Hair of the Day 1 x2 and Day 2: First Wash Post Trim and More

Hi everyone! So I have two Day Ones and a Day Two Hair of the Day for you in this post. If you follow me on instagram (thank you) you may have already seen these but I like posting them on my blog too if for no other reason, to keep track of my progress and journey!

In case you missed it, I went for another trim with LaToya at Devachan last week. That blog post is here. If I ever hit the lotto I am going to go see her weekly or just buy her a house right next door to me so she can do my hair a lot. LOL.

I've been having to wash my hair three times a week now instead of two. I started a new work out program called 80 Day Obsession from Beachbody and since it is quite intense, plus a new format and routines, I'm sweating a whole bunch and dry shampoo will only get me so far. Besides, you don't want more than 2 or 3 days dry shampoo MAX when your scalp is sweating a lot because it can lead to build up, clog the follicle and hair loss can happen. So the third wash day for me is now here since getting my body firmer and more tone for my September wedding is a big priority.

Day 1: Quick Wash
Last Thursday I didn't have the intentions of washing my hair, but after my work out and realizing I miscalculated my wash days and special events lineup properly (curly girls are their own chemists AND mathematicians if you did not already know), I realized I kind of had to wash it to avoid wetting it two days in a row.

So it's about 5pm-ish when I make this "okay i will wash it" decision. ordinarily, my hair never would air dry fully in time for bed. I didn't want to diffuse because I try to only diffuse once a week and also didn't want to go to sleep with any hair wet because I'd freeze in this winter. So I remembered that for reasons unknown, using all Raw Curls stuff on my hair through the years makes me hair air dry faster than anything else. I decide to go in for it. Plus, since I wasn't really going anywhere or doing anything until next time I washed, I decide to bravely even skip gel to speed drying time up more.

Here is what I used:
  • Cleanser: mix of their wavy swavy and curls cleanser and rinse.
  • Conditioner and Stylers: I sprayed some of their anti-frizz spray all over and then applied a mix of the wavy swavy and curls conditioner in small sections with the shine serum, pushing it through my hair and scrunching. I twisted my hair up in my aquis towel that supposedly also helps to speed up drying time for a few minutes. take it down, all a couple more drops shine serum and done.

My hair fully air dried in 4 hours! That's at least 3 hours quicker than usual! There is still some slight frizz, but again I didn't use gel when I prefer hard hold gels so i'll totally take it. It also feels crazy soft which I also contribute to the Olaplex treatment LaToya did on Monday.

side note- I do prefer using the fully original curls stuff by them but since I did have some wavy swavy stuff left, I'm not about to waste it so that is why I mixed.

DAY 1: Holy Grail Routine

 As I mentioned, I had to wash again Saturday since my parents 50th Anniversary Dinner was Sunday and I knew I'd rather relax with Tommie before hand than wash it Sunday.

For this wash, I used my "never-failed-me-yet" Holy Grail Routine and also added in the addition of a new product.

Cleanser: CurlSmith Conditioning Wash
Tea Rinse: BelleBar Oerganics Anti-Shedding/Growth
Conditioner: DevaCurl Melt Into Moisture and Deep Sea Repair masks with heat from Thermalcare Hot Head
Stylers: The Mane Choice Antian Egyptian Split End Serum, Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray, DevaCurl Heaven In Hair (as a leave in), B'Leave In, Acr Angel and Mirror Curls. A few hours later- SuperCream.

I applied the stylers the same way I usually do after the shower with my head flipped over. The Mane Choice Ancient Egyptian Anti-Breakage & Repair Antidote Split-End Treatment Serum is supposed to helps to replenish hair & fight against split ends, prevents & repairs cuticle damage, deeply penetrates well into all layers of the hair shaft, restores hair condition & delivers shine, loaded with fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9. It has omegas, oils and a bunch of good ingredients inside. You can view details on their site here. It is my first use so I can't really say too much yet, but I'll give a review in the future. I picked it up at Sally Beauty a few months ago and figured I'd wait for a fresh trim to really try it. I only used a couple of squirts. It smelled like pears.

I followed up with my usual much loved DevaCurl products on soaking wet hair before using the Aquis Towel and then air dried. A few hours later I added some SuperCream to my front pieces. I still need to play more with the foam Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam that LaToya used but since I wanted my hair to look good for Day 2 I went with my tried and trues.

 DAY 2
This was the day of the party. These pictures were actually taken before the products fully set in my hair, but I had to leave and didn't want to forget to take them!

I used all DevaCurl: Mist-er Right followed by a mix of B'Leave In and Supercream. I then used a small bit of Beautiful Mess on the front hairline and ends. I applied everything except the Beautiful Mess in sections and scrunched a bunch. The Beautiful Mess was applied where needed.
bloggers' significant others who double as photographers are the real MVPs

Tommie took a close up of this curl because he said it was misbehaving and he amused himself hooking it onto another piece:

This out take is the Italian in me coming out in full force:

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