Hair of the Day 1 and 2: Some Hair Days Are Better Than Others

Something I still can't quite understand is the notion that because I blog about my hair, that I'm expected to have perfect hair. Like- what!? Does anyone REALLY have perfect hair every single day!? I don't think so, as I certainly do not, nor did I ever claim to. I like blogging on my hair days as more of a journey to look back and see how much I progress, what works and what doesn't. That being said, I had pretty good hair for day 1 even though using the exact same routine last week worked out better, and then I pretty much ruined day 2 thanks to exercising. Read on for more.

So last week, I had such an incredible hair day that lasted four days wearing it down. If you missed it, that post is here. I used the exact same hair products and method of application for this day 1. For whatever reason, other than the fact my hair truly has a mind of it's own, last week came out better than this week. That being said, this day 1 still came out pretty nice for the most part.

One thing I did notice is my roots were taking FOREVER to dry. Longer than usual and I have no clue why. But I like how silky, healthy and defined my length was looking. I also noticed some kind of "ponytail dent" happening on one side of my head which I don't quite understand since whenever I tie my hair back, I always use the phone cord ponytail holders that are not supposed to leave any dents. I'll have to figure this out.
roots still wet:

 Hair all dry:
sorry these are a little blurry, they were taken in a moving car.

I could have had much better day 2 hair. It's pretty obvious. I did have a decent curl pattern going on in the back of my head at least. When I woke up, my hair did have promise. But I did an intense sweaty cardio session- more than I originally was intending to and that threw the hopes of fantastic Day 2 hair right out the window. Plus I was outside a bit and got some humidity induced frizz. 'Tis that season

After using Briogeo Scalp Revival Dry Shampoo on my scalp and showering, I tried using the Original Moxie Hold Up/Oasis stylers mix on dry hair. I applied it section by section in "praying hands motion" and then scrunched. I think if I didn't use as much as I did, and the workout wasn't as intense again, it may have been better. I'll probably try it again to use up the bottle.

 This picture is so funny because as Tommie patiently was snapping some faux model pictures for me he genuinely got excited and goes "Di, you have to see how cool these 2 curls look!" and held them up to take a picture. :)

The day I am writing this blog post is Day 3, though this won't be posted until a couple days later. MY hair is just clipped back half up, half down today. I used a little DevaCurl SuperCream before clipping back just for moisture.

I'm actually going to be on a small vacation with my fiance next week. I'm super excited! I have three blog posts pre-scheduled to go live while I am gone, but none of them are "Hair of the Days" since I can't blog about hair days I have not had yet ;) Once I return, more hair posts will follow.

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