November 2017 Favorites, Empties and 2 Hair of the Days

Hi everyone!! This post is late, but the last week and so have been rough. This post features my November 2017 Favorites, Empties plus a Day 1 and 2 "Hair of the Day" Continue reading for more.

I'm sorry these are links and not embedded videos, for whatever reason blogger is not picking up my new videos to add in right now. I'll switch them over (and delete this blurb) once they are available.



Here is a Day 1 Hair of the Day! It was that time to do the apHoGee Protein Treatment (I do this every 6 weeks) and I also finally used my Dyson Dryer with Diffuser for the first time!

Here is everything I used:
  • Cleanser: DevaCurl Buildup Buster
  • Aphogee Protein Treatment with heat, then rinsed completely
  • Tea Rinse: Belle Bar Custom Anti Shedding/Growth 
  • Conditioner: DevaCurl Heaven In Hair (rinse out most of it)
  • Stylers (wet): DevaCurl One Conditioner Decadence (on top of the Heaven in Hair as a leave in), B'Leave In, Arch Angel Gel, Mirror Curls, Flexible Hold Hairspray
  • Heat Protectant: Briogeo Blow Dry Heat Protectant Creme
  • Stylers (dry): more Mirror Curls mixed with SuperCream and a little more Flexible Hold Hairspray
I love the addition of the Hair Tea each week! If you missed my blog post on that, you can view it here.

It's always important to use a heat protector when diffusing! The Briogeo has been my favorite for a while. I really like the Dyson dryer and diffuser. It did diffuse my hair quicker than usual, but my hair never really dries fast I should have times it. I liked how my hair came out, but it was still frizzier than if I just air dried. I need to learn how to diffuser and not cause frizz because that seems to be my biggest issue with it. It's too soon to tell if I prefer this or the DevaFuser better. I think I may have less frizz with the DevaFuser, but the Dyson did dry faster. During the Winter since I am forced to diffuse more I will continue to test it out.

Also, I look more tan than usual in these pictures. It's weird!! I was trying to figure out why and I realized I switched from a cream to a powder contour and I think when I used my all over fluffy brush for finishing powder, I also accidentally picked up the bronzer and spread it all over my face. Oooppss!!

The other interesting thing with these pictures, the lighting (and my hair color) looks so different but they were literally taken in the same room, in front of the same ring light, all within the same 10 minutes, just moved back a little! That's crazy!!

Here is the Day 2 Hair where I used some Witch I Love Your Hair Magic Mist and DevaCurl B'Leave In to refresh.

Tommie held up a light taking pictures for me in our kitchen. I liked the lighting. Note that we took these before the products fully set since we were running out the door but I didn't want to forget to take them later on.

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