IT Cosmetics Confidence In a Cleanser Fall '17

This week's It Cosmetics Fall 2017 review is all about Confidence In a Cleanser! I'm so happy to see It's skincare options expand more and was thrilled to try this on. Continue reading for my thoughts.

Here is What It Cosmetics says about the Confidence In a Cleanser:
"Developed with plastic surgeons, Confidence in a Cleanser™ is your skin-loving cleanser and serum in one game-changing product! This breakthrough one-step skincare solution gently cleanses and moisturizes while leaving your skin feeling soft, refreshed and perfectly balanced. Ideal for all skin types and ophthalmologist-tested for your sensitive eye area, this sulfate-free and soap-free facial cleanser instantly removes all traces of makeup—even waterproof eye makeup—and improves your skin's vitality.

Featuring proprietary Anti-Aging Armour Rejuvenating Concentrate™ to help your skin appear rejuvenated and restore moisture, plus anti-aging collagen, hyaluronic acid, colloidal oatmeal and a super ceramide complex, Confidence in a Cleanser™ delivers powerful results instantly and more dramatic results over time!"

I will admit, as excited as I was over new It skincare I was also nervous. While I really enjoy the Confidence in an Eye Cream, the Confidence in a Cream (for face) AND Confidence in a Compact unfortunately both caused my acne prone skin to break out. I was scared this cleanser may have done the same thing for me but for reasons beyond my understanding that I will not question since I am happy, it doesn't! It was important for me to use this cleanser for a month before giving it a fair review since it can take up to 21 days or so to truly see what your skin does with new stuff.

So other than the check that this cleanser doesn't cause break outs, how else does it perform? Well, quite nicely in my opinion! One other thing I was a little worried about would be if it was too heavy for my combination, shine prone skin but I find it to balance out my complexion perfectly. A little goes a long way and has a nice citrusy-cream scent to it. I like to use this in the morning and at night as step one for double cleansing. Let me explain. In the morning, I'll massage it on my face for 30 seconds and then let it sit for a 2 minutes (while I brush my teeth usually) before rinsing. I figured letting it sit will help my skin absorb more of the goodness inside.

At night I will use this to remove my makeup before going in with my Clarisonic and an acne-fighting cleanser (currently using Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip) It does a great job at removing all my makeup, including stubborn eye makeup such as liner and mascara. I will say, it does cause my sensitive eyes to burn very slightly where It's Bye Bye Makeup Cleansing Balm does not when I remove makeup with it.
from the NYC Launch Event
This cleanser does a nice job at leaving my skin clean without feeling stripped or dry but I really like how soft my skin feels after rinsing. My face feels so soft and silky, plus as I am getting older I will take beneficial skincare ingredients to help me age more gracefully in everything and anything I could get them in!

Another good thing is a little goes such a long way with this. I need less than a pea to cleanse my whole face in my morning and just slightly more when eye makeup is involved!

I've read a lot online that some people question "Why spend so much money on a cleanser you rinse off so fat?" and I can respectfully understand that opinion but the difference it has left in the feeling of my skin and how little I need each time so the tube will last makes it worth it to me.
Overall, this is another winner from It's Fall released!

Stretch has more intrigued by this cleanser than anything else we unboxed :)
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