Hair of the Day 1, 2, 3: DevaCurl Delight Low Poo with Deep Sea Repair

Over the weekend I decided to see what would happen if I mixed up my cleanser while using Devacurl's new Deep Sea Repair mask. Were my results better or worse than they've been? Read on for more.

 For those asking, yes I will be incorporating other brands back into my hair care regimen soon-ish. I already have a little this week using the Briogeo Heat Protectant Cream when I was in my poor to protect my strands from harsh UV rays. But Devacurl is one of my favorite brands and their products are giving me great results, plus I am enjoying learning and experimenting in detail with the new masks. If I sdid have to only use one hair brand for the rest of my life, I'd be quite happy using all Devacurl though, especially now that they've added a protein treatment!

Here is what I used:
  • Cleanser: Low Poo Delight
  • Conditioner: Deep Sea Repair mask for 20 minutes, One Condition Original applied on top for additional 5 minutes. (not in picture)
  • Stylers: Heaven in Hair (as leave in), SuperCream, Arc Angel Gel, Mirror Curls
I applied the products on wet hair the same way I've been doing the past few hair of the day blogs. (Link with those at bottom of this.)

So for this wash day, I decided to slightly mix things up a bit and used Devacurl Low Poo Delight instead of No Poo Decadence. I like that Low Poo Delight lathers a little bit . My hair felt clean, but not stripped. I do think though, since my hair is oh so dry, it prefers the No Poo Original and No Poo Decadence better. I like to add in the Delight when I want a wee bit more cleansing, but it isn't quite time to use BuildUp Buster again. I also realized I forgot to bring my new can of the Flexible Hold Hairspray into the bathroom and didn't apply it to wet hair as I've been doing the past few washes.

I like how my hair came out, but there was slight frizz, especially in the back and a little bit on my hairline ends. I think I really just need to trim the front hairline pieces again. I think the forgetting the hairspray can be why my hair was slightly more frizzy, but I don't think it looks bad? I also noticed, and you can definitely see in the side pictures, that one side of my hair is curlier than the other! I always knew the front was curlier than the back, but the even sides is frustrating. It could be because I think I sleep on one side more, but I've been pineappling my hair at night. So odd.

here is what I used:
  • Devacurl Mister Right, Supercream, Flexible Hold Hairspray

I applied these products standing upright in small sections for a total of seven sections. I used "praying hands motion" to get the products down my hair one by one and then scrunched.

The pictures in the bedroom were taken before the products fully set and dried in my hair, you can see it is a little less poufy (I kind of like it) Sunday was busy- My fiance and I went to the zoo and then to the pier. It was such a great day all around. I was happy with how well my hair stayed with the humidity and being out in the sun all day. There was some frizz, but nothing terrible for this time of year!

Day 3 was another glorious beach day! I put some more Heaven In Hair through my hair before going to the beach to let the sun soak it in. This picture was after I got half my hair wet from the ocean. There were more dolphins at the beach than I've ever seen in New Jersey!!!! I have a video of them swimming on my instagram (@Dianemary126) It was absolutely amazing!

My other posts with Devacurl's new masks:

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(should this become a regular thing?? Because for every decent picture, there are way more fails)

I've been thinking more and more how much I would love to attempt modeling for real again and such. I really have a fun time posing and getting everything together. I wouldn't even know where to begin at this point! I tried years ago (like well over a decade) but the industry was so different back then and everywhere I went I was told I was too short (I'm 5'4") and too fat (I was heavier than I am now, and I know I'm still not "model thin" though, but I feel like the industry changed a bit.

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