Hair of the Days: Consecutive 1, 2, 3, 4, Olaplex No 3, and Birthday Looks Details!

My birthday was last weekend so of course that meant I wanted my hair to look good! I went to dinner with some family on Friday and then out with a few friends again on Saturday. I finally took some pictures on all four days in my wash cycle so I have all the details here. Read on for more.

So as I mentioned, I wanted my hair to look really good for two days in a row at least. When this happens, I go with my "Holy Grail Routine" for Day 1 which involves using a few more products than usual. People complain sometimes about how many products I will go and use but, IT WORKS FOR ME. If you think it is too much, that's fine. Do what works for your hair, and I do what works for mine. No need to be rude to me about it. :)

I apologize I don't have product pictures in this post, this week has been very busy with applying for jobs, appointments and wedding stuff.

Here is what I used:
  • Cleanser: Devacurl No Poo Decadence
  • Olaplex No 3 - left on for an hour
  • Bellebar Custom Anti Shedding/Growth Tea Rinse
  • Conditioner: Devacurl Melt Into Moisure and Deep Sea Repair, mixed and left on half hour
  • Stylers (wet): The Mane Choice Egyptian Split End Serum, Raw Curls Anti-Frizz Spray, Devacurl Heaven In Hair, B'Leave In, Arc Angel, MirrorCurls, Flexible Hold Hairspray
  • Stylers (pre blow dry): Briogeo Rosarco Heat Protectant Creme
  • Stylers: (post blow dry): Devacurl Styling Creme with a little Mirror Curls

So in the interest of saving time, I cleansed my hair and applied the Olaplex No 3 treatment before I worked out. It was bizarre working out with my hair wet, but it allowed the Olaplex to hang out in my hair for an hour! After loving the results I got with the Olaplex No 2 treatment at the Devachan Salon with LaToya a few weeks before, I was excited to use the take home treatment. I concentrated it on the front and ends of my hair, since these parts are the most frizzy and unmanageable. Olaplex is said to help curly hair be more defined, shiny, soft and less frizzy with continued use. I definitely felt my hair was defined, SUPER shiny, and oh so soft. I plan on using it weekly for a while.

After I rinsed the Olaplex out completely, I went in with the BelleBar Tea Rinse followed by the Devacurl Treatment Masks and left those in a half hour. Once I rinsed those out completely, I applied the wet hair styling products mentioned above the same way I usually do, with my hair flipped upside down and soaking wet. I then used my Aquis Towel while doing my skin care. I let my hair air dry for hours but since time was running short, I had to diffuse again. I went in with my favorite pairing of Briogeo's heat protectant creme and the Dyson Dryer and Diffuser. (side note: Tommie and I are currently concocting up a way to get the DevaFuser on the Dyson Dryer since I do like that diffuser shape better.) Once my hair was all dry, I used a mix of the DevaCurl Styling Creme and MirrorCurls to give back from shine and a wee bit more hold that diffusing takes away.

with my boys
dress - lilly pulitzer, boots - aerosoles
I have to do a separate post on my complexion holy grails for makeup- it is a mix of Doll 10, IT Cosmetics and Wander Beauty. But the eyeshadows are from Kylie Cosmetics "Take Me on Vacation" Palette and the lipstick is Doll 10 Beauty Hydragel Lipstick in "No Angel"

Products Used:
  • Devacurl Mist-er Right, Supercream and B'Leave In mixed, Flexible Hold Hairspray
Today's work out luckily was just stretching and using my foam roller so since I didn't sweat, I didn't need dry shampoo. Since it was my second birthday dinner, I wanted my hair to look really good, again. I'm so glad my hair is long enough again to the point I can have decent Day 2 hair! I applied a little Mist-er Right all over, then sections my hair and used a quarter size of the B'Leave In/SuperCream mix per section and scrunched like crazy. Finished it up with Flexible Hold Hairspray for good measure.
dress - lilly pulitzer, boots - just fab

 The eyshadows from this day are from the Valentine Scarlett Palette. Lips are Kylie Cosmetics Silver Series Lipstick in "Infatuation"mixed with Laura Geller Beauty "Candy Girl" liquid lipstick and with Laura Geller Beauty lip gloss in "Diamond Dust" on top.

Products used:
  • OGX dry shampoo, CURLS Blueberry Bliss Leave-In Conditioner and Oil

I remembered to snap a few pics right before going to bed.  Also used my spotlight since my ring light didn't come in yet, so lighting is eh. I had an excellent, intense work out which does lead to a little more frizz in my hair- but I'm not sacrificing my exercise when I have a wedding dress to wear this year. Still for day 3, worked out on hair I thought this was really good! I LOVE that CURLS Blueberry Bliss line. The OGX dry shampoo I picked up at Ulta recently, seems nice so far but I need to play with it more before developing a full review.

This day I was makeup free all day, except lip balm.

  • Up North Naturals 8-Oil Gelly
These were actually taken before my work out since I had to run off to an appointment. I woke up and my hair actually looked pretty decent, so I just used a little bit of the Up North Naturals 8-OIl Gelly to calm some frizz. It added shine and left my hair so soft, too! This was my first time playing with this product on days old hair and I definitely need to try it again because I really liked the results.

Once again, I was makeup free and took these near my back door for natural light.

So the next day with the work outs and all the products I used, it was time for a washing! (You saw that wash day in my recent Briogeo post HERE by the way)

 Do you like these consecutive "Hair of the Day" blog posts? If so, please let me know in the comments below so I can make a point to do them more if there is enough interest!

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