DevaCurl #CurlsUnMasked Launch Party 7-14-17

This past Friday I was lucky enough to be invited by DevaCurl to the launch party of their two newest products, Deep Sea Repair and Melt Into Moisture treatment masks! I had such a wonderful time seeing some curl friends from all over the USA and learning about this incredible newness. Read on for more!

Back in February, I went to DevaCurl's launch party of the Buildup Buster Micellar Cleansing Serum which is the other product in their "Treatment Trifecta" My review on that is here.

I was so honored and humbled the kind folks at DevaCurl invited me to this special event, with my fiance's approval, we came home from our vacation a day early so I would be able to attend! Side note: vacation blog coming soon. I used only DevaCurl while away!

The day of the party it was super rainy and humid in NYC. Weather was not on a curls side. I planned according by using extra hair products for my curls to look their best (more on that later) and yes, since I commute to Manhattan, I did walk around with an actual shower cap on my head. I just wanted my hair to look good! ;)

I washed that morning and this is what I used (All DevaCurl)
  • Cleanser: No Poo Decadence
  • Conditioner: Heaven In Hair- didn't rinse it out.
  • Stylers (wet hair): SuperCream, ArcAngel, MirrorCurls, Flexible-Hold Hairspray
  • Stylers (dry Hair): a little more MirrorCurls mixed with Beautiful Mess, and even more hairspray
Application: In the shower on soaking wet hair flipped over I applied each product in 4 sections and went pretty heavy handed with how much I used due to the rain. I scrunched and scrunched, and then scrunched even more followed by more scrunching. I wrapped my hair in my Curl Ease towel while doing all my skin care stuff, removed the towel, then applied a little more ArcAngel and MirrorCurls and scrunched a whole lot more. I scrunched more than usual to try to get my hair air dry a bit faster and it may have worked, plus I had incredible curl definition!! I didn't use the hairspray at all until after all the scrunching and styling was done. I also used a few DevaClips to fix my hairline a bit. This was at 9:30am. When I was getting ready to go at 3:30pm, my roots were still a little wet but I went in with a bit more product to fight frizz.

It was not easy getting to the city for whatever reason that day. My bus did not show up! Luckily, my fiance willingly drove me to the ferry- which I missed by 2 minutes. Thankfully, the next one came 20 minutes later. I was meeting my friend Zen (@Glamourzen) at her hotel and I hopped in a cab but traffic was so bad it got to the point I got out and walked (in the rain) because it literally was faster. Once I was with Zen we got in an uber to go to the party, but after 20 minutes of not moving in the same intersection thanks to NYC traffic, we got out and I took this poor Texas girl in high heel stilettos on the NYC subway to get to the event place. Once off the subway, we got another cab cross town since the event was all the way on the West Side, we were in Union Square at this point and it was just too much to walk. Luckily less traffic up there. All and all, we finally got to the party about 40 minutes late. That killed me because I HATE being late!! I'm usually the first one at places. As long as we made it safely!
Zen @glamourzen and I

It really is an amazing feeling to see so many girls with these amazing curls in one room. Everyone I talked to was all so sweet again! As per usual, since I am a bit shy and awkward in real life, I didn't get pictures with everyone I wanted to, just like last time. That's the shyness in me. A few people there actually recognized me from youtube which is crazy because I haven't done a new video in 3 years! It was so humbling.
photo by @skinnywashere

There were so many cool picture stations again, just like last time! A selfie ring light station, a 360 degree camera (that video is on my instagram), awesome photographer @skinnywashere was taking pictures of us doing hair flips, which I can't wait to see how mine came out and also they did videos of our before and afters! I had to send them a "before" picture a few weeks ago and it was so cool that had a giant board and everyone's before and afters before we all started to embrace our curls! Once again, Shake Shack catered and as per usual, it was delicious!!!!!
trying to point to myself on the top

When there is excellent lighting, you obviously pose! =)
with @toripiskin and @glamourzen
with @toripiskin and @glamourzen
 Behind the Scene shots as I hair flip for @SkinnyWasHere
Hair Flip Photos:

 Behind the scenes of the "Before and After" This was fun. We held up our before and dropped the picture to show our faces!

 A few curl friends...
@glamourzen and @thebiancac
Sam from the Devacurl team!

buildup buster!

The displays with the new products were so cool! We left with them in a gift bag. Since I am on day 4 hair now from washing that morning, I haven't used them yet but both products smell AMAZING.

A blog post with details on both products and my first impressions will be up later this week, but here is a little info on both masks:
Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask. I was told this is even MORE moisturizing than Heaven In Hair!!! That's incredible!
"This nourishing treatment mask is like a magical elixir for dehydrated waves or curls. This nutrient-rich, buttery formula effortlessly melts into hair without feeling heavy. All curl types are left feeling shiny, silky-soft and completely transformed. Featuring Matcha Butter, Beet Root Extract and Sweet Almond Oil."

Seaweed Strengthening Mask. I have been wishing and hoping for Deva to come out with a protein treatment forever!! I'm so glad that they did!
"This ultra-reparative treatment reverses the hair-hating effects of heat damage and chemical treatments, while protecting from environmental stress and breakage. The reviving formula transforms damaged hair, bringing texture and definition back to life with a lightweight look and feel. Featuring Seaweed, Sea Lavender and Vegan Protein Blend."

 after the party, home in my PJs. I was so happy that my hair survived the rain but I also had such a great hair day in general!!

 I honestly can't thank Sam, Dana and the rest of the DevaCurl team for inviting me and always including me as part of these awesome launch parties for one of my top favorite hair hair brands ever! I am so happy and honored to be a part of the DevaCurl Curly Influencer Community!!!!

Stay tuned for first impressions and reviews of the new masks and lots of DevaCurl usage here on my blog =)

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<3 Diane


  1. I love that you walked around in a shower cap! That's awesome. When you're going to an event to celebrate curly hair and curly products, you cannot mess around! Your hair flip pictures are super cute and I love your dress. You always have such fun and fabulous prints in your wardrobe.


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