Doll 10 Beauty 5 Piece Lip Crayon and 6 Piece Nude Lip Wardrobe for Holiday 2017

This blog features two more Doll 10 Beauty lippie sets for Holiday 2017! The 5 Piece Lip Crayon Collection and 6 Piece Nude Lip Wardrobe. Usually I would do a dedicated post for each set, but life gets in the way sometimes and I'm a bit behind on my content. It happens. But both sets are great so read on for more and swatches.

 Check and Both sets are still available to buy at time of writing.

Before getting into my review and pictures on this collection, I feel I have to apologize. I'm well aware my eyebrows look completely awful. I'm almost 2 weeks past the normal time I usually go to have them threaded. I've been suffering from intense headaches and migraines lately and the thought of having my eyebrow hairs ripped from my skull at the moment is just too much to bear. So please, kindly just ignore them for now? This is also why I have not blogged about some eyeshadow palettes and other makeup I have been wanting to yet. Hopefully by the end of this week I can get these caterpillars cleaned up.

5 Piece Lip Crayon Collection
Them: "Sheer brilliance! Combining the color of a lipstick, the shine of a lip gloss, and the nourishment of a balm, Doll 10's Lip Crayon creates the perfect hybrid--without compromise. This kit includes five wearable shades for all skin tones. Lightweight, non-sticky, and comfortable to wear, the balm-like texture glides effortlessly over lips providing rich, creamy color and drenching your lips in intense moisture. The crayon is formulated with cocoa butter and DuraQuench IQ and offers the perfect combination of color and care for your lips."

Me: I remember when the five piece collection of lip crayons came out last year. I'm so excited to see another collection and with new colors! Every color in this set is beautiful. I love Doll 10's lip crayon formula because it is so easy to apply I don't even need a mirror and they are extremely moisturizing. They feel so good on my lips which tend to get chapped more since it is dry and cold out. The color is pigmented and make my lips look full and juicy. Pigmented is great and there is a little bit of shine to the finish. They do wear off once I eat or drink but application is quick and simple so I don't mind. If your lips are on the drier side definitely check these out!
vip, bubbly, after party, midnight kiss, champagne toast - no flash

vip, bubbly, after party, midnight kiss, champagne toast - flash
vip, bubbly, after party, midnight kiss, champagne toast - no flash
vip, bubbly, after party, midnight kiss, champagne toast - flash

"a rose pink shade"
This is a pretty rosy pink that is not too dark and and a great alternate to red for those like me who don't like wearing a red lip but want something a bit bolder.

"a plum nude shade" 
I actually disagree with the shade description from QVC. I think "Bubbly" is a perfect, cool toned, classic bubblegum pink. I'm sorry, I just don't see the plum in this. That being said, as much as I love all five of these crayon colors, the pink lippie lover in me crowns Bubbly her #1 favorite!! It's an excellent, perfect pink. Doll 10 knows how to do pink lips right.

After Party
"a peachy pink shade"
After Party is a close second to Bubbly for my favorites. This is another gorgeous pink that is a little lighter than Bubbly and more pinky-nude. I feel it definitely runs on the cool side which I tend to gravitate towards. It is so pretty and is a great option to pair with a more intense eye look or a very natural face.

 Midnight Kiss
"a coral pink shade"
 This is definitely a corally-red pink. It leans more towards warm in my opinion, but not so warm where my teeth look yellow, so that is good! Corals are not my favorite, but the combination with the pink thrown in makes me like it more than a usual coralish color.

 Champagne Toast
"a peach nude shade"
This is definitely a true nude with no pink to it. I feel that is has neutral undertones. I usually don't like shades without any pink whatsoever, but I do like this one! It's a good neutral and another nice option to pair with a more intense eye look.

6 Piece Nude Lip Wardrobe
Them: "The Doll 10 Pro Nude six-piece lip collection features three shades of luxurious lipsticks and three ultra-hydrating, color-coordinated lip glosses. The coveted nude lipsticks condition your lips with a soft, smooth, and creamy formula while covering them in extremely wearable, gorgeous shades. Perfectly paired with ultra-hydrating, color-coordinated lip gloss, each shade has been expertly color-matched to enhance the natural color of your lips. Formulated with sweet almond and jojoba oils and DuraQuench IQ, they can be worn alone or layered for a more dimensional look."

Me: The component of these lipstick/lipgloss duos are different than the last time I bought them. The old component you were able to snap off the gloss to mix and match the shades. Now to mix and match, you just need to switch out the lipstick part. Not a big deal, just different. I love the formula of both the lipstick and gloss in these and the shades are all excellent nuds. The lipsticks are pigmented, moisturizing, fill in my lip lines and have a nice amount of wear time. The glosses are phenomenal. They are not sticky or tacky, have a beautiful shine to them with a nice color payoff and make me lips appear more full. I love the curve of the doe-foot applicator and how it hugs my lips perfectly for application. I also love the scent of the nude lip wardrobe lippies. They smell like vanilla doughnuts. These colors do not last me through eating a meal, but application is so easy so I don't mind reapplying.

fabulous/flirty, nude/naughty, maximum/bare - no flash
fabulous/flirty, nude/naughty, maximum/bare - flash
fabulous, flirty, nude, naughty, maximum, bare - no flash
fabulous, flirty, nude, naughty, maximum, bare - flash
The above two swatch pictures have the glosses layered over the lipsticks for each corresponding pair.

"a berry nude shade"

"a sheer nude shimmer shade"
worn on top of Flirty

"a coral nude shade"

"a sheer pale shimmer shade"
worn on top of Naughty

"a mauve nude shade"

"a sheer blush shimmer shade"
worn on top of Bare

Overall I think both these lip collections by Doll 10 Beauty have excellent formulas and color payoffs and are a great gift to you from you, to any makeup lover as a set or you can always split them up! Both sets come in their own gorgeous pink and silver Doll 10 Beauty box for Holiday 2017!

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