FAR Botanicals Koko Rhassoul Bath Block for Cleansing and Conditioning Skin

FAR Botanicals is a luxury brand of products that uses natural ingredients and essential fatty acids to nourish the hair and skin. I've tried their hair products in the past with great results and more recently have been using the Koko Rhassoul Bath Block for Cleansing and Conditioning Skin. Read on for more of my thoughts!

 Here is what their site says about the product:
If you’re tired of the tight, dry feeling that results from using common bath soap, you will adore our Koko Rhassoul Bath Blocks. pH balanced and loaded with premium botanicals and minerals like Kokum butter, Shea Butter, Raw Cacao and Rhassoul clay, this generously-sized bath block provides a beautiful array of spa-worthy benefits that you usually find promoted in separate, higher priced  products. With a silky-fine lather and the addition of ground Vanilla Beans for gentle exfoliation, dry skin is left feeling hydrated, toned and pampered after every bath or shower. Hand milled and hand cut, KR Bath Blocks are promoted as weighing 9.5 oz, but often weigh a bit over.

Good for:
  • Anti-Aging
  • Skin Smoothing
  • Skin Moisturizing
  • Vitamin and Mineral-Rich
  • Gentle Exfoliation

 Though they say the product can be used on the face and body, since I am very acne prone and like the currently skincare I use for my face, I've used this for my body only.

This bar of soup is gigantic! It is very generously oversized and since you don't need much at a time, it will last for quite a while. I cut mine in half so it is easy to use in the shower.
The soap produces a nice lather and leaves my skin feeling clean and soft. However, I still need to follow up with lotion after the shower. There are ground vanilla beans in here that help to provide natural yet gentle exfoliation as well. I like the fact that there are tons of great natural ingredients in here, truly benefiting the skin on my body.

It smells kind of earthy and woodsy. Very natural smelling, not too strong and not bad.

If you are interested, you can buy it here and they also offer a sample size!

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disclaimer: product sent to me for review consideration. all thoughts are my own honest opinions, as always. not endorsed or sponsored. no monetary compensation received.

<3 Diane

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