Doll 10 Beauty Perfect Pair 6 Piece Lip and Cheek Collection for Holiday 2017

Today I am talking about another awesome set from Doll 10 Beauty for Holiday 2017! This set features coordinating lipsticks and blushes and they are great to keep or gift since each shade combo is boxed individually. Read on for more.

At the time of writing this blog, the set is still available here on!

Here is some information on the kit from the brand:
"Matches made in makeup heaven! Take the guesswork out of your makeup routine with 3 lipsticks expertly color coordinated to 3 matching blushes. The luxurious lipstick conditions your lips with its soft, smooth and creamy formula while covering them in extremely wearable, gorgeous shades. This ultimate collection is perfect for anyone looking for the perfect nude lipstick and matching blush!  With expertly chosen colors, perfect for all skin tones and beneficial ingredients for all ages. Formulated with beneficial ingredients such as Sweet Almond and Jojoba Oils to nourish and soften your lips.  The creamy, dreamy HydraGel Cream Balm is expertly color matched to each lipstick to create a natural-looking flush of color."

The fact that each shade duo of lipstick and blush comes individually boxed makes these super easy and cute to gift for the holiday season, that is if you can let any of them go! The packaging Doll 10 did this year for their holiday collections is absolutely gorgeous. 

These lipsticks are phenomenal. No surprise there, it is Doll 10 after all! They are pigmented so you only need one swipe on bottom and one swipe on top lips. They feel very moisturizing and help disguise my lip lines while making my lips look more plump, too! Color lasts for a while but I do need to reapply after eating as, they don't stain.

The blushes are also great. I like to apply these quick and easily using my fingers. These are also quite pigmented and are a bit easy to overdo so start off with less and you can always add more. I usually use my pointer and middle finger and gently tap them into my cheeks to blend. Usually cream-like blushes do not stand a chance on my face, but these are gel and not cream and they are actually long wearing! I do notice the color wears longer on some foundations versus others. It pairs beautifully with Doll 10's Hydragel Foundation especially.

(L to R) Delicate Doll, Barely Blushing, Heart Throb, Innocent Flush, Play Girl, Rosy Outlook
no flash

**All pictures below were taken with no flash or edits, using my ring light and near a window and iphone X phone. Each color duo was taken on different days and the day of the first duo, it was significantly darker and cloudier than the other days and the lighting does reflect that a bit.**

Here is my face all done just with no blush or lipstick:

 Delicate Doll/Barely Blushing
"Nude Beige/Mauve"
These are not typical colors I reach for, but applied they looked better than I thought! The lippie is definitely more of a brown based nude, but it does have the slightest rosy undertone which I think is why I do like it moreso than most brown-ish shades which I usually stay away from. The blush is a very pretty mauvey color that I think I'll be able to use to contour with as well.

Heart Throb/Innocent Flush
"Nude Pink/Raspberry"
This duo is so pretty! It's a close second favorite of mine of the three duos. The pinks in these are vivid, bright and beautiful without being too much. They are the brightest of the bunch but again, not overdone or "shockingly bright" These are excellent every day, pretty shades for me.


Play Girl/Rosy Outlook
"Nude Rose/Rose" 
This is my favorite duo. I just love classic pinks! These shades are cool toned, classic and fantastic examples of what I like to call "Diane Pink"

Overall, the value of three full size Doll 10 Beauty lippies and blushes in this set is great! This kit is a must have to treat yourself or make a makeup lover in your life really happy this Christmas season!

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disclaimer: I received these from Doll 10 Beauty complimentary and additionally bought my own set. no monetary compensation received. no sponsored.  all thoughts are my own, honest opinions as always. 


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