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CURLS recently debuted their new Cashmere and Caviar Collection. Though this collection is marketed towards tighter curls and kinks, which I do not have, looking at the benefits and ingredients inside, I knew these products would be fantastic for my hair and was dying to get my hands on them. Read on to see how my hair liked them!

I'm a big fan of CURLS curly hair products. I absolutely love almost everything in their Blueberry Bliss Collection, as well as their liquid vitamin, Blissful Lengths. I also remember years ago using their Cashmere Jelly and Champagne + Caviar Elixir and being absolutely crazy about them. I am pretty sure the Hair Serum is the Champagne + Caviar Elixir repackaged, which is certainly not a bad thing. I thought the Hair Gelle may have been the Cashmere Jelly but they are different products.

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I will start off by saying this specific collection may not be ideal for every single wavy out there. Please keep in mind if you hair is super find and/or gets weighed down really easily, these products are HEAVY on OILS. That being said, despite your actual curl pattern, if your hair is high porosity, super dry, frizzy and unmanagable like my hair is, there is a great chance these could perform well for you. I urge you to start off using less, do not go heavy handed and you can always add more as needed.


About this Collection, from the creator:
Why the Expansion: According to CEO and Founder, Mahisha Dellinger - “I created this Cashmere and Caviar Curl Collection to give CURListas more options, opportunities, and choices to further beautify their tightly coiled hair. There are not many options available for women that want a luxurious, high-end collection with clinically proven ingredients for adding sheen, structure, and protection to ultimately improve the condition of highly textured hair. This one is specifically for this overlooked market.“


Strengthen, Resturcture and Add Sheen

Certified Organic Hydrolyzed Cashmere 
"Composed primarily of the most luxurious protein keratin broken down into the smallest molecular level to improve the condition of hair, via smoothing the cuticle, imparting intense shine and improved manageability. Expect to see luxuriously soft, supple, glistening coils. Cashmere, the fabric known for its smooth texture, will absolutely achieve the same effect on your hair."

"Rich in vitamin A, B and high in antioxidants and Omega-3 and Omega-6 this extract enhances moisture and naturally repairs and restores textured strands while boosting Sebum production, and preventing hair loss ( Zinc). Plus the UVA and UVB within protect against damage. This rich hydrating and restoring ingredient improves the overall quality of the hair while enhancing health and shine."

Champagne Fruit
"The antioxidants in Champagne Fruit Extract are 20 to 50 times more powerful than vitamin C and vitamin E resulting in protection from damage, eliminating free radicals and purifying the hair and scalp. Also known for improving elasticity and manageability."

Hair Bath
Them:  "Our luxurious hair bath gently cleanses with active charcoal as it naturally conditions with cashmere and caviar extracts. It leaves hair looking and feeling silky smooth and cashmere soft."

Me:I was surprised to see the color of the actual juice is pitch black. Not a bad thing, I just wasn't expecting this. For a sulfate free shampoo this produced a wonderful lather. It left my scalp and hair feeling very clean and ready for conditioner. I would put this product in a class between a regular Sulfate Free Shampoo and a Clarifying Shampoo. My hair definitely needed more moisture after, but it also did not strip it completely or leave my hair feeling stiff if that makes sense. I like this for a more thorough clean to use every few weeks, but definitely too cleansing for me for every wash.

Hair Masque
Them: "Luxurious Hair Masque infused with Cashmere and Caviar Extracts, antioxidants, and vitamins to strengthen, and smooth your hair. It also helps repair any scalp damage and promotes faster hair growth and of course a healthier scalp."

Me: This masque is fantastic. I love it. I love that it helps promote faster hair growth, it melts into my hair like butter and leaves my hair softer than I ever could have possibly imagined. Tangles are not even an issue once this is applied. It smells like citrus to me. This masque is especially great this time of year when my hair is craving moisture due to the dry weather. I would absolutely repurchase this masque.

Hair Moisture Complex
Them: "Drench your hair in Cashmere. Soften, and moisturize dry, damaged tresses leaving them healthy and manageable with bounce and shine."

Me: I was so not expecting the texture of this from the bottle. I thought it would be like a usual leave in cream but it is more of a liquidy serum! The Moisture Complex does a great job as a leave in without being super heavy and works equally well for me on wet and dry hair. I do especially like it on dry hair to add moisture back to days old hair when my hair feels a bit dry and frizz starts popping up.

Hair Gelle
Them: "Style while you reconstruct and strengthen your stressed and damaged hair. The smoothing hair gelle has light hold with added sheen and definition."

Me: My hair loves firm hold gels and this is a light hold gel. No surprise, I didn't love this product on my wet hair since I do require more hold. That being said, I don't consider this a bad product by any stretch of the imagination. Like the other styler products in this collection, it works VERY WELL for me on day 2 or day 3 hair to tame frizz and add back shine. This may be a new favorite for days old hair since it adds back the shine, fights the frizz while also giving back just a little hold.

Hair Serum
Them: "Formulated with Cashmere and Caviar Extracts, this growth enhancing hair strengthening treatment is THE solution for increasing hair growth and creating unbelievable sheen."

Me: An awesome hair serum. I really like it to seal my leave in and gel on wet hair. It adds extra shine while sealing in the moisture from the products applied prior. Like the other stylers, I can also add this to dry hair if my hair needs more shine or looks dull. Less is more for me especially with this one.

Overall, I am quite impressed with the Cashmere and Caviar Collection by Curls. I would honestly re-buy every single product which is not something I can say about whole collections. The products in this collection left my hair feeling just like cashmere- softer than soft and so, so, so silky! I definitely feel they make my unruly hair more manageable. I like that the ingredients inside help to moisturize and strengthen my hair while promoting hair growth and I also really like the shine the products give me when used together or mixed in with other brands. These products all play well with other brands too when I mix and match.

(all Curls Cashmere and Caviar)
  • Cleanser: Hair Bath
  • Conditioner: Masque, left in a half hour then rinsed
  • Stylers: Moisture Complex, Gelle, Serum
See how I applied these very products in this video: 

As mentioned earlier, I don't love the Gelle on wet hair but I still wanted to show my results using all of the products together. Though my hair does look a bit producty, it actually felt insanely soft and so healthy!!!! I had a hard time not touching it because of how silky it felt from these products.

Day 1 (again)

For this wash day, I used everything the same as above but swapped out the Hair Gelle for one of my Holy Grail Gelles


This is just using the Hair Gelle (and dry shampoo on the scalp) on Day 2 Hair after using my Holy Grail Day 2 Routine.

For more, check out my review video here:

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The #cashmereandcaviarcollection PREVIEW collection is sold out but will return better than ever Spring 2018.  Stay tuned!"

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