First Impressions: Deep Sea Repair and Melt Into Moisture DevaCurl Masks! #CurlsUnMasked

I used DevaCurl's new Melt Into Moisture and Deep Sea Repair masks for the first time the other day! They are AMAZING! I can't get over just how different my hair felt and still feels. I also did something I don't usually do with my hair in Day 2. Read on for more and to find out what that is!

If you missed my blog recap about the launch party for these 2 new products, you can read it here!

 Before getting into what I used to style and my thoughts, I wanted to give a little information about the two new masks again. (info from

Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask.

"If you have wavy, curly or super curly hair and your texture is prone to extreme dryness, then this mask is for you!"

 "This nourishing treatment mask is like a magical elixir for dehydrated waves or curls. This nutrient-rich, buttery formula effortlessly melts into hair without feeling heavy. All curl types are left feeling shiny, silky-soft and completely transformed. Featuring Matcha Butter, Beet Root Extract and Sweet Almond Oil."

Key Ingredients:

  • Matcha Butter retains moisture and seals the cuticle
  • Beet Root Extract improves elasticity and protects color
  • Sweet Almond Oil is rich in vitamins and Omega Fatty Acids that help moisturize and nourish the hair

Seaweed Strengthening Mask.

"If you have wavy, curly or super curly hair and heat styling, chemical treatments or not-so-gentle detangling have done a number on your curls, then this strengthening mask is for you!"

"This ultra-reparative treatment reverses the hair-hating effects of heat damage and chemical treatments, while protecting from environmental stress and breakage. The reviving formula transforms damaged hair, bringing texture and definition back to life with a lightweight look and feel. Featuring Seaweed, Sea Lavender and Vegan Protein Blend."

Key Ingredients

  • Seaweed repairs and restores hair from chemical or heat damage
  • Sea Lavender moisturizes and protects from environmental stressors
  • Vegan Protein Blend of rice, wheat and soy strengthens, reduces breakage and split end, and increases elasticity

 I couldn't decide which mask to try first, and since I was so excited for both of them I decided to "multi-mask" by combining the two for equal parts moisture (from Melt into Moisture) and strength (from Deep Sea Repair!) Of course I plan on using them alone to really see what each one does indivisually as well.

Here is what I used (all DevaCurl):
  • Cleanser: DevaCurl Buildup Buster Micellar Water Cleansing Serum
  • Conditioner: a mix of Deep Sea Repair and Melt Into Moisture masks
  • Stylers (wet): Heaven In Hair (as leave in), SuperCream, ArcAngel, MirrorCurls, Flexible-Hold Hairspray
I used the Buildup Buster in the shower. This product is meant to be used on wet hair in place of shampoo. It is an awesome sulfate free clarifying shampoo and also should not be used too often. I massaged it into my scalp and down the lengths and left it in while I washed my body and such and then rinsed. Every time I use this (once a month usually) my curls get bounce!

After rinsing and GENTLY squeezing out excess water, it was mask time! Since my hairline is so damaged and frizzy, I first took some Deep Sea Repair and ran it down the lengths of my hairline. Then I clipped my hair into small sections and used equal parts of Deep Sea Repair with Melt Into  Moisture and raked it through each section with my fingers while pressing the product into my hair strands. Even when wet, my hair felt so silky and awesome. I also added some Melt into Moisture on top of the Deep Sea Repair in the front of my hairline. I put on a plastic shower cap, heated by Thermal Care Hot Head Cap in the microwave and then placed it on my head so the heat would help the masks penetrate deeper into my strands. I left the masks and heat on my hair about a half hour before rinsing out completely with cool water.
Once I turned water off, while still in the shower on soaking wet hair flipped over I applied each styling product one by one and scrunched them in. I really like the addition of SuperCream in my wet hair regimen. A little goes a long way, I only use two pumps for my entire head!

After applying all the products, I scrunched a ton again. I wrapped my hair in my Curl Ease towel while doing all my skin care stuff, removed the towel, then applied a little more ArcAngel and MirrorCurls mixed together and scrunched a whole lot more. Just like last week when I scrunched extra for the launch party, taking the time to really scrunch until no more water is dripping out at all and the "squishy noise" is not loud whatsoever gives me better curl definition and better hair overall. Spend the time to scrunch! Roots too! Since I was going to lunch with my best friend, I didn't clip all my roots. Once I was just about done styling wet, I used some Flexible-Hold Hairspray all over with my head upright. I air dried my hair and didn't have to go back in with additional styling products at all!
The scents of these new masks are so yummy!!!  Deep Sea Repair smells like lavender and Melt Into Moisture has this relaxing, zen like aroma that I can't quite pinpoint, but is cozy and soothing. Neither scent is overwhelming or too strong for my sensitive nose.

