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I have been curious about The Mane Choice hair products for quite a while. They have excellent ingredients inside, rave reviews and their claims are pretty promising. One of their newest collections, Heavenly Halo, is exclusive to Target and helps to hydrate, soften and make the hair more manageable. Heavenly Halo is designed for super dry hair (::raises hand in the air::). I picked up some of the products  and have been playing with them for a bit now. Read on for my thoughts.

This whole line smells absolutely delightful. To me, the products smell like sweet cotton candy and I absolutely love it!!

Heavenly Halo Herbal Hair Tonic and Soy Milk Deep Hydration

These products are infused with Biotin, Vitamins D and E, Yucca Root Burdock Root Oil, Umutanga Oil, Palmrose Oil and Yashtimadhu Root. If you haven't heard of some of those latter ingredients before don't feel bad, because neither did I!

I feel that these products overall do such a nice job at leaving my high porosity, super duper dry, frizzy hair so soft, hydrated and moisturized. Besides helping to hydrate dry hair, this line is also supposed to help support natural growth and length retention which I am all about!! There is one catch with them for me though, and I'll address that a little later on.

Them: Penetrates to restore lasting moisture. Visibly calms frizz and improves elasticity. Leave hair soft and tangle-free.

Me: This mask melted into my hair like butter. It was so good. The one negative is I did feel I needed to use a bit more than other masks to fully saturate all my hair. That being said, it made my tangles disappear IN SECONDS! When I rinsed it out, I felt like I was touching silk and not what grows out of my head. So so so smooth. It did a nice job to quench my hair's thirst. Since I do prefer my masks to have protein, this one would be an ideal follow up for me to add the moisture back after using a hard protein treatment.


Them: Gently melts tangles to minimize breakage. Minimizes moisture loss during cleansing. Softens hair and protects dry hair.

Me: This Pre-Poo is incredible. It made holy grail list and is one of my favorite pre poos ever. I like to use it and sleep with it the night before I am going to wash to really give my hair an intense surge of moisture. I actually picked up a back up of this product since I don't want to ever run out. Whenever I use this, my hair seems to be a lot more bouncy and defined from the next day's wash. The difference of dryness in my hair when I use this with the rest of the line or mixed with other favorite products of mine is phenomenal. Though I enjoy all the products I tried, if you want to start with one Heavenly Halo product, make it this one.

Softening Milk
 Them: Daily softening milk helps to simplify the styling process. Helps to improve texture and manageability. Minimizes shedding and helps to reduce breakage.

Me: What a wonderful hair milk! Another product that really moisturizes my hair, but doesn't leave it looking producty, greasy or too weighed down. I notice less frizz while unwanted pouf goes away whenever I use this. Additionally, it leaves my hair feeling soft just like the rest of the line. This product is not sticky feeling at all. I can put them in my hair and then rub the rest into my hands. I have used this on wet hair as a leave-in conditioner, or on day 2 or 3 hair after a refresher spray to add moisture back and calm frizz.  This milk does not have hold for me to use as a sole styler on wet hair. It does an excellent job both ways. On days old hair especially, I like the moisture it returns to my dry hair and bounce it brings back if my curls begin to droop. I've mixed this with DevaCurl B'Leave In (a heavy protein styler) on days old hair and got great results as well. If your hair is fine or gets weighed down easily, less will be more with this one. Bonus points it comes in a pump because pumps make my life that much easier.

Serum Oil Mist

Them: Imparts lightweight shine and radiance. Helps to nourish, soothe and support scalp health. Locks in lasting moisture. 

Me: This is another nice multi-tasker. I have used it on wet hair as the last step to seal my hair as an oil (after my leave-in and gel) or I can apply some to days to hair to target any frizz and add back shine. This Serum Oil is light and doesn't look heavy, even if I am generous with applying. I prefer to spray in my hands and apply that way instead of spraying directly onto my hair. This is a great oil for all hair types, even fine hair I think would like it if they use less product. For my own very frizzy hair, I do need to use quite a bit of sprays on wet hair for sealing, but this bottle is so big I don't really mind.

Now here's the thing. My hair LOVES protein...and this line is protein free. I learned when I incorporate products from this line, with other products that do contain protein, such as DevaCurl, I get excellent results. You can see these products incorporated one or two at a time with other on various "Hair of the Day" posts I did from the last month or so. But as I found out from the pictures below using mostly this line, the moisture-protein balance is just a bit too off for my hair. Though my hair has shine and felt amazing, my curls were not super defined and didn't hold their bounce as much as usual.  Something was just a bit "off" for me.

For the pictures below I used the following products, including some Holy Grails so I can really see the performance of the products I tried from this line all together:
  • Cleanser: DevaCurl Low-Poo
  • Conditioner: The Mane Choice Heavenly Halo Mask
  • Stylers: The Mane Choice Heavenly Halo Milk, DevaCurl Arch Angel Gel, The Mane Choice Heavenly Serum Oil Mist
I applied products on wet hair the same way as usual. See here. I then allowed my hair to air dry.

***these pictures were taken inside, using no flash but my ring light. this was also the first time Tommie and I used the camera on my new iphone X!!! I can't get over the difference in picture quality from the pictures using my iphone 6 previously***

Overall I really do like what I tried from The Mane Choice Heavenly Halo Collection. I just learned for my hair personally it is best to not use too many of the products at once, and mixing them with other stuff works better. But the ingredients and how soft my hair feels are great.

Video Review:

This line is exclusive to Target. Additionally, there is also a Shampoo and Conditioner in this collection that I have not tried. I am planning on venturing more into other The Mane Choice Lines, I specifically would want to try their Ancient Egyptian line which does have more protein. I also have some products to play with from their original line so stay tuned for more reviews from this brand in the future!


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