Doll 10 Beauty HydraLux Smoothing Foundation

Doll 10 Beauty is launching a brand new, innovative foundation this week!!!! I was fortunate enough to get my hands on it early so I have been wearing it and testing it out for a review. My mind is blown. MY MIND IS BLOWN. I simply can't get over how fantastic this stuff is. Read on to hear my thoughts and see my before and after with the HydraLux Smoothing Foundation!

The HydraLux Smoothing Foundation launches on today, Tuesday September 5 and will debut on QVC this Friday, September 8th at 11pm during Shawn's Beauty Bag!

Here is some information from the brand:

 I was sent the shades LIGHT and LIGHT-MEDIUM. LIGHT is definitely more of a match for my skin, but right now since we are still in Summer, I've been mixing the two and it isn't too dark.
Shades available are Fair, Light, Light-Medium, Medium, Tan and Deep.
light, light-medium no flash
light, light-medium flash

The packaging is extraordinary. The component looks so elegant, as Doll 10 components always do. I LOVE that this is in an air tight pump. It makes it easy to use with minimal mess.

The brush designed for this foundation is a flat rounded top foundation brush. It is soft and anything. I like painting the foundation on my face, and the formula glides so easy and sinks right in.
 This foundation is super innovative and a first of it's kind. "HydraLux gives instant and long term results thanks to a unique hexapeptide which instantly relaxes the muscle to reduce the appearance of fine lines, smoothes the skin and makes the skin smoother throughout the day" according to Ms. Doris Dalton, the creative genius behind Doll 10.

I'm in my early 30s (i cringe every time I type that). My wrinkles are not super deep, but I do have crows feet, parenthesis lines from constantly drinking out of straws and a line under each eyeball that drives me crazy. I'm all for fillers and anything that can make a person feel better about their appearance, but I'm not quite ready to get injections just yet.  I love the idea that the muscle relaxing peptide in here can help with these concerning lines I have without getting "work done" and also the idea of it helping to "age gracefully" by infusing my skin with these awesome ingredients. (as opposed to anti-age, which is a term Allure Magazine is trying to do away with and I whole heartedly agree)

The box says you can notice wrinkle reduction in 14 days. I have not used the foundation for that long yet so I can't comment on the claim. Most skincare ingredients usually take AT LEAST 21 days to truly make a difference, so I encourage you to at least give the foundation that much time to see any wrinkle reduction results. I do notice my skin feels smooth and looks even toned when I wash up at night.

HydraLux is a serum like, runny consistency. I can't even feel it on me, it is so lightweight. The foundation melts into my skin becoming one with my face so fast. Coverage is buildable up to full. So full in fact, I can skip concealer when I add additional product underneath my eyes to cover my dark, dark, dark circles!!!! I had no issues with this creasing or settling into lines or pores. It leaves my face looking so incrtedibly smooth and doll-like. I can't get over it.

Longevity wise, this stays put on me all day long until I need to take it off- with or without primer!! I usually never skip primer but was rushing and forgot it one morning. I panicked a bit, but to my delight my foundation was still nice and fresh hours and hours later. THAT is impressive!

If you are familiar with my blog, you may know I have acne prone, shine prone, combination skin. The finish on this is very natural to me: not too dewy, but also not matte. I can't get over just how smooth and porcelain like it leaves my skin! I do prefer to set it with powder to get the matte finish I prefer and help prevent shine from creeping up later on in the day. HydraLux has not caused my skin to break out at all.
It's still too soon for me to say that this changed my skin, but I plan on wearing it daily to see what happens as time goes on and I look forward to it.

In the pictures below, my hair is still drying and setting into the styling products so I apologize it doesn't quite look the best. With time constraints, that usually happens in makeup posts.

Also, these are taken in natural light near my window with no flash or extra lighting. No photoshop or apps, etc have been used to alter these photos. I hate that I even have to say that, but sadly so many people do edit their pictures to the point of no return I have to address it.

No Face Makeup On

Only HydraLux Foundation on Complexion

 Full Face of Doll 10 Makeup
(details below)
 Other Doll 10 Makeup I am wearing:
  • HydraGel Lipstick in shade DIVA
  • CC Color Correcting Powder
  • Pro Eyeshadow Palette Volume 1: UNFORGETTABLE on brow bone, ON TREND on lid, SHOW STOPPER mixed with DOLL LIKE in crease
  • Cheek to Chic Blush & Contour Palette: PEACHY KEEN as blush, SCULPTED as contour, GLOW to set under eyes
  • Arch Expert in shade UNIVERSAL (forgot to put in this picture)

 To compare HydraLux to one of my current Holy Grail foundations, HydraGel, also by Doll 10: Both are lightweight. Both are amazing. HydraGel does have a more matte finish. As full coverage as HydraGel is, I believe HydraLux is a bit more full coverage. I'm torn between which one I like better so I am not going to pick at this time.

Also, here is the HydraLux, HydraGel and HydraBalm foundations, all by Doll 10 swiped side by side all in LIGHT for shade reference:
no flash

 Overall, Doll 10 Beauty's HydraLux Smoothing Foundation blew my mind. I absolutely am in love with this foundation.

For Part 2 with more info, including a GIVEAWAY click here.

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disclaimer: product sent to me for review consideration. not endorsed or sponsored. no monetary compensation received. all thoughts are my own, honest opinions as always. 


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