Hair of the Day x2 Washes: Melt Into Moisture as Leave In, Diffusing, Frizz, Messy Bun, More

This "Hair of the Day" blog post is about two different wash days, diffusing, unwanted frizz and so much more. I tried DevaCurl's new Melt Into Moisture mask as a leave in conditioner! How did it do? Continue reading for more.

This is how I applied the products on wet hair for both washes in this post:

Once I turn water off, while still in the shower on soaking wet hair flipped over I applied each styling product one by one and scrunched them in. After applying all the products, I scrunched a ton again. I wrapped my hair in my Curl Ease towel while doing all my skin care stuff, removed the towel, then applied a little more ArcAngel and MirrorCurls mixed together and scrunched a whole lot more. Once I was just about done styling wet, I used Deva clips at certain points on my hairline that curl weird and then I used some Flexible-Hold Hairspray all over with my head upright. I air dried.

DAY 1  
 here is what I used:
  • Cleanser: DevaCurl No Poo Decadence
  • Conditioner: Deep Sea Repair Mask, heat applied for 5 minutes. One Condition Original applied on top. The combo was left in about a half hour.
  • Stylers: DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture Mask (as a leave in), ArcAngel, Mirror Curls, Flexible-Hold Hairspray.

I have been saying since I first got the Melt Into Moisture mask that I wanted to use it as a leave-in. I've been using DevaCurl's Heaven In Hair treatment mask as a leave in a lot lately, and my strands drink it up. Melt Into Moisture is even more rich and emollient than Heaven in Hair. It definitely has the potential to weigh hair down if your hair gets weighed down easily, or if you use too much. That being said, I LOVE it as a leave in! If your hair is truly drier than dry like mine is, your hair would probably enjoy this too. I decided to skip the SuperCream I've been using on wet hair lately this wash because I thought that with the Melt Into Moisture, it may be too much. I kept everything else the same so I can truly attribute the extra bounciness and definition to leaving Melt Into Moisture in my hair!

DAY 2 
I'll apologize now for two things with day 2: It was dark and rainy so lighting isn't the best, and since I was feeling pretty off, I'm makeup free except for some tinted lip balm. I always feel bad when my face is not made up for blog posts. Anyway...
 My day 2 curl definition held up so well for the most part. These pictures were taken after I forced myself to work out (not smart when you don't feel great. don't do this.) and also taken after I took a nap. To refresh, I used a Carol's Daughter Monoi Dry Shampoo I found in my stash on my scalp that smells amazing, then  DevaCurl Mister Right and a curl cream I am currently testing (sorry I can't say the brand or know, legal stuff) all on my lengths. I applied in smaller sections using "praying hands method" then scrunching.

My hair felt so soft, but as you can kind of see, my hairline and ends did look a little frizzy. There were fail pictures where the hairline looked worse than what you see here. If I was actually going anywhere, I would have used a pomade to further help conceal the frizz and hold but since I was just trying to feel better, I didn't really bother.

DAY 3 
I still don't feel great (I think being depressed about not finding a new career quickly is actually impacting my health, which is terrible. So if you work in the beauty industry in NYC and can help, please message me) so I kind of just clipped my hair back to get it off my face. It still feels soft, and most of it is still defined, except my hairline and there is a little bit of frizz. I actually wound up putting a little bit of Briogeo's Rosarco Oil in my hair before bed on Day 2 to help with that hairliner frizz and treat my strands a bit.

This was from late last week. I never blogged about this wash but I did put the pictures on Instagram (please follow @dianemary126 if you are not already)

I used almost all the same things as I mentioned above, except I used DevaCurl Heaven In Hair as my leave in and Melt Into Moisture as a conditioner I rinsed out after an hour.
Additionally, I was short on time for something I needed to look good for so I had to diffuse. I don't love diffusing my hair, but there are days I don't have the hours on end to air dry. I used Briogeo's Rosarco Blow Dry Perfection Heat Protectant Creme and the DevaCurl dryer and diffuser. Yes I recently got the Dyson Dryer, but I know the Deva one works well for me so I didn't want to risk testing newness on this day.

I would have taken more pictures, but again I was short on time. I feel like diffusing made my frizzy hairline that I have not shut up about recently just look bleh again. But the rest of my hair came out defined, shiny and frizz free! I REALLY think I need to get that hairline trimmed. My last cut was early June and I feel like two months is so soon to need a trim again, so I've kind of been dabbing at it with my scissors until I decide to return to LaToya at the Devachan Salon. I'm hoping I can go in September sometime.

This was actually off day 4 from last week. I usually put my hair back in a messy bun on the top of my head and it doesn't look super great, but it serves its purpose keeping my hair out of the way. For whatever reason, this day I tied my invisibobble slightly lower and I really like how it came out! This was on the first try too, not the 70th! I'm hoping I can get it to come out this decent again next time I try.

 Photo Fail of the Blog

Why was I this excited???

 Look who was coming down the steps to play! :)

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<3 Diane 


  1. I've started to create my own refresh spray using distilled water, a blob of Deva Decadence conditioner and a blob of Deva Arc Angel Gel (medium sized spray bottle from Dollar Tree). I hair liked it (day 2 hair, humid day).

  2. I think it's a great idea to use heaven in hair as a leave in. I've always been so nervous to because a lot of people say deep conditioners are supposed to be washed out or else. I will def give it a try


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