My Favorite Multi Purpose Balms

 I love multi-purpose balms and oils. They're great to have in my bag or on my nightstand to help solve a multitude of problems easy and effortlessy. I am rather picky with ingredients, so I look for products infused with good stuff like essential oils and without junk like petroleum or mineral oil. Read on for my current favorites.

The possibility with products like these are endless. My favorite ways to use them are on the ends of my hair if they are looking dry throughout the day, as a hand and cuticle cream, as a lip balm, and even as a brow pomade. I'll also put them on my elbows and knees and undereye area at night if they are feeling particularly dry.

Josie Maran Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil
This one here is the supersize I bough from QVC months ago when it was a "One Day Only" special. It was a nice, light citrus scent and medium thickness in consistency. I adore Josie Maran's pure argan oil and this form makes it easier to carry with me. Aside from Argan Oil, it has several other oils inside such as Avocado and Coconut, as well as Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and more. It spreads out quite thin and absorbs at a good rate- not super fast, but also not slow.  I reach for this constantly for so many different reasons. On vacations, I even used this isn't of my pure argan oil on my face and it did not cause me to break out, and left my skin so soft.

Farmacy Honey Savior All-In-One Skin Repair Salve
This brand is newer to me but the few products I have tried by them have impressed me. I picked this up at Sephora a while ago after using the tester on my hands and was immediately impressed.It is such a great buy. I love the scent of honey and this has a very light honey fragrance.This salve contains "amino acid-rich royal jelly and propolis which acts as a natural antiseptic and soothing agent and patent-protected Echinacea GreenEnvy™ honey which has a high concentration of the phytochemical cichoric acid to heighten the purifying, hydrating benefits of this golden ingredient." (-from It is pretty thick and a tad hard to squeeze out of the tube. Other than that, this salve is AWESOME! It absorbs and leaves my hands feeling so soft. Since honey is so good for dry hair like mine, this is the one I reach for the most for my ends. I imagine this would be incredible for helping burns speed up faster also.

 Delectable The Everything Balm
 This wound up in my Ulta cart during a sale a little while ago. I liked how cute it was, the pump and it is conveniently sized to live in my purse. Sadly, the pump doesn't work and I have to twist it off completely to get the product out. But the product itself is really nice. It has a unique scent to it- a mix of gourmand sweet and fruity. I like the scent a lot. This balm is full of several different oils including coconut, castor and sunflower to name a few. The company claims it can do 21 different things! I mainly use it on my hands and cuticles, but one time I used it to remove makeup in a pinch and it worked wonderfully for that, too!

Those are my favorite balm products. They are also all cruelty free and with all three, I find a little bit goes such a long way.

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disclaimer: all products purchased by me. not endorsed or sponsored. no monetary compensation received. all thoughts are my own, honest opinions, as always.

<3 Diane

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