October 2017 Favorites, Empties and a Hair of the Day

Hi everyone!! I can't get over how quickly October flew by, but I feel like I've been saying that every month! This post features my October 2017 Favorites, Empties and a recent "Hair of the Day." Continue reading for more.

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This Hair of the Day was from last Saturday. I went to see one of my all time favorite bands (Fall Out Boy) with my best friend (Corrine) It's funny, I love wearing super bright colors but when it comes to concerts, especially certain genres like alt. rock and such, I always wear black or darker colors. It just makes more sense.

Of course, I wanted my hair to look decent for the show, so used some regular favorites. My roots are actually still slightly wet in the pictures below, but I was short on time before getting picked up to go and knew I'd be home way too late and feel too tired for any pictures (which was correct)

Here is what I used:
Pre-Poo: The Mane Choice Heavenly Halo Pre-Poo - used overnight
Shampoo: Briogeo Rosarco Shampoo
Conditioner: DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture mixed with Deep Sea Repair -  left in about 45 minutes
Stylers (wet):  DevaCurl Heaven In Hair, B'Leave In, ArchAngel Gel, Mirror Curls, Flexible Hold Hairspray
Stylers (dry): DevaCurl Supercream, more Flexible Hole Hairspray

I applied products on soaking wet hair as usual (see here)
I let me hair air dry and after a few hours since my hairline was acting dry and frizzy still,  went in with some DevaCurl Supercream. I really wish I could get to the bottom of this hairline annoyance.

My Day 2 hair looked pretty good, but it was raining so very hard and I wound up not feeling well and didn't take pictures. This week overall I've been a bit distracted- just nonstop applying to jobs in my industry (beauty, of course) and thinking positive thoughts that something has got to give, plus going on interviews, so I apologize I haven't had as many "Hair of the Day" posts as usual.

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disclaimer: some products bought by me, some were sent for review consideration. no monetary compensation received. no sponsored.  all thoughts are my own, honest opinions as always. 


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