Mally Beauty Perfected 7-Piece Collection

A couple weeks ago, there was a Mally Beauty deal on QVC2 that was pretty much a Today's Special Value with a different name as far as value is concerned. QVC2 refers to their TSVs as "Big Deal" for the day. Anyway, I couldn't pass the kit up, especially since I've been wanting to try the included foundation for a while and for dollars more, I got more makeup to play with! Read on for more.

The kit is still available on here at time of writing this blog post and is just a little bit more money than what I paid for the "Big Deal." It is still an incredible value.

"Perfect your look with this collection of high-performance Mally products! The Beauty Perfected Collection was created to celebrate a woman's unique beauty through a carefully curated selection of products. Perfect Prep Hydrating Primer helps moisturize skin and improve the look of dry, fine lines while giving skin a smooth, fresh appearance. Complexion Perfection Soft Focus Foundation is a lightweight liquid foundation that delivers full coverage for a seriously smooth, natural-looking complexion that lasts.

The collection also includes Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra in a gorgeous Precious Gold shade, Evercolor Gel Waterproof Liner in Graphite, More is More Mascara to make your eyes pop, and Bounce Back Blush in a beautiful Peony Peach shade to give you that lit-from-within glow."

  • Perfect Prep Hydrating Primer
  • Complexion Perfection Soft Focus Foundation (choice of shade)
  • Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra in Precious Gold
  • Evercolor Gel Waterproof Liner in Graphite
  • More is More Mascara
  • Bounce Back Blush in Peony Peach
  • Blush brush 

Perfect Prep Hydrating Primer
I was hesitant about this primer since it says hydrating and my skin is combination, shine prone and I like mattifying primers. Much to my delight, this worked out a lot better for me than expected! It did hydrate my skin without causing me to break out, primed my skin for foundation and I felt my foundation stayed fresh and looked nice on top of it all day. Plus, I love the fact it is in a pump!

Complexion Perfection Soft Focus Foundation
I have been wanting this foundation since it first debuted on QVC a few months ago, but being out of work at the moment (ugh!!!) I couldn't justify purchasing it by itself. This was the reason behind me getting this kit. I went with the shade LIGHT and it is a perfect match! I'm usually between shades fair and light in foundations, and I found this to be on the lighter spectrum of the shade. Again, I love that it comes in a pump! This may be my favorite foundation Mally has ever made, and I've been using her brand for years!! It's easy to apply, buildable medium to full coverage and has a nice, demi-matte finish. If I wanted to, I can even skip concealer which is huge for me and my dark, dark, dark circles! Because I am shine prone, I still go in with powder or her Face Defender on top, but for those with drier skin, you may not even need the extra step! When worn over the primer from the kit, it lasted all day for me, even in humidity it stayed fresh and did not oxidize. It also has a nice chocolatey-ish scent to it!

Evercolor Shadow Stick Extra in Precious Gold
I love Mally's shadow sticks. They are easy to use, so pretty, and last on me for hours. The gold color of this shadow stick is so pretty. Not a color I would have went out to buy by itself, but since it was in the kit I tried and and liked it. I actually found this new formula of the shadow stick stays on my eyelids better without an additional primer than with one. However while I am being honest, I still prefer the original shadow stick formula in the white component. Though this one did last on me almost all day, the old formula lasted even longer for whatever reason.

Evercolor Gel Waterproof Liner in Graphite
Graphite is a pretty, black shade. It is very pigmented and glides on effortlessly. I haven't tried it on my eyelid, but it lasted on my upper waterline without smudging or bothering my sensitive eyes.

More is More Mascara
This is one of my favorite mascaras EVER. Like the liner, it lasts all day and doesn't smudge, flake or bother my sensitive eyes. My lashes are so blonde and this helps define and elongate them without clumping, even when I use multiple "coats."

Bounce Back Blush in Peony Peach
The texture of this blush is so cool! I have it in another color from a prior QVC kit. It's bouncy and reminds me of good old silly putty. The color is a gorgeous light pinkish peach that I feel compliments my skin tone. I also used it on my lips for the pictures before since the one thing this kit did not have is a good lippie! I actually prefer to use my fingers with this blush- I find it to be easier for me to apply that way. It did last for a few hours, but not all day wear as my cheeks ate the color, which they often do with cream blushes, after quite a while.

Blush brush
This brush is soft and I didn't have any shedding issues. I like it better for applying powder, but it does also work nicely with blushes too.

No Makeup

Eyes, Primer and Foundation only!

Everything above + blush on cheeks and lips from kit and also (not included) contour, Mally Beauty H3 Concealer in light under eyes, Mally Face Defender
all from the kit excite brow-bone shade and eyebrow pencil

Overall, I think this kit is a great value and an excellent buy if you are new to Mally Beauty or just a huge fan of the brand!
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disclaimer: product purchased by me. Not endorsed or sponsored. No monetary compensation received. All thoughts are my own, honest opinions, as always.

<3 Diane

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