Wander Beauty Carryon 4 Piece Lip and Cheek Crayons

The Carryon 4 Piece Lip and Cheek Crayon set by Wander Beauty is a perfect lip and cheek wardrobe set that makes a great gift to you from you, or for any makeup lover in your life! The formula is fantastic and the colors are extremely flattering on all different skin and hair types. Read on for my review and swatches.

Here is what WanderBeauty.com says about it:
"A hydrating, twist up gel formulated crayon that can be used on both lips and cheeks.  The sheer, buildable color makes it appropriate for any occasion.  Apply one layer for sheer subtle color or several layers for a bolder look.  The advanced light-weight gel texture blends into skin seamlessly for comfortable color.  Enriched with jojoba seed oil (Argentina) and shea butter (Africa), avocado oil (Italy) and vitamins C and E (United States & Switzerland) to moisturize and nourish both lips and cheeks.

Delivers 4-in-1
1. Shine of a gloss
2. Wear of a stain
3. Blendable color for both lips and cheeks
4. Instant and continuous hydration"
I absolutely LOVE this formula. In fact, one of the shades that I already had is one of my favorite lippies OF ALL TIME!! I'm a lippie addict, so that says quite a bit.

The crayon shape makes these super easy to apply, without a mirror even. They twist up so there is no need for sharpening. The cute, mini size makes them easy to take with you and since they are about half the size of a regular lip crayon (note: Wander's site also sells full size of these), you can carry multiples with you without worrying about your bag being weighed down.

The formula is so lovely. Very hydrating, with great pigment. You can wear it sheer or more intense depending how many layers you do. I also like that the formula makes my lips look fuller and fills in the fine lines in my lips as well.

I have also used these instead of blush on my cheeks and it wears quite a long time, but not the whole entire day. Most cream blushes don't wear all day on me so I'm fine with that. They are a lot more sheer on the cheeks and easy to apply straight from the crayon and blend in with fingers- no brush needed!

Left to Right: Island Hop, Madisoness, Pink City, Tinseltown 
no flash
no flash

 Island Hop
My favorite of the bunch. This is the one that's one of my favorite lippies of all time. A PERFECT cool, blue toned, light pink. The one I already have is actually almost all gone because I reach for it that often. I love this shade so much.

Truthfully, I didn't know how I was going to like this on me when I swatched it, but it is so pretty and pairs quite well with a more intense eye look, or if I am just going very natural. This is a light nude shade, which is not something I usually reach for, but I like this one. It doesn't wash me out or make my teeth look dingy like a lot of nudes can do to me.

Pink City
Another pretty pink shade. This is deeper than Island Hop, and also a bit more neutral/warm toned. One of those classic lip colors every girl should own.

A cool toned, berry-red shade. The most intense of the four. I usually reach for these kind of shades around the holidays.

You can find the Carryon 4 Piece Lip and Cheek Crayon set on WanderBeauty.com here.

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disclaimer: product sent for review consideration. not endorsed or sponsored. all opinions are my own honest thoughts, as always.

<3 Diane

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