Too Faced x Kandee Johnson "I Want Kandee" Collection from Ulta with 4 Looks!

Somehow I wound up getting most of the Kandee Johnson and Too Faced Cosmetics "I Want Kandee" collaboration from Ulta Beauty. I used a bunch of Ulta Beauty points and I'm quite impressed with almost everything! Read on for my thoughts and four looks with the eyeshadow palette!

Banana Pudding Powder
I was almost going to pass on this since it is limited edition and I was scared of loving it and not being able to re-buy, but I was too curious and it sounded too good to pass up. I think it is supposed to smell like bananas but truth be told, I barely smell anything in this. I wanted this for the intentions on setting my undereye concealer while brightening up the eye area. My verdict on this powder is I don't love it but I don't hate it. It's right smack there in the middle. If it never comes back again repackaged, that's fine. It is pretty finely milled and feels soft. I don't have any issues with it accentuating the lines around my eyes but this powder is very finicky with what concealers it plays nice with. Some brands I tried it with, the powder does the job beautifully and works wonderfully to set and brighten, while other powders it just cakes up so bad regardless of how little I use. I rather a brightening powder that just gets along with everyone.

Candy Glow Luminizer
Of everything I bought, this smell is my favorite. It is a bit strong which personally, I enjoy and is such a delicious candy aroma! I don't use highlighter often on the cheeks but I got this to add dimension and shine to the matte lipsticks. It is so beautiful layered on top of them! I really like the light pink tone this highlighter has. I've also dabbed some of this under my brow bone and it looked super pretty there as well.

Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick
 I bought three of the four shades since the fourth, a red-orange, I know I'd never wear. All three of these colors are beautiful and like I like them on their own or even mixed together! Mixing the lightest shade, "Melted Ice Cream" with the bright fuschia shade, "Tropical Punch, gives me a cool toned, gorgeous pink I am so obsessed with. They all smell like delicious vanilla. The pigment is intense (a good thing) and very long wearing, even through eating. The formula does feel slightly drying on my lips so I do like to use a balm or gloss or something over them usually to give my lips moisture. I also really like the shape of the doe foot applicator, although I found myself having trouble to be super neat with these lipsticks, as you can probably tell in the looks below.
Melted Ice Cream

Tropical Punch
Freshly Baked

left: lipsticks, right: banana powder on top, highlighter on bottom. no flash

left: lipsticks, right: banana powder on top, highlighter on bottom. flash

Kandee Shop EyeShadow Palette
 Of everything in the collection, I was most excited for this. The scent reminds me of candy cigarettes I used to eat as a kid. Very sweet, not too strong and enjoyable, in my opinion. I LOVE this shadow palette! They truly knocked it out of the park. This may be one of my all time favorite palettes now. The colors are all truly wearable and I personally LOVE the fact there are two gorgeous metallic pink shades since pink shadows are my absolute favorite. I also think it is brilliant the three lighter highlight colors on the bottom are double the size since I always wind up using more of those than anything else. The formula is REALLY good. The shadows are pigmented, blend well for me and I have minimal fall out. Finally, the packaging is so super cute like a box of chocolates!!
no flash
no flash
no flash

Here are some looks I had fun playing around with using the eyeshadow palette and lipsticks. I am in no way, shape or form a professional makeup artist, just a girl who enjoying playing with makeup.

Look 1:
brow bone - whipped cream
crease and lower lash line - sugared strawberry
lid - frosted pink
liner - licorice rope
lips - mix of melted ice cream with tropical punch and the highlighter on top

Look 2:
brow bone - banana cream pie
transition - pastry
crease and lower lash line - sweet toffee
lid - sparkling cider
outer v - butterscotched
liner - licorice rope
lips - freshly baked

Look 3:
brow bone - ice cream
crease and lower lash line - sugar plum
lid - raspberry cocoa
outer v - taupe berry
liner - licorice rope
lips - mix of melted ice cream and freshly baked

Look 4:
brow bone- whipped cream
crease and lower lash line - frosted pink
lid - ice cream
outer v - cream puff
liner- licorice rope
 lips - tropical punch

  Overall, I REALLY enjoy the items I picked up from the Too Faced x Kandee Johnson collection! Being a girl who loves candy colors and especially pinks, this collection was practically made for me.

 disclaimer: products bought by me. Not endorsed or sponsored. No monetary compensation received. All reviews and thoughts expressed are my own, honest opinions, as always.

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