a convenient rollerball, infused with sustainably-sourced Madagascar vanilla for a refreshingly sweet essence.  
Product performance: Transports you to a sweet escape & gets you #prettyinapinch for date night, family time, or dinner with friends in just one swipe. The warm, dreamy base of sustainably-sourced Madagascar vanilla is layered with delicate, essential orange oil as its signature note for a fresh, pure, long-lasting scent—it’s warm & playful, just like our tartelettes."

Fragrance notes:
  • Top: orange, mandarin, passion fruit & berry 
  • Heart: passion fruit, lychee, gardenia & vanilla
  • Base: vanilla, cedarwood, sandalwood & musk 

  • Madagascar vanilla: pure, romantic, indulgent & sourced sustainably from Madagascar to protect this precious ingredient & region long-term
  • Orange Oil: a naturally-derived essential oil that’s sweet, fresh & relaxing with a fun, playful zest
My one and only complaint about this fragrance is it is only offered in a rollerball, and not in a an atomizer (sprayer) I'm hoping this fragrance is highly successful and they expand into some kind of spray also, preferably EDP, just because that's how I like to apply my fragrance.
The design on the bottle and packaging is super cute, bright, flirty and pretty but after being a Tarte fan now for nearly a decade (!!), I've come to expect nothing less from them in the art deco department.

That being said, this is one of my all time favorites scents ever. EVER! Good job, Tarte! I had a feeling I was going to really like this when I saw my two favorite perfume notes were inside: Vanilla and Orange. Plus, Madagascar vanilla is actually my favorite vanilla of all the vanillas.

I LOVE a good gourmand scent and that is exactly what Sweet Tarte is!! Sweet, delicious, warm, cozy, happy and bright...that's how I would describe this. The perfume is so sweet, so if you aren't into that kind of thing, this would be a pass for you. I would classify this as a Gourmand Fruity. It opens a bit fruity and citrusy vanilla almost thanks to the mixed fruit inside and once dried down is pure deliciousness. Seriously, I love this perfume so much. The dry down is is that gourmand vanilla with sophistication brought in by the woodsy notes, yet still sniffing out that orange oil at the same time.

This fragrance has staying power, too! My nose can detect it a couple of hours after applying, which is so important to me. I hate when I use a fragrance and can only smell it for a short period of time.
On Tarte's social media channels, they said this smelled just like their vanilla scented palettes. I find the scents to be similar, but not exact. In my opinion, the perfume has more depth than the palettes do and I detect more of the fruity undertones as opposed to a straight up, pure, sweet shop vanilla which is what I get from the palettes, which also smell amazing to me. I am not knocking that scent in any way, shape or form, I just find them different.

The other good thing for me with this is that my fiance, who is scent sensitive and complains about most of my perfumes, even loves how this smells! It is not headache educing at all for him or I.

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disclaimer: purchased by me. not endorsed or sponsored. no monetary compensation received. all thoughts are my own honest opinions, as always.

<3 Diane

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