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I think of all the makeup I wind up with, new lipstick may very well excite me the most.  I didn't buy these for myself, it was a belated birthday gift, not a PR sample. Today I am reviewing and swatching six of the new Lux Lipsticks by ColourPop! I actually only got four of them, but my best friend, Corrine, told me I can totally try on and swatch the two she got for all you guys! Read on for more.

ColourPop is becoming one of my favorite brands for fun, colored cosmetics. They are SUPER affordable (and I also have a coupon at the bottom of this!) and such great quality! A win-win!! I've said this countless times on here, bullet style, traditional favorites are my very favorite kinds of lipsticks. They are easy to use and apply. When I heard ColourPop was coming out with their own, I was THRILLED.

There are a total of 24 shades and the brand says that they are "Enriched with our LUX Blend of butters, this creamy-matte, long wearing lipstick glides on the skin for intense pigmentation in shades made for every skin tone."

The formulas are SUPER pigmented and quite long wearing! In fact, one of the colors I swatched on my hand actually stained my hand through multiple hand washes, going to bed for the night, a work out and a shower!! They feel comfortable on the lips, not super drying at all, but also not the most moisturizing lipsticks ever. Most matte finish lipsticks are not moisturizing so that being said, they felt better on my lips than I expected. They are more moisturizing to me than the brand's matte Lippie Stix if you are familiar with those.

The component is a gorgeous rose gold color with little stars on the bottom and on the actual bullet itself, there are more stars! Necessary? Nope. Cute as heck!? Absolutely.

As for colors, if you know me you probably know I wear pinks, more pinks and also pinks. I like what I like. :) I do have two not-so-pinks here as well, thanks to Corrine.
no flash

no flash

Stone Fox
"Pale Creamy Pink"
A beautiful light pink shade.

Lay Over
"Medium Rosey Beige"
This is one of Corrine's shades. Sorry I don't see rosey anything in this color. I don't like it, but I know it will look great with her coloring.

Money Side Up
"Bubblegum Pink"
A perfect, classic, cool toned pink.

Still Crazy
"Mauvey Pink"
This is the other shade Corrine picked out. It's not a true pink to me, I see some brown tones in it which is just not my thing, personally.

Humble Pie
"Hot Pink"
Bright, blue based pink perfection.

Sitting Pretty
"Muted Fuchsia"
Not sure I would ever use muted in the description of this gorgeous color. This is a bright, fun pretty purpley-pink and perfect for 2018's "Pantone Color of the Year"

 ColourPop vs Kylie Cosmetics?
I was actually curious if the ColourPop "Stone Fox" would be similar to the Kylie Cosmetics "Infatuation" Silver Series lipstick I got recently (see that review here) because I am SO in love with that color. After I swatched them side by side, you can see they are DIFFERENT colors. Both pretty, but not even close to the same.

Kylie "Infatuation", ColourPop "Stone Fox" - no flash
Kylie "Infatuation", ColourPop "Stone Fox" - flash

Since ColourPop and Kylie Cosmetics are manufactured in the same place, if you are curious how the formulas compare, they are similar in longevity, comofortable wear on the lips, and pigmentation. The biggest difference to me is that the Kylie Cosmetics lippies smell sweeter, and also the Kylie finish is a natural satin/slight glossy and ColourPop Lux Lipsticks are matte.

Overall, for $7 each, the pigmentation, colors and longevity of these ColourPop Lux Lipsticks are fantastic!!! I highly recommend giving at least one a try!

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disclaimer:  products purchased by me...well, my friend actually. either way, they were not sent to me free from the brand. no monetary compensation received. no sponsored.  all thoughts are my own, honest opinions as always. 


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