Doll 10 Beauty HydraLux Foundation Shade Info, Launch Party Recap

 Tuesday night I went to the Launch Party for Doll 10 Beauty's new HydraLux Smoothing Foundation! Aside from having so much fun (of course), I learned even more about this incredible foundation and wanted to share! Also, if you want to win some Doll 10 goodies for yourself, you definitely want to read on!

for my before and after...
If you missed my initial blog post on the HydraLux Smoothing Foundation, be sure to read it HERE for lots of info, my before and after and more.

The Launch Party was so much fun! I felt so honored to be included and asked to go to this event. It was wonderful to finally meet Doris, Caitlin and the whole Doll 10 team in person after talking to them and watching Doris on QVC for years. The whole team are some of the sweetest people you will ever meet!

 HydraLux Foundation is of course the star of the show! Everyone who was wearing this looked absolutely flawless!

Here is some additional information I learned about the foundation:

  • DON'T WEAR IT WITH PRIMER! I know you probably think I'm crazy for saying that. But hear me out!!! I accidentally wore it without primer and it was absolutely fine and lasted all day with my combo, shine prone skin. Turns out, the foundation works better without it! Because HydraLux is infused with so many skin care active ingredients, including a special muscle relaxing peptide, not wearing a primer with it helps the actives inside penetrate better into your skin. Putting a primer underneath actually creates a barrier-like effect so not as much skincare goodness can be absorbed!
  • It wears better as the day goes on. HydraLux looks great once applied. It melts into the skin. But as the day goes on and the active ingredients (see specifics about them in my last post I linked above) get to work, your skin starts looking better and better.
  •  I said this last post but it is worth repeating. Not only does the foundation give instant results of a smooth, full coverage complexion, but over time your skin will get better and better with wearing it.

Also. We talked to Doris and her Product Developer, Jen, about the shade range, color selection and undertones. It is best to hear this information straight from them, so I recorded it. Please note this is recorded on my old iPhhone that is barely hanging on by a thread and I am not the best camera-woman out there. But I tried:

this youtube video is unlisted so you can only view it with the link or on my blog.

Here is a picture from Jessica Hayman from QVC Addicts with shade swatches.
Again, this is her picture- 100% credit goes to her for it so please don't steal or take it without giving proper credit!

Here are some more pictures from the event! The candy bar and desserts were absolutely gorgeous! I took dessert home and my parents devoured them (I am trying to avoid cake since I'm getting married next year) I did however make myself a small little candy bag with some of these beautiful pink candies! I also met some other sweet bloggers and Jessica, the creator of the QVC Addicts Group who I've talked to online for years as well!

 I've been wearing HydraLux every day this week so far. I can't get over how smooth and airbrushed it leaves my face! I also have on Doll 10 HydraBalm Concealer in LIGHT and set with the CC Powder in these pictures. Photos taken near window using natural light (aka the sun) with no flash, filters, edits, etc.

 HydraLux Foundation is currently sold out at the moment  on
BUT It will be launching on QVC this Friday night at 11pm in Shawn's Beauty Bag so be sure to tune in to see the full presentation!!

Want to win HydraLux Smoothing Foundation in your own shade, plus the brush to go with it and a super gorgeous train case!?
I thought so! There are several ways you can enter below. Giveaway runs until Friday September 15th. Winner will be notified Monday, September 18th. USA only.


The train case is super cute and roomy with a pull out tray and large area undernear with side pockets. It also has a small mirror on the inside top.

 disclaimer: product sent to me for review consideration. not endorsed or sponsored. no monetary compensation received. all thoughts are my own, honest opinions as always. 


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