2 Wash Days Hair of the Days Because A Gel Failed Me

I had a plan to wash my hair Saturday to get good Day 2 hair for Sunday when I was going on. I slipped up and decided to use a different gel than I've been using on Saturday's wash and it led me to rewashing Sunday morning. Grrr. Read on for the details!


I really should have known better than to try out a gel I'm not too familiar with when I wanted guaranteed good day 2 hair. Really, what was I thinking?? To make matters worse, this was actually a gel I tried and wasn't crazy about before. My theory was I didn't like it in the Winter, but maybe Summer it would be okay. 

So what is this gel? The CURLS Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly.

I've been REALLY liking the rest of the CURLS Blueberry Bliss line. Both the other products I've used and also the newer ones I have been testing out and will have a blog review up soon. I saw a bunch of videos and blogs from my curly friends also who have used this products and got great results with it. So what am I doing wrong!?!? I was careful not to be heavy handed and used cleanser, conditioner and other stylers I've been using. Not every product is going to work for every single head of hair, and not every product in a line even will be super amazing. This is proof for me. I do like the jelly on second or third day hair a bit better, so that is how I will use up the bottle.

Before even saying anything to him, Tommie even commented on how my hair doesn't look as good as it has been. (honesty in relationships are important, people) We both agreed that definition was there, but my hair looked greasy yet frizzy. Certainly not my best hair day, but this is my journey. It is about trial and error.  I DON'T HAVE PERFECT HAIR DAYS 365 DAYS A YEAR. That's okay. I'm human.

Here is what I used:
  • Cleanser: DevaCurl No Poo Decadence
  • Conditioner: Inahsi Naturals Mango Hemp Restorative Hair Masque
  • Stylers (wet): CURLS Blueberry and Coconut Milk, Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray, Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Jelly, CUrls BlueBerry Oil
  • Stylers (dry): Curls Blueberry Bliss Curls Control Paste

I applied the stylers to soaking wet hair one by one, scrunching them in with my hair flipped upside down in the shower.  After applying all the products, I scrunched a ton again. I wrapped my hair in my Curl Ease towel while doing all my skin care stuff, removed the towel, then applied a little more Curl Control Jelly and Blueberry Oil mixed together and scrunched a whole lot more. I then air

Once my hair was completely dry, I used the smallest amount of CURLS Blueberry Bliss Control Paste all over.  I was hoping it would help with frizz, but I think this on top of the jelly only made matters worse.

Day 1
I was so mad at myself for having to wake up extra early to wash my hair again. I'm NOT a morning person. Getting out of bed for me is difficult. We were going to Point Pleasant with friends so I wanted my hair to look good. I knew it would take hours to air dry but I was okay with it.

I used some favorites and holy grails to guarantee a good hair day. I didn't bother cleansing again because my hair was pretty clean for the most part. I just let the water run through my hair for a few minutes and massaged my scalp with the pads of my fingers.

This is what I used:
  • DevaCurl Heaven In Hair (left in), B'Leave In, Arc Angel, CURLS Blueberry Bliss Oil.

I applied products with my head upright, applying each to small sections, raking them through and scrunching the way I used to style. I don't know what made me decided to attempt to style my hair different than I've been. That was silly of me yet again. I definitely like how my hair looks, especially my roots, when I completely style with my hair upside down.

It was very windy on the boardwalk, as you can see!

I got Hawaiian shaved ice for the first time ever on this boardwalk and wow it is amazing!!!! Tommie and I want to go back just go get more. I loved it!

Day 2
My Day 2 hair came out pretty well, at least I think so. It looked good in the house but for whatever reason once I went outside, it didn't look quite as good. I think in the outside pictures you can especially see how messed up my hairline front pieces are, especially the one side with the frizz.
Here is what I used:
  • CURLS Aloe & Blueberry Juice Curl Moisturizer, DevaCurl SuperCream, BeKekoa Vanilla Tamanu Oil
I applied products section by section using "praying hands" method and then scrunching. Air dried.

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