My Third Deva Cut with LaToya at Devachan Salon SoHo 1.15.18

I recently had my third Devacut with LaToya at the Devachan Salon in SoHo! Along with a trim, I also received an in salon Olaplex Treatment! I'm so happy with my results and the fact LaToya listens to my "trim" and "losing as little length as possible" requests! Read on for more.

It has been about five months since my last trim. I recorded a video on "How to Tell Your Hair Needs a Trim" so that will be up very soon. But my ends were scraggly, frizzy and my hair was acting a bit more unmanageable than usual. It's amazing how much a trim can make a difference!!

Here is what LaToya used on me (in order) at the salon:
*No Poo Original and Olaplex No 2 not in picture because I don't currently have either
  • No Poo Original
  • Olaplex No 2
  • One Condition Original with Heaven In Hair on ends and front hairline
  • Mix of Arc Angel Gel and Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam
  • Flexible Hold Hairspray

The trim, as usual, was fantastic. I'm trying to grow my hair mermaid length again. LaToya is so not scissor happy which is fantastic! She takes off as minimal as possible and I never have to worry. There was hardly any hair on the floor. I meant to take a picture but was too busy sipping their amazing iced tea and forgot. Seriously, the iced tea at that salon tastes as good as the products work for my curls!!

After trimming and cleansing, LaToya applied Olaplex No 2 and left it in about 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly. She then followed up with a mix of One Condition Original and Heaven In Hair on my drier spots pushing it in my hair in small sections and then scrunching. She left most of it in my hair instead of rinsing. While still at the sink, she applied a combo of Arc Angel Gel (my HG!) and the Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam. After this I walked over to the chair and flipped my hair upside down and she sprayed some Flexible Hold Hairspray and scrunched a whole bunch before I sat under the dryer for a while. She also applied clips at the roots before going I dried. Once the drying was all done, she scrunched a little more and sprayed more hairspray and I was good to go!
napping at the sink with Olaplex in my hair
after conditioner and styling products were applied at the sink
under the dryers

I was a little nervous she went with the Original line instead of Decadence, especially since it was so so cold and dry outside. But she's the expert so I went with it! I liked the combo of One Condition and then the treatment where I really, really need it.

The Frizz-Free Volumizing Foam is a styling product I'm not super familiar with. It's funny- I have a STRONG sense of smell and as she was applying things at sink, I couldn't see what she was using but my nose was able to say "okay that's No Poo Original, That's Heaven In Hair, etc.." The Foam smells incredible- similar to Set It Free, but not quite exact. So I had to ask her what it was since my sniffer didn't recognize it. She said it is always fun to experiment with different stylers and see results. I'll be playing with the Foam in my own routine more now!!

Back when I used to bleach my hair, towards the very end a salon used Olaplex on me, however they used it incorrectly by applying it in place of a conditioner with no follow up moisturizing treatment. After seeing so many other curly girls, like Hi F3Licia, have success with Olaplex on their hair, I've been dying to give it a shot again- especially to see if it can help my rebellious front hairline pieces. Olaplex is not a conditioner, but it is a bond-reconstructor. You can google tons more info on it if you want. I do feel after the treatment my hair is so very shiny and incredible soft!! There is also less frizz than normal. Of course you need to remember, I also had my hair done by a talented stylist and it always looks better whenever LaToya does it. So I'm interested in seeing the difference once I wash and style myself. I also plan on getting the Olaplex No 3 treatment so I can do that at home.
hair product shelf heaven.

Here are some before and afters and pictures LaToysa so kindly took for me in the salon. The hydration, shine and softness on the after is insane!!

 It was so freezing in Manhattan, I thought I was going to turn into an icicle waiting for my bus home. I even wore fleeced lined jeans and 2 pairs of socks, along with a hoodie and heavy jacket on top of the long sleeve Lilly shirt you see here. I had to put a hat on- it was non negotiable. I was sad to put a hat on over my freshly done hair, but I use the satin-lined cap and it didn't mess my hair up like a usual hat would! yay!!!
freezing at the bus stop

Once home, since a little tiny bit of frizz did pop up thanks to wind, I used some DevaCurl Shine Spray to fix it. I so wish this stuff has not been discontinued. I'm on my last bottle and it is so so good. I try not to talk about it too often since it has been axed.

If I get my hair done, and I don't have a faux photoshoot after, did I even get my hair done?? :P

For day 2, I didn't need much touching up at all. But since I did work out, I went in with dry shampoo on my scalp followed with a few sprays of Mist-Er Right. I then went in with a little Wave Maker since some instagram friends and I were talking about it and I wanted to play- it helped the texture while keeping my hair soft and then used only one pump of Mirror Curls all over, focusing on the bottom part of the length.

If you missed it, here is my video on the last time I was at the Devachan Salon back in September, when I brought my fiance with me and he recorded the whole process!

Here are my other detailed blog posts when I visited LaToya at Devachan:
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LaToya was also impressed with how fast my hair has been growing! For comparison, here is after my first visit for the Buildup Buster Treatment in February 2017 and now:

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  1. What an amazing transformation! Your hair looks GREAT, and it is getting soooo long! I never had an olaplex treatment but have always wanted to try it!

    Madison | Breakfast at Madison’s


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