Vacation Recap: Hair and Makeup Details, Lots of Pics and More!

A couple weeks ago, my fiance, Tommie, and I went on our yearly mini getaway down to Wildwood, NJ! This is our sixth year going!! We had a wonderful time and as per usual, it just went by too fast. Read on for my recap, lots of pictures, plus my hair and makeup details.

Tommie actually proposed to me when we were down in Wildwood last year, and nearly a year to the day later we were back! I can't believe we've been engaged a year already!!! I can't believe we actually set a wedding date! Time FLIES.

I'd love to tell you I packed minimally, but since there was no airplane and check in involved, we can laugh at that together. I'm a chronic overpacker and my favorite hair products and extra outfits, all my skin care and some makeup came with me.

Being out on the beach, staying in a motel with different water, plus a ton of humidity of course made my hair a bit unpredictable. I brought all DevaCurl since they give me such good hair days consistently and I can rely on them. Still, some hair days were better than others. I also brought my Dyson Dryer but you'll read later what happened with that.
Every time I washed, this is what I used:
  • Cleanser: No-Poo Decadence
  • Conditioner: Heaven In Hair and I always left it in
  • Stylers (wet): Arc Angel Gel, MirrorCurls, Flexible Hold HairSpray
I applied them the same was I've been applying with my hair flipped upside down. It was not until after vacation though that I realized how beneficial extra scrunching is.

I also brought the following products that I would mix, match and use accordingly on dry and days old hair. I repeat- I didn't use everything at once!
  • Mist-er Right: an amazing refresher spray for days old hair
  • One Condition: yes it is a conditioner, but sometimes I use it mixed with Mist-er Right for added moisture!
  • B'Leave In: incredible to plump curls and strengthen with protein or wet or dry hair
  • Supercream: helps de-pouf, add moisture and fight frizz
  • Beautiful Mess: not pictured because when I snapped that pic, I left it at the sink by accident. This is my favorite pomade. Really helps tremendously with frizz and pouf in super humid climates. It doesn't feel sticky. 
I also applied Heaven In Hair while at the beach and waterpark to protect my hair from salt water and chlorine. I want my hair to be super healthy, so it is important to protect it!

If you're wondering why I didn't bring the new masks, it is because I went away the week before they came out! ;)

Makeup wise, I kind of- sort of went minimal. I knew I wasn't going to bother with any super detailed eyeshadows and liners, and I brought along products I can use with my fingers and apply fast. I only brought a brush for foundation and powder. Here is all the makeup I brought:

 Primer: Wander Beauty Rise and Prime Primer and Balm
I love the primer since anything I wear over it stays on all day and it also helps keep my skin a bit matte. I use the balm side every night on my lips and undereyes.

Concealer: Wander Beauty Dualist Concealer in shade Fair
 Excellent coverage with skin care ingredients inside! During the day I would just wear this and the powder without foundation sometimes.

UnderEyes: Westmore Beauty 60 Second Eye Effects Firming Gel
 I hate my undereye area. Under the concealer, I also used this because it makes lines lessen and firm.

Foundation: It Cosmetics CC Cream in Light and Doll 10 HydraGel Foundation in Light
I LOVE mixing these two together!!! The It CC Cream in Light alone is too dark for me, but mixing the Doll 10 foundation makes the color work better and also helps the too dewy finish of the It CC Cream. I love that the It CC Cream has SPF 50! The combo gives me such full coverage, but my skin still looks like skin.

Powder/Finisher: It Cosmetics Celebration Foundation SPF in Light and Mally Beauty Face Defender
I specifically brought this powder since it has SPF and we were outside so much. It helps mattify my skin and gives a little extra coverage. (Check my blog later this week for a detailed post on this because QVC will have an incredible deal on this powder!)

At night or if my skin was being extra shiny I would use the Mally Beauty Face Defender over it. I've learned that the Mally Beauty Face Defender over other finishing powders does super well in pictures. The key is not to use a lot at all!

Brightener: Mally Beauty Perfect Prep Hydrating Under Eye Brightener
I like taking the smallest amount of this and using it over concealer and my laugh lines to diffuse and brighten my face more.
Blush: Wander Beauty On-The-Glow Blush and Illuminator in Soft Pink/Nude Glow
The color is pink perfection and I can use my fingers to blend quickly and effortlessly. Some days I used the glow side in place of shadow on my eyelids.

