Doll 10 Beauty Illegal Eyes Mascara

I get SO EXCITED when Doll 10 Beauty releases new products! They haven't released a new mascara in a few years now, and quite honestly I didn't think they needed to because their EffortLash mascara is absolutely wonderful! Well, they just released a new formula called Illegal Eyes and if you want to know if I find this formula to be wonderful, too, then continue reading on!

From the brand: "Lengthens and curls so well, it should be illegal! IllegalEyes’ dual-formula combines two separate formulas in one chamber to give you the best of both worlds, unlawful length and criminal curl. One formula contains Marula Oil and Vitamin B3 to nourish and lengthen the appearance of lashes, while the other contains a special rice bran wax to boost curl and lock lashes into place! Did we mention it volumizes too?  This mascara is perfect for anyone who wants longer, fuller-looking lashes! WARNING: WE ARE BREAKING ALL THE RULES WITH ILLEGALEYES! Made in Italy."

As the brand states, this mascara is unique in that it is a dual-formula! Before applying, make sure to swirl the brush around in the tube so you pick up both formulas. You want to swirl it and not pump it up and down, as pumping can cause the mascara to dry out quicker and possible get bacteria inside!
 I usually prefer silicone spoolies over brush bristles, but that being said I do like the brush that came with this mascara. Because my lashes are so blonde and short, I find a lot of bristle brushes are too fat and I can't get to the very base of my lash line with them. This one is thinner so I didn't have any issues and the tapered point also helped get into my corners and lower lash line as well.
I do not wear contacts, but my eyes are very sensitive, watery and I suffer from bad allergies. This formula did not bother them at all. It stayed on my lashes all day without flaking off or smudging. The color is a nice, rich black. I didn't use a separate eyelash curler either. My favorite feature of this mascara is how long they make my lashes look!! I think the before and after speak for themselves. I don't count coats when I apply mascara, I just keep applying until I am happy with how my lashes look. Though this mascara didn't thicken my lashes as much as EffortLash does, that problem is solved easily if I decide to wear my favorite lash primer by Grande Cosmetics under it. I'm so used to applying that lash primer nearly every single time I put mascara on (though I didn't for the sake of an accurate review in these pictures) so that is not a big deal for me. I was also glad to see that this formula did not clump, even as I applied more and more into my lashes.

 Overall, the IllegalEyes Mascara by Doll 10 Beauty is a great dual-formula mascaras that turn my from being invisible and short to pigmented black and super long!

Video review of the mascara, liners, shadow liners and brow sculptor:

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