Solo Uses of DevaCurl Deep Sea Repair and Melt Into Moisture Masks

Last week I used DevaCurl's new masks combined since I couldn't decided which to use first. This week, I used each mask on their own for different washes so I can see how they perform solo! Read on for my thoughts and details!

If you missed last week's blog, which also has a lot of information about the new masks, you can read it here.

To keep results consistent so I could fairy and accurately compare the masks, I kept all other variables that were in my control the same as best I could. The one thing that was beyond control was Deep Sea Repair Day was gross, humid and rainy and Melt Into Moisture day was sunny, no humidity and beautiful. Let me clarify I am in no way, shape or form complaining about the gorgeous sunny day!!! The difference in weather means my lighting was different, and I really struggled with the rainy day getting decent lighting. Also, the humidity and rain may have effected the results slightly. I need to invest in a ring light once I get a bit of extra money. I used all the same other hair products, application and drying methods.
For both wash days, here is what I used:
  • Cleanser: DevaCurl No Poo Dencadence
  • Conditioner: Deep Sea Repair OR Melt Into Moisture Mask
  • Stylers (wet): Heaven In Hair (as leave in), SuperCream, ArcAngel, MirrorCurls, Flexible-Hold Hairspray
Application for both days:
  •  Once I turned water off, while still in the shower on soaking wet hair flipped over I applied each styling product one by one and scrunched them in. After applying all the products, I scrunched a ton again. I wrapped my hair in my Curl Ease towel while doing all my skin care stuff, removed the towel, then applied a little more ArcAngel and MirrorCurls mixed together and scrunched a whole lot more. Once I was just about done styling wet, I used Deva clips at certain points on my hairline that curl weird and then I used some Flexible-Hold Hairspray all over with my head upright. I air dried.

When using both masks, I noticed once my hair is all dry I don't have to go in with pomade to try and hide my frizzier, more damaged ends of my hair! I also don't need to go in with more hairspray on dry hair, which I was doing for a while.

Also, I didn't apply extra heat when using either mask this week.

With both masks, my hair is just behaving so much better. I was able to get good hair up until Day 3 which I will show in future blogs. For the sake of length with this one, I didn't go into day 2 or day 3.

As a reminder, the Deep Sea Repair mask is protein based and meant to strengthen and repair has that has been damaged from heat, chemical treatments and other aggressors thanks to seaweed, a vegan blend of proteins from rice, soy and wheat, plus sea lavender.

The first thing I will say, is I need more Deep Sea Repair than Melt Into Moisture for application. Deep Sea Repair will still last me a while, but Melt Into Moisture will last me longer. Because the ends and hairline of my hair are still in recovery from bleach and chemical damage from 2014ish, I also made sure to use a little extra on those areas to target repair.

These pictures were taken after I was in and out of the rain late at night. And my hair looks this good!? That's seriously impressive! I really like the definition and how silky my hair looked and felt. Tommie said my hair has been looking more "ramen noodle like" When I looked at him confused, he said he meant it as a compliment, thinking my hair looked more "evenly spirally" (his words) and consistent.  He also agreed my hair has been looking better. I really notice with Deep Sea Repair how you can't see the damage and frizz that my hairline really is.

As a reminder, Melt into Moisture is the moisturizing, nourishing mask. This mask is perfect for those with extreme dryness and dehydrated hair. It is infused with matcha green tea butter, seaweed, almond oil and beet root extract.

Sadly nobody in my house was home to play photographer for my faux model photoshoots with this one. I actually scotch taped my phone to my back door my lighting and was taking pictures using my Apple watch.

Melt Into Moisture day my curly waves was very spirally! This mask is so rich, you don't need much and my hair drank it up so fast. Shine, definition, minimal frizz...I can't think of anything negative! MY hair just looked and felt healthy. I felt pretty confident about my hair. I went to an event in the city this day and coincidentally ran into some of the lovely girls from Devacurl while there!! It was so unplanned, what are the odds!?

If you want me to pick which mask I like better in this blog post, I'm sorry to disappoint you. I just can't decide yet! I really liked the results from both days. Plus, since the weather was so different (seriously, Melt Into Moisture day there was zero humidity, it was fantastic), I feel that affected the outcome slightly as well. I definitely recommend them both, I don't think you can go wrong with either choice. I also liked the results of multi-masking, where I combined the two last week (see that here)

A couple important other things to mention:
-Deep Sea Repair should not be used too often since it is protein heavy. I will not be using it more than once a week. You also do not want to leave this one in too long, and also don't use it as a leave-in.

-Melt Into Moisture can be used more often, if you find you need to, and can even be left in overnight. I definitely want to try this as a leave-in, but was told it may be too rich and can weigh fine hair down that way. I still am planning on trying because my hair is so so dry.

 I am going to continue to use these masks exclusively for a few weeks, until they run out, mixing, matching and playing around with other products to continue to see how they perform, so be sure to subscribe to my blog and follow @dianemary126 on instagram for more. Both are absolutely worthy of me re-buying.

If you missed my blog on the #CurlsUnMasked launch party, you can see it here.

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disclaimer: I received these products in the gift bag at the launch party last week. not endorsed or sponsored. no monetary compensation received. as always, all thoughts are my own, honest opinions.

<3 Diane

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