My Second DevaCut at Devachan Salon in SoHo

Earlier this week I went for my second DevaCut at Devachan Salon in SoHo with LaToya. The experience was just as wonderful as the last one, and this time I even made a video! Read on for more.

If you'd like to read about my first DevaCut which also gives details and information about the cut itself and how to prepare, that blog post is HERE.

For my first Devachan Salon experience that also includes tips from LaToya, click HERE.
My last cut was the beginning on June. Usually I do wait a little longer for my trims, but my ends were driving me nuts as you may know if you've read my recent "Hair of the Day" posts and saw me keep whining about them. I usually do need a clean up post Summertime activities after constantly being in the beach, pool and sun.

I went in with Day 2 hair this time since freshly washed hair would have NEVER dried in time for my 11am appointment. I styled my hair as usual for the cut (okay I didn't try as hard as usual, but kind of) so LaToya can see how my hair falls on a daily basis and where she needed to trim. I love that LaToya is not scissor happy and knows I am trying to grow my hair out so when I say trim, I get trim, not half my hair on the floor! Us curly girls and guys have haircut fear from losing too much hard earned length, but not with here.

Here is a video recap of a lot of the experience. Parts of it are sped up because I don't think anyone wants to sit there and look at me on YouTube in the salon for over 45 minutes of raw footage.

Products Used on me this visit:
-No Poo Decadence
-One Condition Decadence
-ArcAngel Gel
-Flexible Hold Hairspray
I need a bigger bottle of One Condition Decadence. I meant to grab it while there and it slipped my mind.

I was surprised she applied the ArcAngel Gel before SuperCream but she said the order of application doesn't necessarily matter. That was news to me.

She also used bigger clips than I had a home to lift my roots. I went home with that size so I can attempt it at home again. The finished result was more volume than I generally prefer, but I am hoping to work it to have some root lift with a bit less volume at home.

Diffusing Tips
LaToya showed me how to better diffuse my hair with the DevaFuser when at home to avoid frizz. She said just to place the hand under the hair and hold it still! Don't move it around, don't shake the hair with it under there. That could have been what I did wrong. I'll reattempt it to see.

I also addressed my hairline and texture and how the frizz and such drives me nuts. She said my hair is course in that area and a lot frizzier. The curl pattern is also tighter. The left side of my hairline/front pieces is also a lot frizzier than the right side. It could be from the years and years of damage I did to it double processing. Even all this time later, it is still recovering a bit. Her advice was to leave extra conditioner in those areas. I always leave conditioner in, but I am going to focus on even more in there. The good news is, she said the rest of my hair felt soft and so healthy and she was impressed with how much it has grown since last visit!

LaToya and I

Here are my before and after pictures in the salon and also a few pictures Tommie took for me in front of a brick wall nearby. I wanted to take more photoshooty-type pictures while in Manhattan but truth be told, I was really just enjoying be in the city with him and the day slipped by.
snapped this while I was waiting.
under the dryer



  I have to thank my amazing Tommie for taking off of work to come with me to the salon to help record some footage for a video!! Not only did he do that, but he helped me a ton edit it in iMovie since that program is still quite new to me. My man has some skills. I'm so lucky. Okay, I'll stop being a mush.

 If you are in the NYC area, I definitely suggest going to the Devachan Salon. The staff is great, they do a great job explaining everything, teaching and listening and also make some of the best iced tea ever. I don't know what it is about that tea, but it is soo good!!!! ;)

disclaimer: not a sponsored or endorsed post. no monetary compensation received. the cut was a gift from Deva, but I was under no obligation to post anything for it. I did of course tip Latoya since she worked very hard on my hair. All opinions are my own, honest thoughts, as always.

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