Contour: Tarte Cosmetics The Sculptor Contour Stick
This stick makes contouring so easy. I blended with my fingers.

Mascara: Laura Geller Lash Boss Mascara
This mascara doesn't flake or smudge or bother my sensitive eyes, wears all day and makes my lashes look so long. I love the unique brush.

Liner: Wander Beauty Slide Gel Eyeliner in  Black Sand
I use this to line my upper waterline every day. Super pigmented, buttery glides on easy and stays put!

Eyeshadows: Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette Volume III
Shadow primer is built in the formula, they're long wearing and the colors actually work best for me when I use my fingers! Super easy and quick to use and I can even use my finger for a crease color and they blend wonderfully.

Brows: Doll 10 Beauty Arch Expert in Taupe
Super duper quick to use and lasts all day. I like that it adheres to my brows and skin.

Lipsticks: Wander Beauty Dualout Lipstick in Jet Set/Vacay and Mini Carryon in Island Hop, It Cossmetics Gloss Stain in Je Ne Sais Quoi
I love the size of the dualout lipstick and it lets me carry two colors: a bright and classic pink. Island Hop is another perfect pink that has more neon to it and matches a lot of the Lilly Pulitzer clothing I wear. Both formulas are also pretty long wearing. The It Cosmetics gloss is one of my all time favorites, like the lipstick in the same shade. The gloss is so hydrating, shiny, makes my lips look full, is the perfect pink color and the color lasts incredibly long!

Day 1
This was the first night we were there. Hanging out on the beach after dinner. This was Day 2 hair. I washed it the day before leaving.
worth every calorie. i may have gotten this every single night.

 Day 2
We went to the beach during the day and then the boardwalk at night. This was the one day I tried using the Dyson Dryer to blow dry after the beach since my hair takes hours to air dry. I didn't bring my diffuser attachment since I didn't think I needed it but I was WRONG. I also messed up by forgetting to bring heat protectant. (bad Diane!) Yes, the dryer dried my hair faster than ever, but it make my curls disappear and look a bit frizzy. Live and learn.

On the Beach During the Day:

 Dinner and Boardwalk time again:

Day 3
We went to Cape May, which is a town over, for a Dolphin Watch Sunset Cruise! We walked around the town and beach before hand. The cruise was absolutely breathtaking and I loved every second. I wound up rewashing my hair that morning since I didn't like the results from the day before. Boardwalk fun at night.

this light bulb drink was delicious
Day 4
This was actually supposed to be another lay on the beach day, but dear Tommie got sunburn at the beach on day 2 and couldn't be in direct sun. Poor thing. I made him re-apply a lot but we both don't think he used enough. Not to waste the day and being the best fiance ever, he went onto Groupon and got tickets for another Dolphin watch that took off from Wildwood for the afternoon! We saw even more dolphins than the day before and had a great time.  We went on the boardwalk again at night, and had a fun beach photoshoot. 2 days of boat riding, I wound up being a bit heavy handed with DevaCurl hairspray and Beautiful Mess Pomade before the photoshoot. That's why my hair looks a bit producty.

Day 5
We finally got to go to the Beachside waterparks! They were so much fun. I love slides and the lazy river. Since I didn't want to ruin my phone and get it wet, we didn't really take pictures there. We hung out again on the boardwalk that night. I just never get sick of the boardwalk, restaurants, games and fun!
hair is soaking wet from the waterpark

chipstix: spiral potato on a stick. a must have.

 Vacation was so fun and the best part was having so much time with Tommie. He works two jobs and very long hours, so I don't get to see him as much as I would like during the week and he even works Saturdays. I can't wait to marry this guy next year. I really don't know how I got so lucky to score me such a good man!!!

All my dresses and most of my clothes were from Lilly Pulitzer. They don't sponsor or pay me or even know I exist to wear their stuff. I just really love the bright patterns! Yes they are pricier, so I always buy on sale and in resale groups. ;)

Also, I was not endorsed or sponsored or received money from any of the hair and makeup brands mentioned. Man, I wish I knew how some bloggers actually make money! ha! I may have gotten some items for review consideration at some point, but I only talk about what I like and really use!

 I hope you liked this blog recap!

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<3 Diane

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  1. The best hair care tip I learned was putting heaven in hair to protect your hair when going to the beach!


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