Aphogee Protein Treatment, Hair of the Days 1-3 All Down

I decided to do the Aphogee 2 Step Protein Treatment this week to see if it would help my frustrating hairline front pieces. Paired with some favorite products from DevaCurl, Briogeo, Curls and more, I wound up with three days of wearing my hair down, even through working out. Read on for more details.

I haven't done the Aphogee 2 Step Protein Treatment in quite some time. I picked up a bottle at Harmon's a few weeks ago. I know I need a trim, and I'm going September 12. But I thought perhaps in the interim this would help the excess frizz and shedding. Last time I had this was a good two years ago. I encourage you to check my first use of this stuff HERE to get more info on it also see JUST HOW FAR MY HAIR HAS COME. Holy smokes.

Aphogee does sell their own conditioner to use with the protein. And you MUST use a conditioner after the protein. But I like using a Curly Girl friendly masque much better. You also must use heat with this protein treatment and be careful not to manipulate your hair as it dries. Again, I covered all this in the blog post I linked above, so be sure to check that out.

Two things you must know about the Aphogee Treatment:
1) It is the WORST smelling hair product ever. It smells like rotten eggs. But the smell does not linger.
2) It is kind of messy to use. As careful as I am, my neck and arms get so sticky when I use this.

That being said, the stickiness washes off easily and the results make it still worth using, in my opinion.

Because this is a heavy protein treatment, you do not want to use it too often at all. The bottle says every 6 weeks, so I wouldn't do it more than that. If you feel your hair is in decent shape you can always use it less often.


Here is everything I used:
  • Cleanser: DevaCurl Low-Poo Delight
  • Conditioner: Aphoee 2 Step Protein Treatment- protein only with heat. Rinsed completely. Followed up with DevaCurl Heaven In Hair, left in a half hour and then rinsed out.
  • Stylers (wet): Curls Blueberry and Coconut Milk, DevaCurl B'Leave In, ArcAngel, Briogeo Rosarco Oil
  • Stylers (dry): DevaCurl Mirror Curls Serum

I applied the stylers to soaking wet hair one by one, scrunching them in with my hair flipped upside down in the shower.  After applying all the products, I scrunched a ton again. I wrapped my hair in my Curl Ease towel while doing all my skin care stuff, removed the towel, then applied a little more ArcAngel and Rosarco Oil mixed together and scrunched a whole lot more. I then air

Once my hair was completely dry, I used the smallest amount of DevaCurl MirrorCurls Shine Serum all over.

My hair was pretty defined and frizz was kept to a minimal. I still need a trim, my ends feel like hay.  I think the need of trim is effecting the overall bounciness a little bit. I also need to practice using clips to lift my roots. They were being extra flat and bothering me a bit. I think a wee bit of volume is starting to grow on me. I never thought I would say that.

This day flew by. I nearly forgot to take any pictures at all so I'm lucky I have these. This hair survived a work out. Minimal frizz and still nice definition after reviving.
Here is what I used:
  • Briogeo Scalp Revival Dry Shampoo, DevaCurl Set It Free, Wave Maker, Curls Blueberry Bliss Oil
I applied products in small sections using "praying hands" method and then scrunching. I think it was  in a DevaCurl newsletter I got the idea to combine Set It Free and Wave Maker for second day hair. What a great idea! I like the hold and texture the Wave Maker added to it. Set It Free I used as a refresher spray, it's a bit more moisturizing than say Mister Right or something with water like consistency so if you hair gets weighed down super easy be careful with using it as so.

 My hair survived another work out. It's funny, as the days go on, especially with exercising, my hair goes from curlier to elongated and wavier. The variety is kind of fun, and I do cherish the length of the wavier days.
Here is what I used:
  • Briogeo Scalp Revival Dry Shampoo, DevaCurl Mister Right, SuperCream, Be Kekoa Tamanu Oil
 Products were applied similarly to day 2. Obviously, this is day 3 that survived work outs. It is not the best hair day ever. I think you can see the drier parts of my hairline with it. But it is important for me to document so we can see how my day 3s improve as time goes on and on.
trying out a new pose. it does wonders for my waist omg

Not sure what I was looking at (probably a bug flying by) but check out the nice definition of my underlayer curls!

I haven't decided if I am washing my hair Saturday or Sunday yet. If I don't wash tomorrow, it will be half up or messy bun.

By the way, in case you missed it- I've returned to YouTube! It's been a slow process and I'm still ironing out a few kinks (like lighting) but would love for you to check out my channel and please subscribe! I am planning on having lots of great curly content on there soon! http://www.youtube.com/curlywavydiane

 I hope everyone has a Happy Labor Day! In honor of the holiday (and celebrating my daddy's birthday),I won't have a blog up this Monday. Thanks so much for understanding!

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