Lush Cosmetics Black Rose Lip Tint

I was recently playing around in a Lush Cosmetics store and came across the new limited edition Black Rose Lip Tint. Do I REALLY need another lippie? No. But did I need this lippie? YES! Read on for my thoughts and review on this cool tint!
I can spend hours playing and sniffing around Lush. There isn't one super close to me, but there are a ton in Manhattan so whenever I am in an area where a Lush is remotely close, I make sure to pop in. 

Here is what says about Black Rose Lip Tint:
"This mysterious lip tint isn't quite as dark as it appears at first glance: give it a swipe and the warmth from your living body makes it bloom into a flirty fuchsia. With Kalahari melon and jojoba oils to soften your lips and a refreshing, fruity spearmint-mandarin flavor, this tint will leave you spellbindingly beautiful.

How to use: Smooth onto lips for soft, lickable lips with a hint of color"
Since I am not talented enough to take a swatch picture looking this cool, here is the swatch from
 This is one of those super cool color changing lippies. In the component, the product looks black. I would have not tried it at all had it not been for the sweet sales associate talking to me about it and swatching it on her hand. I've seen multiple people pull off black lip color quite well and I assure you I do not belong to that club. But bright pink?? Now we're talking my style!

Once applied to the lips, the color mixes with the warmth of your body and magically changes into bright pink! Sure, bright pink lip balms may not be super exciting to everyone but the thing is- THIS COLOR LASTS ON THE LIPS FOREVER!!! Seriously. This here is one long lasting stain. I was surprised and delighted. I so wasn't expecting it. The color lasts through eating, drinking, even brushing my teeth!!!  Oh and if that wasn't awesome enough, this stuff does a fab job at moisturizing my lips, too. Finally, it has a quintessential Lush orange-vanilla scent to it which I do enjoy.

The Black Rose lip tint also comes "naked" here. I imagined my finger getting stained pink forever using this version and since I am crazy about recycling everything, I wasn't too concerned about getting the version I truly wanted more for easier application.

Overall, the Black Rose Lip Tint from Lush was a nice little surprise and I'm happy to have it in my lippie collection!

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disclaimer: product bought by me. not endorsed or sponsored. no monetary compensation received. all thoughts are my own, honest opinions as always.


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