With both masks, a little goes a long way. Melt Into Moisture is especially rich and thick. I was surprised at how little I felt I needed per section to fully absorb into my hair.

My hair seemed to air dry quicker than it has in a few weeks. I was not expecting this, so that is awesome. Also, when I rinsed the masks out of my wet hair, it felt thicker! I really like how my hair turned out: excellent curl definition with minimal frizz and soft to the touch! My curls were defined and bouncy and I just felt really good about my hair! The "multi-masking" and using heat to help penetrate was definitely a winning combo for me. My hair, which has been through so much and is still recovering, actually looked somewhat like healthy hair! I was playing with my hair for the pictures and took these outside in humidity, which I think caused a little bit more frizz than I would have had but still for me, this is quite minimal!!!

 I look forward to seeing what each mask does solo and how continued use improves my hair. I'm especially hoping regular and continued use of Deep Sea Repair will fix my busted, frizzy, over processed hair line. (for years I would color AND relax my hair line curls- which is why they are still as messed up as they are). Deep Sea Repair is not meant to be left in ever, nor should it be used overnight. Melt Into Moisture is even more intense and moisturizing than Heaven In Hair, if you can believe it! Since my hair is just so genetically dry and high porosity, I am planning on playing with this one as a leave in, but if your hair is fine and/or gets weighed down easily you might want to always rinse it out.

Makeup: The lip color in these pictures is "No Angel" Hydragel Lipstick by Doll 10 Beauty and on my eyelids is Laura Geller's "Diamond Dust" highlighter used as a shadow!

DAY 2 and DAY 2 again
I wound up going to the beach with my best friend, Corrine, so sadly I couldn't test out the longevity of getting up to day 4 or day 5 hair yet. But Summer is oh so short so I take any beach days I could get. I still wound up with some SUPER SURPRISING results that I credit to the masks and using mostly DevaCurl stuff lately....

These pictures are when we we first got to the beach. I slept in a pineapple on my satin pillowcase the night before. I didn't add anything to my hair at this point and it still looked defined with minimal frizz! I had my floppy hat on for a bit while walking before taking these (I get crazy about the sun hitting my face sometimes)

I did put a little Heaven In Hair in my hair once we got to the beach, just so the sun can penetrate it to treat more rather than have the UV rays fry my locks. I would have brought Melt Into Moisture, but I have more Heaven In Hair at the moment so I brought that. Honestly, once I dipped in the Ocean, I was super surprised how soft and silky my hair STILL felt. It just felt better than it did previously.
curl shrinkage is real. my hair is so much longer when wet!!!!!
After coming home and showering, I was curious and decided to see what would happen if I didn't use my usual 3-4 steps of styling products. I cleansed with No Poo Decadence and then put Heaven In Hair in again and didn't rinse it out. I scrunched it in a bunch, twisted up in my Curl Ease towel and let it air dry. Now, last time I did this (last year maybe) with other products and such, my hair was very frizzy and hay like. To my surprise, my curls were pretty defined and though there was frizz, there was less than usual. It was a bit puffier than I prefer, but I could have left the house and been okay with it! It also felt incredibly soft still. I wish I snapped a picture, but I went to bed with my roots still a little wet.

DAY 2.2
Here are two pictures of my hair on the Day 2 of the No Poo Decadence wash with only Heaven In Hair. I also had my hair in a messy bun while I was in my pool with my dad and running errands all afternoon and earlier in the day. My curl pattern is stretched a bit, the front right side is shaped like I don't even know what from being thrown back, but it is so hot and humid out in NYC I'm surprised my hair isn't larger and frizzier!!! I can't believe it looks like this with no styling products!
Overall, my first use of the new DevaCurl masks mixed together and using heat was absolutely incredible! I look forward to using each one individually and continuing to incorporate them in my healthy hair care regimen. Please subscribe for more updates about them!

I'm really glad Melt Into Moisture and Deep Sea Repair are offered in full and huge sizes! I can already tell I'll be wanting the huge ones so I don't ever run out!
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disclaimer: I received these products in the gift bag at the launch party last week. not endorsed or sponsored. no monetary compensation received. as always, all thoughts are my own, honest opinions.

<3 Diane

 P.S. while taking pictures outside, a HUGE bee flew past me and I freaked out since I fear getting stung (side note: I've been stung before and it was terrible) Leave it to my dear fiance to snap this while I was freaking out:

 P.P.S. one more blooper/fail picture because I just could not help myself with the comparison:

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