Doll 10 Beauty Arch Master, HydraLux Liners and Shadows

File this blog under "Posts Way Past Due" because I've been using the Doll 10 Beauty Arch Master pretty much nonstop since it debuted in November, but got side tracked by prioritizing the brand's holiday releases (makes sense though, right?) Doll 10 also just released AMAZING new liners and shadows so now this post will be talking about all of it! Read on for more.

Arch Master
Them: "Be the master of your arches with this revolutionary 3-in-1 brow sculptor. Arch Master is a total brow wardrobe in one easy to use pen. The soft, custom designed angled skinny brow pencil is perfect for creating natural-looking, hairlike strokes to define and outline the shape of your brows. The creamy brow powder is soft and subtle – perfect for filling in sparse areas and creating fuller-looking brows. The tinted brow mascara will volumize your natural brow hairs, color any grays, and hold hairs into place, perfecting your look! This 3-in-1 brow sculptor is perfect for anyone looking to groom, fill in, or sculpt their brows – or all 3! Available in Taupe or Brunette. Natural fruit wax from the Japanese wax tree, shea butter and coconut triglycerides nourish your brow hair while giving them a volume boost!"

Me: What a BRILLIANT brow product! This is a three in one where you can use all three products layered together or pick and choose based on your brow needs or goals. As mentioned earlier, I've been reaching for this nonstop so have played with it every which way. I will say, I use taupe and have super light brows and when I do layer all three, I need to really brush my brows out after or it does look a little too dark for my personal preference. My fingers are crossed Doll 10 Beauty makes this in a blonde shade just a little lighter, especially the brow mascara (please, please, please, please, please???) That being said, the pencil, powder and brow mascara stay on my face all day without budging or flaking. The skinny brow pencil part is my favorite part of the component because brow pencils have been my preferred go-to for brow application for years. A lot of days if I'm in a rush I just use this alone. The slim and skinny shape make it look so natural and the product adheres to both my brow hairs and skin where my tails are thinner and I like to faux thicken them. The brow powder is very subtle, as the brand mentions, I use this on the "meatier" part of my brow so I don't use up too much brow pencil each time. The powder doesn't adhere to my skin like the pencil does. The brow gel holds my brow hairs in place and also adds a bit of dimension. I've also worn this tinted gel alone and it just helps to define my brow shape. When I wear the brow mascara alone, it isn't quite as dark than when I layer. Overall, amazing, amazing brow product!!!

HydraLux Smoothing Eyeliner
Them: "A true revolution in eyeliner, HydraLux Smoothing Eyeliner’s smooth and creamy formula effortlessly glides onto lids and is perfect for both inner and outer rim wear! The waterproof and no transfer formula contains fruit wax and is formulated with rich, spherical pigment particles that give you bold, smudge-resistant color that lasts all day!  Noir and Mocha eyeliners are rich colors and Brighten Up is our innovative brightening shade which instantly brightens your inner rim and makes your eyes appear larger and more awake!  This eyeliner is perfect for anyone looking to line and brighten their eyes!"

Me: My eyes are sensitive, burn and water very easily. They are also super picky with eyeliners, especially ones that go on my waterlines. I'm thrilled to say these eyeliners don't bother my picky little eyeballs at all!! Not only that, but they are super pigmented and stay on all day. Where many eyeliners usually disappear and get watered off by my teary eyes at the end of the day, HydraLux Smoothing liners do not. They also glide on like butter! The "Noir" and "Mocha" respectively are perfect shades of black and brown and "Brighten Up" is a perfect peachy shade that makes the redness in my lower waterline disappear and makes my whole eye area look....brighter! The liners are twist up so there is no need to sharpen, just do not twist up too much product because you don't want the tips to break off. You can also use these to line your lids, but I am not a makeup artist and am terrible at doing so so I prefer to stick to my waterlines with these and using the smaller point of the brand's "2 the Point" line for lid lining. These eyeliners are wonderful.

HydraLux Shadow Liners
Them: "Never has a smoky eye been so easy!  Shadow, line, highlight and define – this multitasking shadow stick allows you to create a variety of looks with ease. The creamy, waterproof and no transfer, long-wear formula is lightweight and crease-proof, allowing you to layer, blend and smoke out your look. Formulated with Rice Bran Wax to nourish and protect delicate eyelids, while delivering rich, long-lasting color. These 3 neutral shades are perfect for all skin tones, and allow you to easily take your look from day to night. HydraLux Shadow Liners are for anyone looking for a high-pigmented, rich eyeshadow that is easy to apply, even without a brush!  These are great for on-the-go application because you can smudge and blend out with your fingertips!"

Me: Just like the eyeliners, these shadow liners are wonderful. I also wore these on my waterlines and had as much success as I did with the eyeliners. Additionally from that, these shadows are awesome. They last on my lids all day and actually wear better without an eyeshadow primer!!! Like the liners, they are also twist up and have a nice point. If the point dulls out, there's a little sharpener on the other end to keep precision. Also like the eyeliners, they are very pigmented and glide on like butter. I don't even need to use an eyeshadow brush with these. They are so quick and easy to use.

As of now, there are three neutral shades being offered. "Exposed" is similar to the "Brighten Up" eyeliner, except this one has a nice sheen finish where the latter is more matte. I can use "Exposed" the same way I use "Brighten Up" on my waterlines, and also like to blend it out under my brow bone. "Tempted" is a very pretty warm-toned, neutral that lies somewhere between a champagne and copper. This color is perfect for every day and makes my blue eyes pop. Like "Exposed", it has a pretty, sheen finish. I say sheen because there is no glitter or shimmer to be afraid of with these. "Lethal" is the darkest shade and can be used in the crease with either other shade on the lid for a naturally smoky, night look. This shade is more matte than the other two. If you have darker hair coloring, you can probably also use this one as a brow product in an emergency. These shadow liners are just as wonderful as the eyeliners and I hope to see a light, cool toned pink shade released in one of these.

shadows, eyeliners - flash

shadows, eyeliners - no flash

In the following pictures, I'm wearing everything in this blog post and more from Doll 10 Beauty:
  • Arch Master in Taupe (pencil and powder only)
  • Noir HydraLux Liner on Upper Waterline
  • Brighten Up HydraLux Liner on Bottom Waterline
  • Exposed Shadow Liner under Brow Bone
  • Tempted Shadow Liner on Lid
  • EffortLash Mascara
  • HydraBalm Concealer in Light
  • HydraLux Foundation in Fair
  • Finishing Touch Powder
  • HydraGel Blush in Sweet Cheeks on Lips and Cheeks

It is interesting on where I hold my spotlight how my skin looks more yellow or pink toned. I'm STILL waiting for my new ring light to arrive. At this point it has taken over a month to get here. :/

There is a reason Doll 10 Beauty is one of my all time favorite makeup brands. The products are long lasting, easy to apply, make me look like the best version of myself while feeling a bit better about my face. These new additions are no exception to the quality and performance I've come to expect from Doris Dalton (the creator) and her line. Definitely check them out if you can!

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