1 Month Update on Emme Diane Skincare for My Acne Prone Skin

I'm here with my one month update using all Emme Diane skincare! I'm very pleased so far and am going to give some details on how I like the products after using them every single day and the changes I am starting to see. Read on for more!
If you missed my Day 1 post, check it HERE because I give all the details about my skin, who Emme Diane is and her product line. There is also an accompanied video here if you rather watch.

Something important to remember with acne prone skin is it takes 90 days for a pimple to form from underneath to popping up on the surface of the skin. So unfortunately I have some pesky pimples hanging out that are going to emerge from before I started using all of Emme Diane's products. It takes a little bit of time for skin to fully adjust to new products and a purging period is also common. 

With the above being said, how do I feel 30 days in? I LOVE Emme Diane's line! The products are a pleasure to use. My skin feels hydrated, even toned and soft. I still did get some pimples (read above paragraph), but when they popped up, they were not quite as big and red and I also noticed that they went away faster than they usually would, which is fantastic!!

Another thing Emme has me doing aside from using her products is icing my face twice a day. I never heard of this before she told me to do it, but now I am HOOKED. HOOKED. Icing your face for a minute after cleansing can help reduce redness in inflamed skin and also increase blood circulation for a healthy glow. A bonus for me too is I noticed the daily icing has significantly decreased my TMJ pain. Ice is free so I challenge everyone reading this to start icing your face daily! The icing also helps ready the skin to receive all the serums, treatments and moisturizes after.
You can go back to my Day 1 post to read information about the products I am using from the line. Now I am going to say what I think of them all one month in:

Sulfur Refining Mask
I love this mask! I only need to leave it on three minutes and it helps to de-gunk my pores and leaves my skin soft!

Gentle Cleanser
Wonderful day and night. It is not drying and also does a great job at removing my makeup.

Skin Smoothing Polish
I only use this a few times a week but love how it exfoliates my dead skin, reveals a glow and isn't harsh or too scratchy.

Calm Down Toner
The spray makes this so easy to use. An excellent toner that helps redness.

Skin Quencher
Such a unique product and I am crazy about it! If you have more oily skin and are nervous about hydrating products for your face, you should totally try this stuff. It's a nice lightweight gel that absorbs quickly and makes my skin look nice and juicy!
HydraLuxe Cream
This cream is fantastic. Especially with this super dry, cold Winter we are having. It moisturizes my complexion without feeling too heavy, greasy or tacky. 

Acne Eraser 5%
I use this nightly usually as my last step. If my skin is feeling particularly dry from the weather, I will apply just this, wash it off a couple hours later and then go in with Quencher and HydraLuxe Cream, per Emme's instructions. This stuff is potent but it is working to kill bacteria and make sure any pimples that do pop up still do not hang around too long.

Clarifying Serum SS
My regimen now consists of using this in the AM. It is a very liquidy serum so once I apply it on my face, I don't even feel it but the Mandelic Acid inside is helping to fight unwanted blemishes all day long.

Illuminating Sunscreen
Feels so nice on my skin and is very dewy. I like it mixed with the Tinted Mineral Sunscreen below sometimes for a natural finish. For my skin personally, the dewy finish is more than I look for since I am shine prone. But those who adore illumination and extra dewyness will adore this one.

Tinted Mineral Sunscreen
The best sunscreen I've EVER used on my face. EVER. Amazing matte finish and a slight tint. Between the tint and how Emme Diane's line is helping my skin, I've gone out of the house with just this one and didn't hate my face in public which is amazing. I like that is isn't heavy or super greasy like so many sunscreens tend to me.
Wait!! Where are my Day 1 and Day 30 pictures?? I've decided to hold off on posting the progress pictures until Day 90, where I will post all of them (day 1, 30, 60, 90) all side by side so you can see all the progress at once!

Here is a video of me talking more about the products, what I notice so far and the order I am using them:

If you want to try her products, you can save 10% on Emme Diane's site with code "dianemary10" ! this code is good until April 2019!!

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