A Wash with No Styling Products, At the Beach Hair Care and Pics

I really can't believe how fast Summer is flying by! I've gotten to the beach a few times, definitely not as much as I would like! While some may be looking forward to Autumn and Pumpkin everything, I refuse to let go of my favorite season until the calendar says so. So according to me we still have a good month left! I went to the beach Sunday and took some pictures and figured I'd tyalk about my favorite tips and tricks to take care of your hair while you are enjoying the sun. This post will also talk about a surprising wash day and some good news. Read on for more!

That line is exactly what it says. I washed my hair without styling products which happens next to never, and it didn't even come out super terrible!!

What happened was, the day before going to the beach was already Day 4 Hair and I had an intense cardio work out. I felt gross and wanted to cleanse. Knowing I was going to the beach and would have to wash again the next day, it just didn't pay for me to put much effort into styling or using products. 
 I cleansed using Devacurl No Poo Original. I do like the Decadence version better, but this one is also in my shower, it does work well so I figured I may as well use it. The original does a great job and cleansing and moisturizing my hair, but the Decadence gives even more moisture that my hair craves. I then used the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque. This mask works well but the smell is awful. The aroma is soo earthy and herbally for my preference but I am working on using up my stash and it was in there. Anyway, I applied it section by section and left it in. I scrunched a bunch ("Scrunch a Bunch"- can I trademark this!? I love it!) wrapped my hair in my Curl Ease towel while doing skincare stuff, took it down and went on my hair. My hair air dried and I was SHOCKED at the results.

Yes, I have some frizz. But I couldn't believe the definition and the fact that my hair didn't pouf out wider than it did! This shows me my hair really is getting healthier :) I also didn't step outside in the humidity so that of course plays a factor as well.

I wish I took more pictures. Something else about these pictures are they are the first ones I used with my new ring light!!!! My dear mom decided to get a ring light for me thinking it will help my blogging and such so we will see how it goes. I can't believe I waited so long to get one because it is fantastic and makes my pictures look so much better!

I dream that one day I may live somewhere where beach season lasts more than only a couple of months. I feel so happy near the ocean. The water is my element.

Every time I go to the beach having fun is of course priority #1, but I still need to care for my skin and hair. I apply SPF 70 on my face and body every hour and a half because I get paranoid if I wait the full 2 hours I may burn. I'm so fair I must be cautious. I also sit under an umbrella and big floppy hat. I take the hat off for pictures but that's about it.

The morning before going to the beach I apply a deep conditioner in my hair. I'll reapply the conditioner each time after I swim in the ocean. The salt water is very drying, especially since the ends of my hair are still damaged. I also finger detangle after swimming. When my hair is a lot longer, I sometimes will do two pigtail braids to protect it from extra tangles but the length it is now, that isn't so bad.
Going through my stash, I decided to bring Carol's Daughter Mirabelle Plum Mask with me. This is a nice mask, but it does contain some silicones so I will not be purchasing it once I use it up. The mask is designed for weak, thinning and fragile hair. It did leave my hair soft but I really like and see a difference using all Curly Girl friendly products so I don't wish to continue using silicones. I did use quite a bit of it since I went into the ocean quite frequently. If I wasn't going home and washing the mask out right after, I would have have used it at all.

It is good to use a conditioner or mask while at the beach because the heat on the sun gives a nice intense treatment that can even reach down to the cuticle layer. Without it or UV protection, the sun can actually fry and burn the hair the same way it does our skin!!

No matter what I MUST wash my hair after the beach, even if the water and air left my hair looking nice. I always like the extra texture beach days give to my hair which is why I take advantage with extra pictures. ;) I just don't think it is a good idea to let sand, sweat, and salt water sit in your hair and on your scalp longer than necessary at all. I used DevaCurl No Poo Decadence and then followed up with Heaven In Hair and left it in. I should have taken pictures again but I fell asleep!

Here is a play photoshoot my lovely fiance took for me pretending to be a mermaid and enjoying the beach. I got this new swimsuit recently. It was half off on Venus.com and I love the colors in the tie dye!

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