Laura Geller Correct and Conceal Palette

Recently QVC had a "One Day Only" value on a Laura Geller item I've been eyeing for quite a while. The Correct and Conceal Palette is a customizeable concealer and brightener and the deal made it practically Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Read on for my thoughts.

 I actually have a draw full of concealers, quite a few of them being from Laura Geller. She makes some fantastic concealers so I'm always excited to try her new ones. That being said, since I have super, super dark circles, I'm always ready and willing to try more concealers to see if somehow they can surpass my current favorites!

Here is some information about the product from
 "This customizable Correct & Conceal concealer from Laura Geller completely covers and camouflages the appearance of imperfections with a unique trifecta shade-matching system.

Different shades allow for custom concealing that always blends perfectly into skin. The universal peach color corrects any areas of purple, blue, or green discoloration--commonly seen in the under-eye area. The lighter concealer shade can be used to highlight specific areas, including the tops of cheekbones and any other area that's experiencing dullness or darkness. The darker concealer shade can be used to cover any dark or red spots on the face and can be blended with the lighter shade and/or universal peach shade to create your perfect color. The concealer contains antioxidants centella asiatica and white tea extract, as well as vitamin C and vitamin E.

How do I use it: Step 1--Camouflage. Lightly apply the universal peach shade to any areas with purple, blue, or green undertones, paying special attention to the under-eye area. Tap gently with ring finger to blend into skin.

Step 2--Conceal. Apply the darkest concealer shade to dark spots and imperfections. Mix with lighter shade if necessary to create your perfect, seamless color. Tap lightly with ring finger to blend.

Step 3--Correct. Apply lightest shade to areas of darkness and dullness. Focus on the top of the cheekbones or any area that needs highlighting. Tap gently with ring finger to blend."

The Correct and Conceal Palette is available in three shades. I have shade LIGHT which is the lightest of the three designed for porcelain, fair and light skin tones.

 This product is somewhat familiar to me. I believe Laura has a similar concealing product with different color stripes like this one years ago, but I feel like it was in a circle compact.

You can use each color on their own to target specific issues or blend them all together for easy breezy concealing and color correcting in one. The fourth swatch in the pictures below is all three stripes blended.
no flash

I like this concealer a lot. It does a fantastic job at hiding my dark, dark, dark circles thanks to the combination of concealer and brightening shades. The peach shade specifically helps to counteract the blue of the circles. I applied a thin layer and then went in for more and found it wore all day, didn't cause powder to cake up and covered beautifully without fading. Once in a blue, I would catch it settling in the line under my eye but when I went in and gently pat it with my finger, it was fine.

In my every day makeup application, I usually like to apply concealer after foundation. To show the coverage of the concealer, in the pictures below I only have the concealer on over a clear primer.



 Overall, I like the Laura Geller Correct and Conceal Palette. A little goes a long way and it goes a nice job and concealing and brightening my under eye area with staying power.

At time time of writing my blog post, the set is still available here for just a little bit more than the ODO.

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disclaimer: product bought by me. not endorsed or sponsored. no monetary compensation received. all thoughts are my own, honest opinions as always.



  1. Ohh I'd really love to try this! I love how thorough you are with your thoughts and reviews <3

    1. you are the sweetest! thank you so much. it is a great little palette, i definitely say give it a try :)


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