Sara Happ Restore Sweet Clay Lip Mask and Plump and Prime Lip Airbrush

Sara Happ really cares about our lips! Like REALLY cares. The creator and the brand only make lip products to treat, restore and enhance our puckers. I've seen a few presentations on Beauty IQ and QVC and have been quite intrigued. I recently picked up two products that had my curiosity: a lip mask and lip plumper. Read on for my thoughts.

Here is a little bit of information about the brand from their site:

"WE BELIEVE: Beauty must be easy, luxe, safe and simple. We’d have it no other way.

WE PROMISE: To deliver baby-smooth lips
unlike anything you’ve felt before.

-No animal testing, ever. 

-100% paraben-free, always.
-Using the highest grade essential oils and extracts, every time.
-Dressing our gems in eco-friendly packaging.
-Manufacturing in the USA, proudly."

Restore Sweet Clay Lip Mask
Them: "This creamy and frosting-like mask goes on thick and tingly. Soothing dry lips with Bentonite Clay and Swertiamarin."

Me: I never heard of a lip mask before, but I mask my face, specifically mask my under eyes, mask my hair and mask my body so why not!? Anything to help improve the look of my lips, especially since a lifetime of straw drinking is showing up in the form of fine lines.You can use this mask every day to a couple times a week and leave it on from 2 minutes or longer, if desired. I am now addicted to this lip mask! I'm using it just about every day and leaving it on as long as possible, sometimes up to an hour. This mask leaves my lips so soft, has helped with dryness I usually get as the seasons change and I'm hoping with continued use, my lip lines will lessen. It also is the prettiest shade of pink and tastes like frosting. So good!

Plump and Prime Lip Airbrush
Them: "Let’s blur the lines, shall we? We’re airbrushing your lips, making them plump, smooth, and primed. Wear by itself for the silkiest nude lip you’ve ever felt, or with color, that will now last longer than you’ve ever imagined."

Me:This plumper does not sting at all. I'm used to at least feeling a tingle with lip plumpers. That's not a bad thing, though. Truthfully, I don't feel as if this product makes my lips look a lot bigger, but I really like it as a lip primer other under lippies. It smooths out those pesky lines in my lips, even if that is only temporary and I also notice any color worn over it seems to last a bit longer than when I wear it without. This airbrush is completely clear on me.

Overall, I do like the Plump and Prime Lip Airbrush and am now obsessed with the Sweet Clay Lip Mask from Sara Happ. If you only want to get one product, I strongly suggestion trying that mask! It is so good.

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disclaimer: products purchased by me. not endorsed or sponsored. no monetary compensation received. all thoughts are my own, honest opinions as always.


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