The Best Hair Growth Tips for Curly Wavy Hair!

The picture to the side of thid shows my hair in March 2015 after the traumatic bleach breakage disaster and also a week or so ago (November 2017) as I have not colored my hair in almost three years and am in mid quest to get back my hair to super long, mermaid lengths. I teamed up with my follow Curly Influencer and friend, Brandi (@theglambelle) to bring "The Best Hair Growth Tips for Curly Hair!" Read on for more!!

This was my hair in all of it's super blonde, super long glory in 2014 before all of the breakage happened:
Maybe at some point I'll do an updated "history of my hair" video if there is enough interest on it? To say the breakage disaster was one of the most terrible experience of my life is a strong statement, but it is true. ESPECIALLY as a "hair influencer" I just kind of felt like I failed terribly.

Here is a current picture. Maybe another year or two and I'll get there?

Anyway, so yes I've been on a hair growth journey to get it back to this length but healthier, stronger and better than ever before!

Here are some of my favorite tips if you are looking to grow out your hair:

And be sure to check out Brandi's hair growth tips here, too! (For whatever reason, bloger is not letting me pull her video from youtube the way I pulled my video. Grrrr)

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  1. WOW! Your hair has grown so much. It looks beautiful and healthy! Your natural color looks great on you, too. :) I'd love to see a 'history of my hair' post from you! xx

    1. thank you!! :) i want to do the post sometime next year. may take a little while for me to collect all the pictures together lol

  2. I'm very curious to know what happened to your hair. You often refer to this traumatic event, but I couldn't find in the archives how it actually happened. I could see from your previous posts that you were using Olaplex and I thought this was THE life insurance for bleach hair. I hope that one day, you'll share with us, because we can all learn from each other mistakes (and it makes them less bitter I think: what happened happened, but if it helps someone else along the way, it's less of a loss? Does it make sense?!)

    1. watch the video in this blog i talked about it as much as i probably ever will


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